A Mom’s Open Letter To Murphy’s Law

Dear Murphy’s Law,

You’re the master when it comes to teaching me what my shins are really for, mostly they’re for when the breaker pops at 0500.

And I have to trump outside to the breaker box (a sadist built our house) in the bracing, freeze your nose hairs into pointy little spikes chill, clad only in my non-thermal pj’s and armed with my cell as a flashlight.

I would’ve used the real flashlight, but then I’d have needed to see to find it. Thank you so much for clearing up the shin part though.

Seems like I had it all wrong.

Motivation with Shins

And the thing you did, you know, with the unexpected guests arriving at bedtime the night before? Awesome work, I never saw it coming. Having them bear loads of laundry for the washer to rumba all night, gotta give you credit-that was a nice touch.

Oh and getting Duck riled up on sugar so he could chatter to his cousin?

Yeah that rocked.

The lack of sleep I got sure came in handy for pounding the anatomy lesson deep into my brain, I promise it’ll remain there.


Murphy's law made Me a Motivated Slinky

But you had only warmed up, hadn’t you? Because today was nothing short of amazing.

I can imagine the picture I must’ve made, clad once more in my other pj’s that aren’t thermal either (because that lesson hadn’t been reinforced), sitting inside my less than year old car, key in the ignition and clutch engaged but no engine turning over.

Oh and staring at the dashboard. The non-lighting dashboard, I might add.

That was-wow!

You really outdid yourself there. Because I’d have never even entertained the thought that you could cause the anti-theft system link to break (for no discernible reason the tech could find) locking the car into safety (non-drive mode).

One fell swoop and you effectively rendered us stuck without transportation on a school day, an important school day no less, you are a genius! How ever did you come up with that one?

You owe me for the tow and a finger by the way.

I’ll let you guess which finger.

My Mind is fried Thank You Murphy

Look Murph, I know it’s fun-for you-and I know that you and I will never see eye to eye on…well…everything, but could you lay off?

Maybe teach someone else some valuable life lessons? All that trauma in 2 days is enough to break anyone and I’m not anyone.

NaNoWriMo is on it’s last week and I’m whupped. I hope you understand.

In short, I hate your stinkin’ guts!

There, I said it.

Seriously, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. It’s not nice to play mind games with the head of an almost 40 year old chick with ADHD who can’t remember to tie her shoes on a normal day.

But I think I might be able to help. Here’s this list of people…

And Murphy's Law Motivation Hates Me

Pic Sources: http://FUNNY-FUN-FUN.COM




12 thoughts on “A Mom’s Open Letter To Murphy’s Law”

  1. I can so feel your pain. I’m thinking the universe is done working you over for a while. I see order, calmness and laughter for you. In case no one tells you, you are appreciated. Heck, I appreciate your humorous take on things even when they aren’t going your way. CeeLee, have a fab turkey day. You deserve it! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for the warm wishes Car
      I really appreciate it. It made the morning a little less dreary. 🙂

      I can only hope that you’re right about the universe and my being worked over part.
      It’s someone else’s turn LOL
      You have a great turkey day yourself and take care 🙂

  2. I feel for ya there are times that I feel like the universes biggest practical joke. Then there are the times I feel like I am its main punching bag. The worst has been when I have felt like both at the same time on more than one occasion this past year.

    Wishing you and your family a happy Thanksgiving. May your potatoes be smooth and your gravy be lump free.

    1. Howdy Forrest!

      Wow…that was just a bit crazy.
      No, no not your comment LOL

      I was thinking about how long it had been since
      we had caught up and there you are. Cool, huh? 😉

      And yes, I know exactly how it feels to be the punching bag, ( I think I’m more of the speedbag though~I just get pummeled) and the practical joke at the same time. And it sucks.

      I do try to laugh just so I can taunt Murphy and show I’m not afraid. It’s not a big laugh though. There is such a thing as going too far.

      I hope you and yours have a good turkey day too. I am proud to say there are officially no lumps in the gravy. Probably because I’m not the one making it 😉

    1. Such fun aren’t they? LOL rrightt…
      Sorry you’ve had them too, Busy.
      Seems as though it’s been in the air.

      Here’s to better days for us all! 🙂

    2. LOL I do now. I’ll write that down, in case I should forget.
      Always approach carrot cake with respect, yep. Got it. 😉

      Did you know that when car key go missing, they’re usually taken
      by the closet goblins? They do. 🙂

      Mine like to hide the keys inside the pantry, the freezer, the bathroom drawer,
      just so they can laugh watching as I wander around the house muttering some colorful phrases.

      Isn’t it a strange world we reside in? lol
      Thank you Busy, you made my night 🙂

    1. Thank you Kristi 🙂

      I’m hanging in there, if for no other reason than to spite Murphy lol
      And I’m always happy knowing I helped bring a smile to someone.
      Here’s to hoping that Murph stays away from all of us til after the holidays.
      He should…that was one helluva long list I gave him 😉

    1. Oh most definitely. 🙂

      No ability to say the mean stuff that comes to mind, but adding new meaning to the phrase “insult to injury” due to the necessity of hopping and whispering curse words so as to not wake a sleeping Duck (my son) and add to his “Do not say this at school” vocabulary.

      Certainly not what I’d recommend for starting the morning off on the right foot (no pun intended but free of charge). lol Glad you liked it 😉

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