So This Is Forty: I Made It


Snow on my bday-it figures
I said flurries! Not Winter Storm! Geesh…



So this is 40

and what have you done?

I turned another year older

Guess what? Hot flashes are not fun


And so this? Yeah. This is forty (groan)

and I made it, I’m totally stunned

All those nearest me,

really should run…

“like to the nearest store

and get blankets-it’s HOT! Aren’t you hot?

It’s cranked up to HELL in here!”


So I had a Winter Storm for a birthday,

Deep within me, cabin fever has sprung

Causing uncontrolled jitters among many,

my family for one


Dear Gawd, I’m staring at forty~

is this what I’d feared? Maybe it’s not all that bad

I mean, no white hairs are present
no wrinkles are here


SO now matter how you take this,

it’s all meant in fun

Just because I don’t remember,

doesn’t mean you can massacre this song as badly as I have done


Sorry John, it wasn’t personal.
Source: So This Is Christmas by John Lennon



12 thoughts on “So This Is Forty: I Made It”

  1. So nobody showed up or you got stuck with everybody due to the storm. Either way.
    Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you. happy birthday my dear CeeLee happy birth day to
    Hip hip hurray. hip hip hurray.
    flurries lol watching nuts and chocolate falling down in a cup. The pizza hut the pizza hut mcdonalds mcdonalds.
    Keep smiling.

    1. LOL!
      Still smiling Crow and thank you 🙂
      A non-wrinkled smile with non-white hair, I’ll add.

      I wish for snow flurries every year on my b-day.
      It was snowing when I was born, or so I’m told umpteen million times
      (and the MD was a believer in using salad spoons in a variety of ways)

      Anyway, I forgot Murphy’s Law and I wished. But I got what I wanted.
      I had a Duck, a warm (hot, hot, it was HOT and I’m still sweating) place to stay,
      and Redneck and…time to breathe.Wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

  2. A pretty smile i am sure.
    And to think i even sang that song. yes it is a real song the last one.
    I must have a misplaced brain.
    That MD is just a Mediocre Dork thinking he was a cook not sure what his head was thinking.
    Just smiling seeing you again. I am sure you have all you desire.

    1. All that I desire-oh that is a sticky widget, that one is.
      And I can say yes. And I’d be lying. But if I say no, then Murphy will hear. So for the record-sure I did!

      But ya know…I sure wouldn’t mind something like…
      One Really Funny? Yeah…it is…Song
      Because we all need more laughs in life 😀

  3. More laughs that we do that we do my dear just like your croucho marx or us three stooges
    keep smiling though not seen much i am sure it is a pretty one.

    1. I know, right Forrest? 40. I can’t believe it.
      I hear some relatives of mine lost a few bets hehe
      Too bad. That idea alone has me laughing 😉

  4. At 50, I had a dinner party – and everyone gave me stupid 50 gag gifts and we ate and whatever – music – all of it — at the end, I said: “Now go home and forget having another birthday with me. I quite – not living – nope, I quit having birthdays. It was my last one and I remember it well. I never want one that is sad or whatever with any suffering. It is a grand memory. Turns out most are still healthy; but not all – so, it went well for me. Happy 40 and onward is the way to go. I’ll be 62 and its good.
    Happy Holidays
    ~ Eric

    1. Thank you for the warm wishes!
      And I think you’ve the right idea Eric.
      No more birthdays, just living and laughing a lot.
      Yeah…I could get into that 😉

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