The Jolly Lobster Blog Award; All Jolly and No Pinchy



Jolly Lobsters are much better than Mad Ones
Because I’m…JOLLY!



Narration by Jacques Coustea

Several time zones and at least one continent away, our favorite would-be writer receives an email from Lady Fury.

Reading it while eating lunch at her desk, CeeLee paused. She wondered aloud about what being jolly had to do with being a lobster.

“The Whut and the whut?”

3 hours later, still at her desk and still in a land far from Lady Fury’s home, CeeLee the So-NOT-A-Spammer was looking through Urban Dictionary. She was pondering the definitions of Jolly and Lobster.

She wondered what the joining of the two words might mean to all of mankind…

“I wonder what this might mean, if Jolly and Lobster were to join forces?”

Was this the intended definition?

Jolly Lobster:
When an outcome of a competition is determined by an unexpected crustacean which ultimately shifts the advantage to the victor over a seemingly more qualified competitor.

Or this?

Jolly (as in just plain-jolly):
To be scared by people several years younger than you.???

She was confused...

The only thoughts to register within her tired brain were odd ones.

“I’m so jolly right now, I’m gonna pop. Lady Fury whacked me with this here Jolly Lobster Award dohickey and I know I’ll choose poorly. I bet I’ll get the only one without the rubber bands around its claws to clamp down on my pinkie and I’ll cry.”

She sighed and made her decision.


“Yeah…I’m doing it CeeLee-style. Hit it!”


Yes, a Jolly Lobster Award


The Jolly Lobster Award
For bloggers who enter fully into the fun of blogging.

(Oh, so that’s what it means!)


Many thank you’s go to the lovely Milady Fury from Furious Unravelings blog for the nomination. She’s really not furious or anything. Quite the cool gal when you get to know her. She’s someone I’m honored to call a friend. She told me to say that. And I did because her temper is-heh. How did I ever get off topic? Because that never happens to me.


Fun lobster fact:

The largest lobster recorded was caught off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada, and weighed 44.4 lbs (20.14 kg); it was between 3 and 4 ft (0.9 to 1.2 m) long. Scientists think it was at least 100 years old.

Source: National Geographic.


Lobster rules are simple…

Display the award badge.

Link back to the person who nominated you

Give an interesting fact about lobsters

Answer the 7 questions

Nominate up to 7 bloggers-and let them know.


My nominees are:

The Things I See Up Here
For the post: Five Easy Payments of 29.99

Random Thoughts
For the post: The Purchase

For the post: The True Meaning of Words in the Dictionary

Ned’s Blog
For the post: Photo from ‘The Box’ re-opens the case of missing hillbillies

Jumping Down The Laundry Chute
For the post: I Am the Destroyer of Worlds

A Letter to Y’all
For the post: Cars are Tricky

For the post: Height Of Toilet Seats And Other Epiphanies


Questions for My Nominees

1. Is there really a hole at the bottom  of the sea?

2. What is your fave sea-creature?

3. Do mermaids exist?

4. Do you have a worst moments sea-side story?

5.  What was Captain Hook’s name before he got the hook?

6. How much deeper would the ocean be if sponges didn’t grow in it?

7.  What would happen to the sea’s water level if every boat in the World was taken out of the water at the same time?


My Answers

1 Have you ever written a book involving sea scenes?

(That is sea. Do please make sure there are no typos here). If not why not and do you intend to?

No I haven’t, yet. I just haven’t gotten around to writing a sea scene. If I did, it would go in the book titled,

So You Got Shipwrecked Now What: 101 Ways To Escape An Island.

2 What is your current WIP?

Currently? This blog. Much needs doing and time isn’t my bestie. And well, yes, I’m still trying to get the query/synopsis done on the B-17 Bomber story. I think I need a virtual assistant.

3 Do you have a favorite sea film? And why?

The original version of Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea. I love the thrill that  comes from thinking about battling undersea creatures the size of small office buildings.

4 A favorite fish recipe to share?

Beer Battered fish and chips. But I don’t make it, Long John Silver’s does. We’ve found it to be infinitely safer for everyone involved, if I stay away from appliances that involve cooking.

5 Your favourite sea going book?

See the above. Loved Jules Verne.

6 Can you share a fav sea-side memory?

The first time I went crabbing in South Carolina with chicken necks and the crab liked my finger much more than the chicken neck. I think I shattered glass. Or my discovering sand fleas. That was also a loud moment. 😉

7 Most memorable sea-going journey?

None to speak of-yet. It’s on my Bucket List. Located right after getting on a plane and before I publish my first book.







92 thoughts on “The Jolly Lobster Blog Award; All Jolly and No Pinchy”

    1. Uh oh…
      Okay so I have this no shoe throwing clause. (You’ll find it conviently located right under the 3am star crap clause).
      See, because I can’t go all Matrix and bend backwards to avoid shoe damage.
      And it’ll start a parallel dimensional tilt-shift and then chaos will reign.
      And, and, …Oh the humanity! LOL

      Momentary distraction-sorry. 😉
      Thank you Shehanne for the award and the chance to let loose, to have fun and be all I can be-by being me.
      Oh and also for the opportunity of scaring the general population by sharing some of the ideas that run through my head 24/7.
      “That’ll be a month of terrifying nightmares and daily flashbacks. Thank you for reading with CeeLee.”

