ADHD Is Attention Different: Stephen Tonti


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“We have to Teach Kids, to Teach Themselves.”

I know I’m off schedule. But as Stephen explains in this video, that’s part of the fun of being ADHD. I saw this and had to post it, couldn’t stop myself. Why? Because this video speaks to me in ways I can’t explain, though I’ve tried. Stephen is able to put into words, all of the struggles I’ve had most of my life. Though I wasn’t diagnosed until my 30’s, though I never had report cards stating that at least I was quiet and more well behaved, I have spent my life wandering from confusion to snafu and back again.

“Our Society has to Embrace Cognitive Diversity.”

This answers so many things for ADHD-ers. Hyperfocus, lack of interest, inability to do the mundane, medication, and trying-everything. If you’ve ever wondered about ADHD, this video is for you. Newly diagnosed? Watch this. Hope and inspiration are here, if you listen.


 I’m amazed by the mind of people with ADHD is incredible, they have innate talents and intuitions that ”normal” people don’t have. Yet there is a stigma that needs to stopped….

Via ADHD As A Difference In Cognition, Not A Disorder: Stephen Tonti | greengrowsdark.

I’m so glad to know that though the boyfriend drives you crazy,

(my Redneck is in perfect empathy with you there)

that you’re never bored with him. 🙂

Thank you for sharing this, I really appreciate it.





4 thoughts on “ADHD Is Attention Different: Stephen Tonti”

  1. You might want to start using head and shoulders on your blog
    It would be amazing if our brain could work as fast as that of an ADHD no offence of course

    1. Silly Crow. You don’t like snow?
      eh…makes for a slippery cold perch I suppose lol
      If all the work got up to the ADHD speed,
      there’d be so many…interesting things to ponder, huh? 😉

  2. Wait that was snow. i thought wordpress as having a bad hair day..I like snow
    slippery can be good.
    we ponder we think and get less work done. we be occupied by shiny things and white flakes falling from the sky. but we be having fun.

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