100 Days Of Happiness Day 2 &3



Today’s posting is a twofer since yesterday’s happiness picture didn’t post.


Day 2 picture (Sunday)

Heat, warmth, typing on the keyboard without my fingers numb?

Pure happiness.

Heat is good-it makes me VERY happy Source: Pixabay
Heat is good-it makes me VERY happy
Source: Pixabay


Day 3 picture (Today)

Gardening makes me smile even if I have to wait.

Planning my garden layouts on a day that the wind chills are -30 F.

Pretending to be completely warm but lots of happiness.

Flowers make me happy
My seed and bulb catalogues make me happy. Garden planning is fun.



17 thoughts on “100 Days Of Happiness Day 2 &3”

  1. Well we will be hoping for spring to come along than so you can make your garden pretty and be ready for a summer BBQ
    he he that made me happy right there.

  2. Not sure how to make a picture of it but Friday because of the snow I got an extra day off from work and that made me happy. Warmth is always a good thing to make one happy and feeling my toes is good. aaaah for warm slippers and making me happy on sunday.

    Now i need to go register for the 100 days of happy although I am not a twitter or face book poster i may find a way to post.

    1. Hi there Forrest

      Extra days off work are almost a promise of a good time aren’t they?
      I say almost because…well…you know my snafus so generally speaking~
      almost always a good time 😉

      You joining the 100 days of happiness challenge is awesome!
      I know you can find a way of posting pics, even if not a conventional one.
      Glad to hear you’re doing good. 🙂

  3. Okay CeeLee~We’ve definitely heard of the phrase: “Cup half full” & understand the concept. Even though we’re “Cup half empty” kinda gals. But this post just pushes you so far above that phrase that it isn’t even funny!! How cool are you to post about heat & gardens in a subzero climate!!! Wait…..just a second….while we invade your warm world & take up space in a place where one looks to the brighter side of things!! 🙂 Lovin’ the positive vibes coming from any end of the pool!! Sharing this now in hopes of spreading sunshine!! 🙂

    1. Come on over and warm up, don’t mind the rattle,
      that’s just redneck windows and winter in the boonies. 😉

      Escape is a passion of mine, hence the dreaming of gardening
      while waiting for my toes to thaw out and the feeling to come back.
      Makes the whole “ow, ow, ow, winter sucks!” just seem a bit easier doesn’t it?

      Consider yourselves welcome here any time~though I wouldn’t jump in the Pool just now.
      Bit frosty. 😉

    1. It’s fun isn’t it, Eric?
      The hands work, the mind disengages, and it’s beautiful. 🙂
      Until the weeds mount a sneak attack 😉

    1. You know I might just do that. lol
      Quote you I mean 😉
      And as for loving my blog I can only say thank you again. To me it means that maybe I can make a smile or a nod happen and that’s what I like knowing. 🙂 yep. still kind of at the stuttering-speechless stage. I’ll get back to you. 😉

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