100 Days Of Happiness Week Review 4



Celebrating 30 Days of Happiness (in a row)

March 24th through 30th


  • Monday March 24th

The epitome of happiness can be the ability to remember you do
have people in your corner for when you have bad days. My daffodils blooming helped too.
Daffodils Blooming

  • Tuesday March 25th

Happiness is learning something new. Like taking a tutorial on making your cell NOT send random texts to random people when docked in the car on voice command. It saves on the time formerly reserved for explaining/apologizing all the time, but especially on bad weather days.

  • Wednesday March 26th

Watching a scare cam vine compilation and laughing so hard I cry?
It never fails to start my day off right. And give me ideas.

  • Thursday March 27th

I’m happy because I’m reading other people’s happy.
Like Forrest’s happy at the Random Thoughts blog.

  • Friday March 28th

That rush of happy that comes from waiting in the school pick up line-and then seeing Duck come out smiling.
Yay Spring Break!

  • Saturday March 29th

Duck’s looking forward to spending an evening out.
He feels it’s fun waiting to happen. He’d be right.
Spring Break and Visiting

  • Sunday March 30th

My life may not be perfect. But when I have my guys here and nothing I need to do right this very second? That’s pretty close to fine for me. 🙂

What made you happy this week?

Author: Christine Lee aka CeeLee


14 thoughts on “100 Days Of Happiness Week Review 4”

    1. What makes CeeLee smile right out loud? Let us count the ways…
      Blasts from the past-check.
      Old friends remembering my blog-check.
      Old friends I haven’t spoken to in ages (yeah, big guilt trip),
      who remembered my blog and
      commented-ding! ding! ding!
      Folks, we have a winner! 🙂

      Regina, my dahling, it’s been foh-evah!
      You certainly know how to make an entrance, don’t you? 😉
      Just for that, you’ve been added to the happiness list for tomorrow. So there.
      We must catch up. Okay. We must catch up, after this Spring Break week is over.
      It’s hard chasing a wild Duck you know 😉

  1. Ahhh the colors of spring. So glad when the start to show up here.

    Learning new things is always a fun thing.

    Happy to be one of your happy things thank you

    And a Duck that makes you happy on many days. thats a great thing.

    Stay happy 🙂

    1. I hope Spring visits you soon Forrest.
      I sent it your way, I promise 😉
      (it’s 70 degrees out here, but who’s keeping score? hehe)

      Staying happy can be harder than it seems~
      but it’s easier if you know where to look.
      Your blog is one of those places I can always find happy. Thank you for that.:)

      (I’m still laughing over those signs 😉

  2. Guilt trip LOL yeah you have been out of our happy picture for some time now.
    And we love it to see you back smiling and happy

    keep the small things in sight that make you happy. they can last a day.
    keep on smiling

    1. Happiness is a goodthing.
      The best part of this challenge is my realization that no matter how cruddy the day may be, there’s always something that made me smile. 🙂

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