Master Time Management-Helpful Tips for ADHD Kids and Adults

organizational skills
Time has different meaning to ADHD-ers


I was absent the day time management skills were handed out…

And I’m still bitter

There are some great tips and tools for ADHD children and ADHD adults in this article. Understanding time management starts with sequence and routines. Sequence is understanding what comes next. Not knowing what comes next almost always ends in chaos, with much anguished weeping and wailing, and even an option of teeth gnashing. Just ask the redneck. But having a routine to rely on feels like warm footie pajamas on a cold night and equals security. Okay, so that’s just my opinion.

If you honestly feel time is subjective-

try telling that to your boss when you’re late (again)

“Organization and time management are not innate skills. Any child — with or without ADHD — must create and maintain organizational systems that make sense to him. For children with ADHD, whose ability to organize, prioritize, and manage time is affected by neurological deficiencies, setting up and maintaining organization routines can be quite difficult. Read more here.
Written by Sandra Rief and Donna Goldberg.

On a personal note, thank you to both Sandra and Donna,

(Duck thanks you too, just unknowingly) for writing this.

I’ve been searching for some new ways

to have more effective scheduling and organization.






4 thoughts on “Master Time Management-Helpful Tips for ADHD Kids and Adults”

  1. I get it! I work with kids who struggle to organize and manage their time, their space and their lives. Some kids are more successful than others with learning and practicing executive functioning skill sets. Thanks for sharing additional strategies.

    1. Hiya Sunday!

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting 🙂
      The concept of time is difficult to grasp for anyone~
      throwing in the ADHD/ADD makes it tough-er.

      I’m glad to know that you get it, especially since you work with kids.
      Speaking as a Mom to a kid named Duck, I say thank you 🙂
      Having that understanding is such a benefit for the kiddos.

  2. A tight regime almost may help but even then, one change and not even yours can throw it all off. It isn’t always easy, but we should at least try and understand the chaos little things can cause.
    Then again most people suck at time management.
    keep smiling

    1. Good morning Crow 🙂

      It’s great to see you here and even better that you commented 🙂
      Good points you’ve made. Most people do suck at time management, or so I’ve heard. 😉

      For those of us who have ADD/ADHD, it’s very easy to get thrown off~
      you definitely nailed that one. Personally speaking, it usually is the events
      that aren’t mine (like you mentioned)to have the biggest impact and start my tailspin.

      And it’s hard to get back on track.
      Example…refer to my blog. LOL
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. You made me smile. 🙂

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