Gratitude Isn’t Always Easy For Me: My Top 5 List


Grateful...Yeah...I'm Grateful for...


“I’m grateful for…um…for…Wait, I know this…”

I know I’m grateful about something. Not going to lie though. This year has been a rocky one and I’ve not been rolling with or even twerking (yeahh rightt) to the beat as well as I’d like. Despite that, I managed to find 5 things I’m honestly grateful for having. And okay, so they may not be things that would ordinarily be on a traditional It’s Thanksgiving and I’m Grateful List, but this is what I’ve got to work with.

 5 Grateful Things… 


   My Humor. As warped and twisted as it can be, I wouldn’t have made it through some royally nasty, life sucks so bad variety of snafus. And I came through grinning, maybe while tears rolled but I was still grinning. That counts.

  My Stubbornness. I refuse to quit. Anything. I haven’t quit trying (insert any category here) even when others would have. I persist and I’m (usually)glad I did.

My Insatiable curiosity. If I weren’t always questioning the why of it all, then I’d not have been able to locate some of my better talents, pounce and sit on them so they didn’t run away.

 Duck. (my son) He’s the one that talks (cons) me into believing that I can do it. Even if the it is my having to pay up on my bet with a Duck or scary or cold, or all of that and embarrassing. And because when he looks at me and smiles his gorgeous gap toothed smile, he makes me feel like the not so fun parts of life aren’t all that bad after all. He tells me I’m the best Mom in the world (even if I’m not) though usually when he wants me to do something that’s cold, scary-you get the idea.

The Redneck. (my guy) He shows me by doing and not just saying, what the real meaning of love is and he does it yelling his favorite word. Okay so that’s the clean one. The others cannot be typed here, for fear of the laptop bursting into flame.


Honorable Mentions

  • A car that isn’t currently in safety mode (it still hates my guts, it told me so)
  • An updated (and working) exercise playlist
  • I have only 1 family function to attend tomorrow.


From our family to yours, have a good Thanksgiving and be grateful for something in your life. I am, so can you.





14 thoughts on “Gratitude Isn’t Always Easy For Me: My Top 5 List”

  1. Hahaha. It was really a good read, Christine. You made my day. And believe me, I would happily donate two cents if there were a PayPal button here. No gratitude for this, mind you! 😉

    1. I’m glad you liked it Raheel.

      Welcome to the Adult Pool, it may not always be sunny here
      but I’ll be damned if everyone can’t get a grin when they visit.
      Even if it’s just a small grin. 😉

  2. Must have been occupied by the shiny things when you posted this. Cannot believe I missed this. he he your humour is to funny and wicked. I know i love it.

    1. LOL Crow,

      We do tend to share the preoccupation with bright shinies, don’t we? ;
      And the love of the humerous as well 🙂
      I’m glad you liked my grateful things.

      Lest I forget (because there’s a bright shiny in front of me now)…
      Thank you again, for being such a great NaNoWrimo cheerleader.
      It was so cool to have a cheering section. . 🙂

  3. The cheering was all my pleasure. It is that i started that Hollow skull that i did not do any prep work, cause the other girls got me real excited to participate. SO I promise I will next year. already in my agenda. do NaNoWriMo
    I am sure you done swell. be occupied by those sugarboonies and shiny things.
    Humour is just great. a little wicked is damn needed. go nuts be normal.

    1. Hmmm…humor, um-check. Twisted…yeah, got that.
      Bright shinies, most definitely and…what else? Oh right!
      Wickedly nuts…let me see…Yes Crow, we are a green light go.
      Next year then a NanoWriMo-ing we shall go. Normal is over-rated, but that’s just me. LOL

  4. cool — you have a youtube…

    I read a few blogs that the blogger listed every day a gratitude list — I say after seeing several that what happens is that the person gets deeper into rewards to themselves as they blog what they are grateful towards – its the law of attraction thing at its deeper more actual design… check it out for yourself if you get a chance – over time of weeks and months (not just every one day to the next) they get deeper into being grateful and more blessings are being mentioned as time progresses, Really

    ~ Eric

    1. Funny how timing can work lol
      The slideshow I posted was the trial balloon for what I’ve been working on for some time. 🙂

      When the 100 days of happiness has been reached, I’d planned on doing all the days as a video journal.
      Great minds, eh? 🙂

    2. great minds — well yours is – you are really creative

      I loved the video and the gratitude lists are apparently very helpful for people. I must begin these for myself.

      ~ Eric

    3. If that’s what you want to do, then it’s my turn to advise you. Take it slowly, as it’s a lot more work than you might think at first. Or that could just be me. LoL

      But be sure to keep me updated. And I’ll be happy to help you in any way that I can. 🙂

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