The Key To Getting Even: A Write Now Prompt


Write Now Prompts

Sleep was what Tess did best. She considered herself to be a sleep connoisseur, preferring to wake on her own terms. Said terms; heavy sleep to dreaming dreams not remembered, followed by light dozing when the smell of coffee brewing wafted into the bedroom, and lastly, semi-aware grogginess when the moment was right. All in that order.

The smell of coffee hung in the air now, coaxing Tess up the next level to doze. Under her closed lids her thoughts formed and reformed langourously. It must be Saturday, she hadn’t awakened to the alarm. And it felt like late morning. Her other half must  still be steamed at her for guilt tripping him into going out in yesterday’s Black Friday mess. Damn.

She should have retired that old-ass guilt trip a couple of years ago. Or at least delivered on her promise and let him get lucky for all the trouble he had to go through.  She guessed it was past time to go suck up to the guy so the rest of the weekend wasn’t spent watching him sulk. She heard his voice calling her name and sighed. Speak of the devil. Okay then, best go get it over.

She awoke with the mysterious pendant around her neck. Odd. She didn’t go to bed with anything on, she was sure of that. Tess’s eyes crossed as she peered down at what was around her neck, squinting in the sunlit room. Her fingers plucked at it, her groggy brain tried to make sense of what her eyes saw. It looked like a key, but to what? More importantly, why wasn’t she able to take it off? What the hell?! She may not be fully awake yet but she knew she was screwed when she heard the uncontrolled laughter from the kitchen.




8 thoughts on “The Key To Getting Even: A Write Now Prompt”

    1. Good morning Barbara

      Thank you for the compliment.
      I’m trying to really work on my writing techniques, so this is encouraging. 🙂

  1. I guess Tess is in quite a mess. 🙂 Sometimes bringing in an old guilt trip can back fire on ya huh. hehee cant wait to see were his goes.

    1. I’m with you Forrest,
      I think Tess is going to learn why using guilt trips aren’t the best idea 🙂

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