100 Days Of Happiness Week Review 5


100 Days of Happiness List


March 31st  through April 6th


  • Monday March 31st

It’s a twofer. Greetings from Spring Break (yay) I’m happy that I kept up with Duck today.
It’s harder than it looks! And our getting a Jolly Lobster Award makes any day more interesting.
source: gifs paradise

  • Tuesday April 1st

Happy can come in many forms. It could be a winning lottery ticket, a repair guy fixing the washer, or it could be the friend I thought I’d lost, but didn’t.

  • Wednesday April 2nd

My getting The Very Inspiring Blogger Award sure made the happiness list and my Wednesday, all the brighter.
Thank you- for making me smile-100daysofhappy

  • Thursday April 3rd

A fave candy bar lobbed in my general direction from the Redneck after he came home from work today. Because he loves me like that.

  • Friday April 4th

Finding other people’s happiness blogging to share with all of you.
source: gifs paradiseI loved this one:  My name is Steven, I know things


  • Saturday April 5th

The chance to be educated on twerk-wheels (do they come with training wheels? I’d need them) and the kindness shown to a noob still trying to figure out where she belongs in the blogging world.

  • Sunday April 6th

I’m looking back on what a crazy week it’s been. Chasing a wild Duck, getting some blog awards; these things are great but the best part of all? I got to sleep for more than 4 whole hours last night. Amazing what that can do for an overloaded and overcooked brain. 🙂

source: gifs paradise

What made you happy this week?

Author: Christine Lee aka CeeLee


12 thoughts on “100 Days Of Happiness Week Review 5”

    1. That’s good!
      You know what they say, a giggle a day keeps the snarls away. I think they say that. Could just be me who says that.
      But it’s good stuff to know anyway. 😉

    1. Heya Kristi 🙂
      It was an awesome week.
      Candy from the sky, wild Duck chasing, and sleep…mmm…oh yeah.
      (how bad is it to say that sleep was my fave part?) LOL

  1. My happy week came from this blog.amongst others.
    I mean sure it does mean flying across many oceans and other blogs.
    But always sure to bring smile.

    Yeah like a friend or bird at home right :p now can polly have a cracker 😛
    he he cracked me up

    1. That’s so nice to know that part of your happy came from my happy…
      and why does that sound so weird? LOL
      I’ll be dropping by your blog(s) today, to see what bright shiny stuff I can find.
      I hear that you’ve gotten an award and want to see how that went 😉

  2. Wild Duck chasing, did the cage not get there in time for you. Oh I see you got some sleep , the cage must have gotten there at some point. You had to have used part of the candy bar to bait the wild Duck into said cage, I hear Ducks enjoy such things as well.
    I like seeing other people doing the 100 days of happy as well. Nearing the end of mine, today is day 90, I think everyone should do this.
    Congrats on the blog awards as well.
    Stay happy.

    1. Thank you Forrest. 🙂
      If this keeps up, I’m going to need a bigger trophy case very soon. 😉

      The cage finally made it, but not soon enough to save me from mush brain LOL
      Candy always works for Duck bait and this was no exception-yay!

      Congrats on the 90 days!!! You’re doing it! 🙂

      Look how well it’s turning out-for us both.
      I know I’m more grateful and feel better for doing the challenge.

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