The Hidden Gems; My Liebster Nominees

Thank you Car for nominating me


As promised, I’m paying it forward and passing on the Liebster to other blogs
that deserve some recognition. Thanks again Car, you made my week.


“…I dug up a diamond, rare and fine…

…bright as any laser, or any star in the sky…”

My Liebster Nominees :

Train Wrecked Minds

Struggles with severe adult ADHD are difficult but this blog makes them feel a bit easier to deal with, even for just a while

Ranting Crow

Inspiration, motivation, deep thinking-Crow does it all and with class
Hey Crow, Boonies=boondocks, no man’s land and home to all things redneck 😉


Creativity abounds! The artwork listed here (it even has printable pages) is amazing
I’m still jealous of all the creativity Wilder, quit hogging all the talent.

How ADHD Screws My Life

ADHD’s life adventures from a guy who knows all about it
I’ve found plenty of things I can identify with

Jumping Down The Laundry Chute

Mom of 2 boys, she’s hot on the pursuit of happiness with a healthy funny bone


Speaking of funny, check out CaptKitty-she most assuredly knows how to do it
and the last post made me laugh right out loud-see why

Lorraine Reguly’s Life

Bloggers, writers, poets published or not-this is one of your more valuable resources to go to. Lorraine covers it all while doing her best to help you find what you’re looking for

A Devastatingly Heavenly Darling

A busy darling with ADHD, dating Mr Tall Dark and Handsome (redneck too?)
writes about the ADHD lifestyle and has a damn fine flair for romance too

A Girl Who Writes

An author, blogger, ranter and raver-Sarah writes it like it is
and stands a much better chance than I do right now
at completing the 50,000 word goal for NaNoWriMo

MI:mom 2 mom

Inspiration and hope for moms raising kids with mental illness from a Mom who’s been there.  I love this blog.

Questions For My Nominees:

1.On a scale from 1-5, with 5 being scared stupid, how afraid of dark are you?
2.Who is the person you never want to meet in a back alley?
3.What’s been your favorite age to be, so far?
4.If you could create a half-hour TV show of your own, what would it be and what’s the name?
5.What’s your all time favorite quote?
6.What is the one thing you do best?
7. Can you dance? (twerking does not count) How well?
8.Bigfoot exists. Yes or no?
9.What was the worst auto correct fail you’ve had?
10.Do you dream in color or in black and white? 


 Rules for the Liebster Award

(In case you just said, “Oh crap, I’m nominated? Now what?!…”)

***Attribution: Mark Knophler I Dug Up A Diamond


9 thoughts on “The Hidden Gems; My Liebster Nominees”

    1. Uh Oh Busy,

      You went and did it. You awakened the Curiosity Monster.
      Now you’ll be inundated with questions like,
      “Oh tell me what it was like, growing up, being bilingual, etc!”
      among gazillions of similar ones. 🙂

      It’s okay though. If you tread softly, it’ll go back to sleep
      and not pester you, I promise 🙂
      It certainly sounds as though it’s been very interesting.

    2. (wry grin) Okay, so you’ve a good point there. LOL

      Behold! It’s CeeLee! Mistress of Stating the Obvious! 😉

  1. All things redneck , pass me the possum. I will gladly except your nomination CeeLee.
    And congratulations on yours as well naturally. you are fun to read.
    Keep smiling that pool of yours. If need any help I throw in a buoy.
    Give me some time to prepare the answers.

    1. Thank you Crow 🙂

      Possum…oh my.
      heh …I have a funny story about a possum, my dog,
      what was a screen door, and me.
      Another time though.

      I’m still grinnin’ but will never turn down the occasional buoy.
      Take your time with your answers 🙂

    1. Wow, you go Lorraine 🙂

      You’re rackin’ addin’ and stackin’ your trophy section, and that’s too cool!
      I’m totally impressed. But not surprised. Nope. 😉
      I’ve seen your talent and I’m so happy for you. 🙂

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