I’ll Be Home Late: Write Now Prompt

I had planned to wait and respond to this prompt later this week. But when an idea strikes, I’ve got to run with it (while laughing) and well…maybe I’m procrastinating due to the fact that the big four oh is less than um…a week out. You know… Either/or.

Write Now Prompts

Write Now December 3rd Prompt



“I won’t  might be a little late, but I’ll be home for the holidays.”

Life was good. New job, new car, a soon to be wife. Finally. He had come into his own. Who said that you couldn’t do what you loved and make a living from it? If he had listened to his parents and gone into the family business, he’d have been one unhappy man right now. He wasn’t cut out to milk snakes for their venom, respectable a profession though it might be. It wasn’t his thing. Take that Mom and Dad, you were wrong. I’m not a snake milker, I’m a friggin’ pyro haha!

He couldn’t wait to get home, kick back with a beer, after he double checked to be certain there wasn’t a snake surprise waiting for him-his parents were really twisted sometimes, and then rub everyone’s nose in the fact that his little hobby was more than lucrative, it was going like…well…like a house afire. Being a pyromaniac was his mission in life, just as his being a special effects pyro-tech was his calling. Well until he started his own business anyway.

Eager to get out of the heavy nomex encapsulating him most of the day and to wash the smoke  and the sweat from his hide, he almost didn’t see the white paper taped to his locker. He had to read it twice, the damn flame thrower still had bugs needing to be worked out and his eyes had to be swollen, because this-no. No way. He stared at the note informing him that his request for time off for the holidays had been denied. Denied a chance to-uh uh. Hell no. He bet he knew just how to get out from under that little problem. After all, the flame thrower was buggy and it did have a wicked sensitive hair trigger.


4 thoughts on “I’ll Be Home Late: Write Now Prompt”

  1. OK so this little concept of writing a story in 5 minutes seems interesting. I may give it a look at just to give my writing skills something to do.
    Great little story and I ummmm could say i may be just a little asceered of your imagination you know just a little. hehee

    by the way love the little snow effect you got going on.

    1. Ah Forrest, that’s a huge compliment, thank you! 🙂

      Shake off that look of bemusement and I’ll explain.
      See if I can grab your attention, can ellicit a response from you
      from just 5 minutes of frenzied typing-well…see?

      Okay and so I did warn you about my imagination~LOL
      I made a believer out of you, huh?
      I’d love to say the snow effect was the magic I’ve learned in blogging and coding
      but um…yeah.
      I just hit a button supplied by WordPress (who rocks by the way) so…
      thank you anyway 😉

  2. Ha ha said the little pyromaniac who wrote this. What a fun read CeeLee.
    And since you did not precisely told us when your FORTIETH birthday would be. oops my mistake on the caps. but have to continue.So in advance
    Happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday to you
    happy birth day deeeaaarrrr CEEEEEEEELEEEEEEE!
    happy birthday to you.
    Hip hipster hurray
    Hip hipster hurray.
    Now burn those candles. could say blow but that would makes us both blush.

    1. I didn’t forget you Crow,
      it was the storm, the outtages, and the manaical good cheer of a woman
      stomping out in said storm, flapping her shirt wildly as she hot flashed
      (in more ways than one!)~Thank you Groucho Marx-get outta my head~
      her way through terrorizing her neighbors.

      Thank you for singing to me, I thought Crows didn’t sing LOL
      I’m glad to know I was wrong. It was a good one.
      No one was permanenetly scarred or anything 😉

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