Twisting Love Addiction With A Mixtape



So I’m trying something new…

Anyone who’s read this blog even a couple of times knows my love for almost all types of music, and my dabbling in several a/v experiments. I was raised on music, think in lyrics, and even sing. In the shower, so no one can claim ear damage. So imagine my face when I found Jen Kehl’s blog and saw that everyone there has the same love for music as I do. Right. Kid and candy store. The blog a great place to visit, go see for yourself. Or better yet, join me and create your own twisted mix tape. Here are the instructions.

On a personal note (no pun) Jen Kehl, I’m aware that it’s no longer Tuesday, but I hope you don’t mind if I tagged along late this time? It seems like so much fun. Your blog rocks (again with the puns, I know)

This twisted mixtape theme centers around those addicted to love, maybe or maybe not stalker-ish, the just can’t let go types. It was fun looking through some of my music and picking out a few. I hope I did this the right way.


Addicted To Love~Robert Palmer
No-brainer here.

White Liar~Miranda Lambert

Talk about an underwear clencher, what’s worse than
getting found out by a vengeful woman?
They really do make the world’s best detectives/stalkers…
not that I would know personally.

Better Dig Two~The Band Perry

Really, what is it with country songs
and love addiction,stalking and terrorizing?
I still like them which, I know, can be taken wrong~
I just like the music.

This Tornado Loves You~Neko Case

My personal hero, this chick is everything I dreamed of being when
I was younger (except for the crazy tornado in love part)

It’s Me Again Magaret~Ray Stevens

Okay so not exactly love addicted, more like stalker-ish

but it is kind of funny.


My Skewed View



4 thoughts on “Twisting Love Addiction With A Mixtape”

  1. That last song OMG to cool. honestly to go through like a TB of music every week mind if I stick to writing.
    I think you done right and music can never go wrong. Okay country can.

    1. 🙂 You know my humor Crow
      It’s as twisty as it gets.
      And hey, not all country is bad-speaking as one who’s going native in a redneck area.

      Some of it is downright funny. Trust me.
      Case in point? Brad Paisley wrote one with lyrics of…”I’d like to check you for ticks.”

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