Chasing Wild Ducks and Greetings From Spring Break



When I picked Duck up from school last Friday…

Spring Break starts...


Duck thought Spring Break would be like this…

Time to start the party

And it was-sort of…

Spring Break-woohoo!


He would’ve been happier but he had this to do…(math study guide)

Oh no...math homework?!

It made him feel…

Mad Ducks dance too


But we still had a good time anyway…and studied too

Doin' the Duck Dance


Keeping up with Duck is tough! Anyone see my Bucket O’ Reserve Energy?

Sooo Tired...





10 thoughts on “Chasing Wild Ducks and Greetings From Spring Break”

    1. Thanks Zee 🙂
      It was time for a break from the usual. I’m glad you liked it lol
      That cat cracked me up too 😉

    1. Thank you 🙂
      I think I’ll be doing posts like this more often. Duck and I had a great time giggling over the gifs selections. And giggle-time is time well spent out here LoL

  1. Love the post. Hope you and Duck are having fun for spring break and hope that the rest of the week is as much fun. Kitty gif is too funny.

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