Returning To My 100 Days Of Happiness

I fell off the happiness wagon.

I admit it.

The month of February was punctuated with snow-aLOT of snow, for us.

And ice, sleet, the weird mix that happens when rain is a commitment phobe.

which meant…

A TON of snow days for an overjoyed son.

Happy Snow Angels
Making snow angels makes Duck happy

And a TON of required off days from work for a not so overjoyed me.

We had fun with our power playing the never boring, on/off games of spontaneous surges (fun, fun) and outtages.

I became a gold member of The Virus A Week Club, my gracious sponsor and virus host, my loving Duck.


I’m just now able to start catching my breath.


Right as we enter another winter storm warning.

Spring bulbs showing make me happy
Crocus don’t care that we’re getting another winter storm

The sleet is coming down now.


In short?

Life happened. It does to the best of us.

Duck makes me happy
Garden work with mp3 player-makes me smile


I still laughed.

I still tried to make time during each day to remember what had made me smile, but it’s not the same is it?

That’s the reason I’m going to continue trying to make it to the 100 Days goal.

Even if thay aren’t consequtive until we have warm weather.

Have a good Sunday everyone, I’m glad to be back.



4 thoughts on “Returning To My 100 Days Of Happiness”

  1. Happy to see you alive and well. One storm did not get you down and i am sure the second wont either.
    He he surges through the body like ….. bolts of lightning… damn that infection on the joint.
    Be smiling.. keep smiling.
    And glad to see you back.

    1. Thank you Crow πŸ™‚

      2nd storm? Ha! Nooo. Try the 15th event this winter.
      I need to move further south.
      This cold and snow and ice that comes equipped with CeeLee butt busting hilarity for Duck
      is not to my liking. But that’s neither here nor there.

      I’m still smiling and happy to be back-again. lol

  2. Glad to see you back. You have been missed and i will say that I have been looking at a team of St Bernards to go out in search in the snow for you. It has been the same here in jolly New England with the snow. Three huge storms in a two week period leaving a grand total of 30 inches of the cold white blanket on the ground. I do get to breath a sigh of relief today as the fourth huge storm that was being predicted to hit us with another foot of snow decided it wanted to go south.

    Hope that you and Duck have made a full recovery from the rousing game of virus ping pong that it sounds like the two of you have been engaged in.

    Good luck with the return to a hundred days of happy. I have been doing ok with mine although not so much with the posting, just cant seem to get the rhythm of writhing from scratch, always been better at the responding.

    Hope things start to improve as the weather warms. Crocus are a sign of the coming warmth at least thats what my grandmother always told me as they were poking through the snow banks.

    1. It’s good to be back Forrest πŸ™‚

      A team of St Benards might have been useful, the traction assist on my car sure wasn’t. lol
      I know I’m much further south than you, but that rule didn’t apply this year.
      I’ve gotten a taste of what it might be like in your neck of the woods
      and can say that yeah…you can keep it. C’mon Spring! LOL

      I’m thinking of doing a weekly review on the 100 days of happiness.
      I noticed you kind of do the same.
      It might be easier all the way around. I know how posting from scratch can be tough.
      I’m glad to know all is well, if still snow covered on your end. πŸ™‚

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