Prompted: Attorney Letters Make Great DIY Wallpaper

Write Now Prompts

A letter came for you today; it’s from some attorney’s office.”

“Yoohoo…I said-“

See the above? Story of my life. I hear that all the time. I lived in guilt and remorse for the trees who suffered needlessly until I realized that I’d found a great way to recycle and make my walls a conversation piece. It’s super cheap and cheesy.

Wait a second. Let me back up.

 If for whatever reason, you find yourself eyeball to eyeball with a creepy guy wearing a Tinker Bell costume, grinning this not quite all there type of grin, holding a old greasy lamp…and he says make a wish? Provided you didn’t run away before all that could actually take place of course, and you have the cojones to wish for something no one else has, here’s some handy advice. Be sure to cover the small details. They’ll trip you up every time and it’s not like there’s a manual out there about these things. Are you with me so far? Ducky.

Back to the show in progress.

“Hit me with it. What is it this time?”

“Remember the sarong of invisibility and the…aardvark, was it?”

“Oh yeah! Heh…That was pretty damn funny. Screamed like a girl.”

“He’s suing you for mental distress and a new ant farm.”

” Some people just have no sense of humor.”


8 thoughts on “Prompted: Attorney Letters Make Great DIY Wallpaper”

    1. Thank you for letting me know about the blog, Forrest 🙂
      I really like what I’ve seen so far.
      I know that you know that you can’t go wrong with music
      and great speakers to hear it with. 🙂

  1. CeeLee, we’ve decided to stakeout your blog until your craziness & super wicked sense of humor rubs off on us consuming us completely with CeeLee~madness!! As we absolutely luv your twisted sense of humor. Excuse us please while we run screaming into the wild blue yonder….”Please Tinkerbell guy with the creepy kinda smile…bring us OUR lamp!!!! 😀

    1. Hi there ladies, I’m so glad to see you here.
      I consider being staked out as a very high compliment indeed. 🙂

      CeeLee madness huh?….yeah…I think it fits lol
      Should I put up a caution sign about the tendency
      for the screaming, giggling, cackling, etc into blue yonder?

      It seems like that happens quite a bit around here,
      creepy Tinkerbell guys with lamps are just a fun added bonus 😉

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