100 Days Of Happiness Week Review 3



March 17th through 23rd


  • Monday March 17th

Happiness on a Monday is a tough one but I managed. A hot cup of French press coffee and school being in after a winter weather day yesterday-it does wonders.

  • Tuesday March 18th

Clearing my schedule for an hour to write with no distractions? It’s awesome!

  • Wednesday March 19th

I’ve really got to watch what I wish for. It may deliver with a vengence! It was storming. The power went out and eliminated any excuses and distractions to might’ve kept me from writing today. I loved it, no lie.

  • Thursday March 20th

What time is it? It’s sunless-tan time y’all!
Got some hella-wicked Spring Fever going. Now watch me end up orange lol
Sunless Tan Time

  • Friday March 21st

I’m not orange from the sun-less tanning spray and that deserves an award all by itself. I’m also happy for all the new blogging friends I’ve made lately and how much my crocus delight me 🙂
Crocus is Happiness

  • Saturday March 22nd

I’m out in the sun, digging in the dirt, and playing seek and find with displaced bulbs.
Oh yeah. I’m lovin’ it. 🙂

  • Sunday March 23rd

I can think of nothing finer than to have a day to putter about
at my own pace and daydream of things to come.

What made you happy this week?

Author: Christine Lee aka CeeLee



13 thoughts on “100 Days Of Happiness Week Review 3”

  1. You’ve been one busy camper haven’t you? What made me happy this past week? Well my grandson turned 3 yesterday, you and I went back and worth in conversation dribble and I’m counting the days, hours and minutes before I blow this town Thursday morning. Can I say blow…LOL

    1. Good morning Victoria 🙂
      It’s still morning because I want it to be 😉
      Please send my happy birthday wishes along to the grandson
      They’re great at that age. And you’re getting out of town too?
      You say I’ve been busy lol

      Sounds like a great happiness week in store for you.
      Thank you for sharing with me, it rocks my day 🙂

    2. Good morning to you! I will do that, thank you! Yes, I’m leaving town this Thursday am for 6 months of glorious travel. Trains, planes and automobiles…LOL
      Thank you for sharing your week -:)

  2. And keeping up with all your writing to.
    I am running behind. following up on reading LOL
    But do not mind being behind.. bounce..

    Okay now you had an interesting week. I love the flowers. and I know you do as well. pretty. but what is that seeking what ever it is that is hiding

    keep on smiling… see you around hahaha

    1. Thanks Crow
      It was a good week. 🙂
      The flower bulbs had been piled in a great big dirt mound
      after being dug up in order to make room for building the new addition onto the house.
      I’d forgotten all about them. Until they started sprouting lol

  3. Great week, love the crocuses, I miss ours they got lost when the yard got redone last year. And so thankful you got a sunless tan without the orange after glow, that is so last decade. 😀

    Sundays are made for puttering around and just relaxing.

    1. Hi Forrest 🙂
      I feel your pain on the crocus. I lost more bulbs than I had planned with the addition.
      I didn’t notice until things started blooming, or I should say, didn’t start blooming.

      Sunless tans without the Oompa Loompa effect are nice, I agree LOL
      I think I may’ve learned from last year’s mishaps. We can only hope anyway. 😉
      I’m gonna mosey on over your way to catch up on your happiness in a few.
      Can’t wait to see what made you smile, because it means I’ll get a smile too. 🙂

    1. Thank you Darrell 🙂
      Yeah, orange most certainly is not a good color for me.
      But neither is my projecting the Oompa Loompa vibe. 😉

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