    2. Thank you Shehanne 🙂
      I may cry uncle and call you in for backup on the creativity/idea overload.
      A spark file is a wonderful tool, but even it can’t keep up.
      Not when I got ideas going through me at the rate of 4 to the 7th power. 😉

    3. That could be a new game show.
      The Lobster in Your Undies Challenge.
      Stay jolly my friends LOL
      Ah, yeah…I kill me…time for coffee 😉

    4. eh…joint effort maybe?
      I asked myself “Wonder what Shehanne would do?”
      And it sorta snowballed from there 😉

    5. I’ll certainly do that lol
      Trying to be someone else isn’t my thing~
      unless it’s Halloween. Cuz that’s totally different 😉
      Thanks Forrest, you’re one of the good ones too.
      I know these things 🙂

  1. Hi Cee Lee 😀

    I just HAVE to answer these 7 questions :

    1) Yes. But the hole is blocked with sponges
    2) Sponge. Because it makes a great cake.
    3) Yes. They wash using a sponge (cake)
    4) Yes. A Shark sponged some money off me.
    5) Lt. Handy Andy. His hand was bitten off by a live bathroom sponge.
    6) The sea would be empty as there are no sponges to block the hole.
    7) There would be no change as there is now no water in the sea.

    I must get a life 😉 Ralph ❤

    1. Hi Ralph! 🙂

      Welcome to the Adult Pool and my own personal chaos 😉

      I just HAVE to tell you that I rolled laughing when I read your answers.
      Then I went to your blog. And laughed harder when I saw the RV vids.
      I love your sense of humor!

      It (and you too) has a open invite here anytime. 😉

      You’ll be in good company, as I’m in need of a life too. 🙂

    2. Thank you so much for your lovely welcome Cee Lee. I hope the Adult Pool is heated. I suppose no diving is allowed. No life guard is necessary to save me from what I have read so far as I am wearing my water wings. I’ll be back ! Ralph ❤

    3. Unlike a certain regretful incident involving me, a video, and a cold pool
      (Never make a bet with a Duck-trust me) this pool is always heated.
      No worries there, Ralph 😉

      Diving is done at your own risk-you never know what may be lurking,
      like closet goblins, mind monkies, etc. But that’s for the adrenalin junkies. LOL
      I’m quite…well…pretty sure your water wings will keep you safe.
      The Pool is always open and you’re always welcome to drop in. 🙂

    4. Thank you for the warnings Cee Lee. I’ll dive in now as I have a reply to write about your undies 😀 ❤

    5. Now, what am I supposed to do with a complimentary snorkel ? I may walk through this Spanish village wearing it and only it, tomorrow 😉

    6. This I must see.
      Should you accept this mission, pics will be needed to verify 😉
      Bonus points for getting people’s facial reactions LOL

    7. Ooops !! No snorkel !! I may have something which will do just as well 😉
      You show me your pics (1050 points) and I’ll show you mine (minus 1237 points) 😉

    8. Funny you mention that…
      It seems as though I’m working on something that IF it works
      will be really cool and if it doesn’t-will at least be funny.
      Stay tuned-I hope to be done in…
      (lemme figure ADHD time-it’s like football time-kind of different)
      about a week. 😉

    9. Oh my humming is bad too 😉
      It always lets me down-right in the middle of Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons.
      During Spring, to be exact.
      But if you still prefer my humming…
      I’ll do my best 😉

    10. Ah. Perhaps you are in the fridge humming the lead while the fridge plays background. Sounds good. You two could be in the Top Twenty 😉

    11. Good to know I’m not
      causing dogs to howl lol
      I’ll keep that in mind for the next time Flight of the Valkyries comes on 😉

    12. Hahaha I knew that’d perk you up. 😉
      It seems my pal Ralph had himself a bunchy, scrunchy, wadded-up, panty raid.
      And here I was, all ready to blame Crow.
      Watch out now, he’s good! LOL

    13. A toy girl blogger…(rolls laughing)
      “Hi I need to reserve the front row seat for the donnybrook of the blogs this evening?”
      “Yeah…I’ll hold.” 😉

      Ralph’s a character alright. Scary too. It’s like reading the male version of my humor.
      If that isn’t something to wad my unmentionables, nothing is 😉
      And our Crow has been busy-busy-busy-I see. 🙂
      They grow up so fast, don’t they?

