Prompted: The Hazards Of Relationship Therapy


Write Now Prompt: March 4th


Life is what you make of it, this much Addie felt to be true. Oh sure, not everyone had a winning hand, but that wasn’t the point. The point was to accept what you did get and move forward.

It was the only game life offered. The choice on whether you played wasn’t an option, but mandatory.

Addie loved everything about self-help. It was why she’d become a relationship therapist in the first place. So what if she didn’t practice what she preached? It wasn’t like she was being graded on how well she was doing in her personal life.

She had a commitment-phobish boyfriend, true, but that wasn’t a reflection on her career. Nobody was perfect.

She prided herself on her unshakable attitude, she was confident nothing could phase her. Not when she got such a thrill from helping others. Until today.

Her receptionist ushered in a new couple to her office and though one of the names on the intake form had been familiar, she’d thought nothing of it.

Mistake one. She looked up with one of her patented make ’em feel at ease smiles as the door opened, and her mouth dropped to the floor.

Mistake two. She couldn’t believe her eyes as she asked, “Is it really you?”. 

Mistake three. Oh…crap.

The woman saw Addie’s face and heard her question. She turned to face her husband, already trying to make a quick escape back out the door.

“Wait. Is this her?!” she cried, grasping the back of his shirt to prevent him from fleeing. He turned around slowly with a sheepish grin.

“Honey, I can explain.”

“Explain this!” the woman punched him in the gut and stormed out of Addie’s office.

The man flopped down on Addie’s couch. Addie made a mental note to buy the one pound tablet of Excedrin instead of the regular size on her next grocery trip.

Her temples were throbbing. She felt as though she couldn’t breathe. She was fairly confident that she’d heard her brain sizzle.

Addie regarded him silently while she waited for him to regain his breath. This explained so much.

“Hi darling. That’s a helluva way to introduce you to my very likely, soon to be ex-wife.”


Authors Note:
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10 thoughts on “Prompted: The Hazards Of Relationship Therapy”

    1. Believe it or not Eric, it was as much a surprise to me as it was to you.
      I never know what may come out in 5 minutes of a writing frenzy.
      That’s why it’s so much fun. 🙂

    2. Even Addie was shocked. It was very clever setup. 🙂
      I wonder if most men probably would ask for a divorce verbally… probably not is my guess.

    3. The only thing I know about people that has remained a constant~
      is that you never can anticipate their reaction.
      Not even when you might have known them all your life.
      The minute you do-they’ll surprise you. Never fails. lol

      Addie should’ve known that.
      But we all tend to get complacent with our loved ones from time to time.
      Can’t fault her there. I do the same myself. 🙂

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