2 Ways to Manage Your Creativity-And Live to Tell About It


Life as I Know it with ADHD. New post every Tuesday


(Before the experiments)

Lonely were my nights, when inspiration called…

Less than a month ago I was ready to throw in the towel on blogging. Why? My inspiration is sporadic, doesn’t bother sending me a courtesy heads up email before it strikes, and it most definitely doesn’t care to keep daytime hours. Case in point.

See my picture on the right?

That’s me after spending the night in darkened living room resentfully pecking out a *3am star, instead of sleeping and dreaming decadent dreams of docs that require no formatting. It began playing havoc with my ADHD symptoms, my sleep, my everything.

Things had to change.


Finding ways to work around my inspiration was tougher than I thought

I knew I wasn’t the only one out there who had to deal with off the chain creativity  so I started researching. I wanted something to help me capture the gist of the idea and to do it productively. And by productively, I mean in the least amount of time possible and tech challenged friendly. Matching my problems to a solution was a bit tougher than I thought, but I did narrow the possibilities down to the 2 that seem most likely to suit me.

The experiments began last week

The problem:

You’re under fire from outlaw ideas and don’t want bunchy knickers or to lose any more sleep

  • If you are anything like me, you tend towards having a pack of feral thoughts rampaging through your head more nights than you don’t.
  • The only chance at getting sleep in the near future is to give in, get up, and extricate the wild horde from your brain.
  • Normally good to go with a few sentences to jog the memory later on. And all about quick, fast, and in a hurry.

Possible solution:

  • The Evernote android app has been a huge help.
  • Comes with the option to take notes using voice dictation. Can be used on the desktop, can sync it to email, set reminders, and it’s free. There are a ton of options that I haven’t explored-yet.
  • Yes, I still keep a notebook by the bed. It’s the safe guard against my body refusing to get up or we lose power. Either one or both will happen at some point.

The problem:

Creativity overload is jamming your brain and ideas, dates, even your name is leaking from your ears

  • We all need to offload our computer files periodically. Our brains aren’t all that different.

Possible solution:

Create a brain de-fragging spark file.

  • It’s all about simplicity. A single document on which you put all of your ideas and your inspiration maybe’s.
  • Date each entry as you record them. Put it there and forget it. But make a point to go back through the document from top to bottom, once a month.
  • Using a spark file provides a way to dump the brain gunk so you don’t end up mulling over the same idea 3 days running. And it’s working.
  • The only trick is my remembering to use it, but it’s a habit well worth learning.

Now I’d like to hear from you.

If you have some tips that work for you, don’t be a tip-hoarder.

Pass them on. And let me know too. 😉

*3am star Definition
Anything written between the hours of 12am and 4am by CeeLee while under the influence of sleep deprivation is subject to the crap clause. Meaning it can and likely will turn into a steaming pile of dung the instant the morning sun hits it.

For more information about the spark file, visit Steven Johnson in The Writer’s Room
More information on The Evernote App
Some of the best apps to use with Evernote that I’m not-yet.



14 thoughts on “2 Ways to Manage Your Creativity-And Live to Tell About It”

    1. I tried that too…
      It got me back by making me think about everything but what I was supposed to.
      It’s a tenacious little critter, my creativity. 😉
      But thank you dahling, I’m glad you liked the post. lol

  1. Ha ha got the idea documents yes did you notice I got multiple ones.
    Poems, story, erotic, should i go on.ooh and the thought of the day. naturally

    ha ha i still write even when i am tired. no androids in this house.and god how hard it is to decipher my own writings after.

    As for overload. why do you think i got 10 stories going on 😀 So much for simplicity in my courtyard

    But it works for me i guess. thanks for the smiles CeeLee

    1. Thank you Crow,
      I’m happy to have provided you with a smile.
      Even though I’m envious of your multi tasking abilities 😉

    2. Not every story is good…
      Well…duh! But it’s the determination to make them good,
      that’s what makes them worthwhile. I think that’s right anyway. 😉
      If you ever really need a laugh, remind me to send you
      some of the 3am stars that didn’t make it LOL

    3. I would love that very much. as hearing you smile again 😛
      Ooh some just write and tossed. but at least it is coming out of my brain. And giving some rest.

      haha tomorrow i have written my shortest yet ::D

    4. Yes, I agree Crow.
      The important part is getting rid those ideas so they don’t clog up the brain.
      I’m learning that the hard way lol
      As for your shortie, I’ll be sure to look for it tomorrow then. 🙂

  2. Both great ideas CeeLee. For the most part for me the rare idea that comes to me usually comes while i am vacuuming the halls at one of our condo buildings. I have been training myself to send myself an email with the idea when it comes. This seems almost like the Evernote app and mostly works for me.

    1. It sounds like you’re on the right track, Forrest. 🙂
      Thank you for adding your input, I love it when you do.

      I think taking note of those ideas is the easy part.
      It’s much harder, IMO, to build the habit to stop what you’re doing and say,
      “But first? Lemme take a self-” whoopsie, wrong one.
      (I need to stop watching vines)
      And say, “Hold on, I gotta take this down.”
      That one takes time, but it’s not impossible.
      Keep at it Forrest, I’ll bet you’re going to like the results. 🙂

  3. I’ve (almost) always put initial ideas into one file but have recently just started dating them. I think it’s great to go back and see when in time you actually had the crazy ones. LOL.

    1. Hi Maggie 🙂
      It is fun, isn’t it, to revisit some of the “I wonder what I was on when I had that one” wilder ideas, I agree 🙂

      With all my struggles with organization, I thought categorizing ideas and thoughts would be more beneficial to me. And I was wrong. LoL
      Instead, I’d spend hours trying track down an idea that I’d forgotten which tag I’d used. Having everything right there works for me. 🙂

  4. I’ve got the notebook next to the bed as well…..and one on the desk. And the coffee table. And the ‘notepad’ feature on my phone. And scraps of paper all over the place. Might be time to consolidate…..

    1. Hi Micheal,
      welcome to the Adult Pool. 🙂
      Oh you, your notebooks, and your scraps of paper are all in good company here. LOL
      As much as I love tech (and it hates me back) I have to admit to being old school.

      Nothing seems to satisfy my idea/creativity jags like actually holding a pen and physically writing it down.
      Problem was, I was losing or misplacing the paper scraps and then there was the charge of
      Unlawfully Attempting Wallpaper Redecoration via Post It notes…
      I was acquitted.
      But I’m now required to keep all idea jotting to 1 notebook and hope tech will do the rest. 😉

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