    14. I think I remember where I left your freshly pressed undies Cee Lee (hey ! you’ve been Freshly Pressed !!) I must have dropped them at Shehanne’s ……. or did I drop Shehanne’s ? 😉

      I agree Shehanne, it’s not a war, just a little skirmish in the bushes 😉

      That’ll perk you two up 😉

    15. LOL
      I’ll bet that’ll be the closest I’ll get to being Freshly Pressed 😉
      Oh I see, so you nicked my undies and Shehanne’s too?
      Uh oh…
      Got to watch out for her, you know. She can be a real Fury if provoked.
      Not that I speak from experience. Not yet anyway.

      I tend to like skirmishes, having been endowed with the “pester them til they lose it” gene.
      So I’ll be around, sitting on the sidelines, eating popcorn and watching the show 😉

    16. Well, you never know. One of your posts may wake up and excite one of the monkeys on WP staff.

      Oh yes. Undies nicked and you two didn’t even notice. Story of my life !! 😉 hehe

      Oooh. I didn’t know that Shehanne’s blood boils. Oh dear. I’ll have to be a good boy then. A very good boy !!

      Skirmishes 8pm on the first full moon of the month. Tickets please !

      Big hugs Cee Lee. ❤ xox

    17. If that ever happens, my rousting the WP staff and getting them to take notice,
      you’ll be the 1st to know lol
      But since I haven’t yet, I’m good with rattling everyone else’s cage. 😉
      Let’s see here…okay I have you and Shehanne marked down on my calendar for the skirmish.
      And…I’m free. Good. Count me in 😉
      Hugs right back at you…quit it…no wedgies thank you, they’re wadded enough LOL

    18. Oh you guys kill me LOL
      In a good way, not in a mean I wanna get you and make you preform stand up comedy,
      in front of an audience with no clothes on
      kind of way.
      Just so we’re all clear on that. 😉

    19. Course w don’t want you stand up up CeeLee . Well, not in anything less than your undies. Ralph, my blood boil? No. I ain’t a witch but I never speak for the blood type of my characters….

    20. So good to know! whew that was close.
      I wonder if the world knew how close it came to being blinded?
      Nah…probably not.
      I should celebrate.
      I think I’ll stir the pot between Shehanne and Ralph~
      that should be good for some action. Yeah!

      “Oh Ralph…guess what? Shehanne thinks you called her a witch…” LOL
      Pot stirring is not my forte’ in case it isn’t obvious 😉

    21. No, no, no, no !! I would never call you a witch Shehanne. I must have said, “I’m rich” to have some new great friends.

      (Shush. CeeLee ? Do you reckon Shehanne will believe that ? Maybe she believes anything I say !!)

      I always say “Yes” Shehanne !! ❤

    22. Seeing you in ballet slippers and a pink tutu would definitely be a week maker all by itself, Ralph LoL
      Soo…I dare you 😉

    23. So. You two have me in Vogue ? wearing ballet flippers, women’s undies and a snorkel ? This is blackmail material. Does that mean I have to do what you tell me … or the pictures go to …… where ? 😉 xox

    24. Do as we say and don’t suffer being the next contestant on CeeLee’s Stars on YouTube. Yeah..seems pretty clear cut to me LoL

  2. Love the post. gotta love your sense of humor. Funny thing I watched alot of Jacques Cousteau growing up and heard his voice in my head while reading the first part 🙂

    Thank you so very much for the nomination it is today;s happy btw.

    I will proudly display the Jolly Lobster on my blog um just as soon as I figure out exactly how to do that. And a post at the beginning of the week with my answers to your delightful questions.

    1. You are very welcome Forrest. 🙂
      We watched a lot of Jacques at our house too, when I was growing up.
      It seemed fitting to have him help me narrate a blog award centered around fun and the sea.

      I’m tickled that the nomination was your happiness for the day.
      I’ll email you the instructions on how to display the badge on the blog if you like.
      It’s easy enough to do, it has to be if I can do it. LOL
      Remember, this is about the fun of blogging.
      So that means no deadlines, and no need to feel like you have to rush to follow up. 🙂

  3. Sand fleas was a fav sea-moment. Ha ha Okay okay flapping my wings the butterfly effect is nothing more than a breeze.
    Yeah for beer batter. he he and so does the crow.

    But hey tanks for the laughs. And now i need to check around and see if I did not forget a award again somewhere.
    Scatter brain goblin me, in need of teasing you at three and give you some writing ideas 😛

    1. Always happy to provide you with a grin or 4, Crow 🙂
      But as for me needing writing ideas? Um…well…
      I think I’ve that part covered. For now.

      My creativity has been sparking something fierce lately.
      And I love that, I do. Just not at 3 am LOL
      But if you need ideas, let me know.
      I’m chock full of ’em and would be happy to offload a few. 😉

    2. I am glad to hear that and you know how i take your idea to heart and use them. or did you miss out on the poetry again huh
      Keep on writing beautiful

    3. Now see, I bet you sweet talk all the girls like that. 😉
      I did see the poetry and am happy if anything I may have thrown your way during my brain de-fragging helped.

      I only gave you an idea. It was you who transformed it into the beauty that it is now. 🙂
      I’m reciting cereal-box philosophy again. It must be coffee time 😉

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