Write Now Prompt: Guilt Trips And Black Friday

Write Now Prompts

Write Now Prompt for November 29, 2013
Only the crazy and the guilt tripped go out on Black Friday…

He had insisted he would not go into the stores on Black Friday, yet there he was pushing his way through the crowd. Amazing how she could utilize the exact same guilt trips she’d used on him for the past five years.

Even more amazing that those tired old guilt trips were still so effective.

There really should be an expiration on those things. A clause so guys like him wouldn’t have to suffer for a screw up made years prior and forgotten.

Well, forgotten until she wanted something. And wanted him to do it.

He ground his teeth and muscled his way through the crowd that had gathered to watch the swiftly escalating argument between a nun and a large housewife over a Just Dance video game.

He never would’ve ever guessed that nuns danced, much less that they danced to Gangnam Style. Or that they had such an admirable command over that kind of language.

Go figure. His money was on the nun.

Didn’t change the fact that he was a total idiot. One trip down memory lane with her full lips drawn in a pout, one pleading look along with the mention of a possibility of his getting lucky, and where was he?

Right. Idiot.

Might as well be wearing a sandwich board proclaiming he was whupped.


Author’s note: This is my very first attempt at both flash fiction and writing for just five minutes.


17 thoughts on “Write Now Prompt: Guilt Trips And Black Friday”

  1. Great little story and a great concept as well

    Ok so I admit when I first started reading the story I thought you was talking about some one you knew and that it was a true stoory. I do kinda feel bad for people who get guilt tripped over the same mistake over and over. the equation should be one mistake to one guilt trip.

    1. Hey Forrest and good morning 😉

      Guilt trips are the worst aren’t they?
      Nothing says “motivation with resentment” like they do.
      And so maybe I might have written this from experience, I plead the 5th.
      But the nun vs housewife sparring match? Only in my imagination. 😉

      I’m glad that you liked my flash fiction test drive,
      even if I didn’t explain it as well as I should have LOL
      See, I did explain it and throughly too, in my head, but yeah…
      the 404 error occurred between brain and fingers. 😉

    1. Morn-whoops. Afternoon Crow 🙂

      I’ve seen your blogs, yes both of them, and I like them a great deal.
      Which is why I bet you’d pace me if challenged (uh huh I said it) to a 5 minute writing session.
      I know you’d not have any trouble keeping up-hey! It’s a squirrel! with me LOL
      Glad you liked the post, it was a lot of fun. You should try it. Well…if you aren’t…chicken. 😉

  2. Ya did good, kiddo! Your ‘character sketch’ hooked me quick. If you write more of this character and his pout-mouthed sweetie, lemme know? Keep up the good work! Cheers!

    1. Hi there Darrell and welcome to the Adult Pool 🙂

      I’ll be honest, you made my day with not only taking the time to stop by
      and leave a comment (I’m a comment junkie) but also doing me the honor
      of a reblog~thank you so much 🙂

      The flash fiction is a great way to stretch my boundaries more.
      And I’ll most certainly keep you posted on any further developments.
      Anyone who doesn’t stop and watch a nun vs a housewife must be focused on something bigger. Me? I would’ve been compelled to stop 😉
      Thank you so much for the ego boost.

  3. Well i do have a proble if was to write fo only 5minutes my brain would start to be quicker thenmy fingers and i end up typing the end before i evne have typed a singl word of the story withmy fingers. Ooh look that is me speed typing. pause it, hate it damn fuggn nuts on my keyboard i’m seeing squirrels ruuning around laying eggs like chicken. And there is the keyboard that has trouble making sure to register all letters. get the drift. now i need to check all spelling and what i forgot to type.

    1. I’m sotempted <- (ha ha, see?) to say something about sticky keyboards and laugh,
      but then I've the same problem with typing and no stickiness to blame it on.
      Well…okay. So there was an incident with a glass of tea but still…LOL

  4. And thank you. It was surely nice to read you liked my pages. I suck at typing blind 😀 and here is me writing ha ha 4 stories.
    I must be nuts…..
    get away you squirrel these are mine.

    1. Well Crow, what can I say?
      Typing blind, sticky keys or no-heh
      We seem to share some of the same tendencies.

      I’m thinking were we to attempt a 5 minute type-off? (eh, or something like that)
      It’d be right down to the wire-until I held up the squirrel that has your um…
      (blush) Okay I was going with distraction but so that sounds much dirtier than I meant it to LOL

    1. Good morning Robin 🙂

      And thank you for the great compliments. This flash fiction is the perfect remedy
      to all that ails me. Like…birthday’s coming up, Bucket List projects I sort of put off, procrastination…eh. We can’t be perfect right?

      Good thing too because head swelling from ego boosts is still,
      after all, weight gain LOL And I’m just packin’ it on. 😉

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