Explore Fatigue with the 5 Levels of Tired



Life as I Know it with ADHD


So you stayed up all night working on a 3 am star and now your butt is dragging.

You need to get things done-but you aren’t sure what is left in your energy reserves.

It’s time to check your creativity fatigue.

4/10/14 Update.
I looked at the post title for 2 days before realizing that I had forgotten to put in the word “creativity”. It was supposed to be Explore Creativity Fatigue with the 5 Levels of Tired.
Whoops…Guess that proves the point I’d made about being deaded-better than I could’ve imagined 😉


The 5 Levels of Tired…



5. Draggin’ yo’ wagon

You are definitely tired.

example: Doing a role reversal with a cashier. When you ask her if the intended purchase is to be credit or debit. And you aren’t a cashier there or anywhere else.

Mental Functions

Serious thinking is becoming difficult but can be preformed with extra effort.

  • Decisions regarding finances, spur of the moment road trips, and password setting should be avoided, you’ll forget them anyway.

Driving Ability

You should still be okay to drive.

  • Turn music to moderate  level and concentration to caution. You should make it through the day with little to no snafu occurances.


4. Cream Crackered

Between tired but mentally functional and tired and mentally dysfunctional.

example: Placing a TV remote in the freezer that you’ll end up looking for, for the next 3 days.

Mental Functions

  • Postpone all decisions regarding haircuts and DIY spray-on tans. The results will have you appearing as if you’re trying out to be an extra in another Willy Wonka movie. One sporting a sleek new crew cut. And you aren’t a guy.

Driving Ability

Proceed with caution.

  • Set music to 3/4 volume level, open back windows, and attention should be on red lights and stop signs. ie: stop for both.
  • No rolling stops. Today will also be the day you’re most likely to get a  chance to greet a cop and then have to plead with him to not get a ticket. Don’t even try.


3. Crunchy

Completely exhausted.

example: You’ve had to re-set your password 3 times in a row in less than 15 minutes.

Mental Functions

Thinking has entered the ssloww-mmo stage. Warning. Power reserves at critical level.

  • Decisions regarding a Duck’s passionate speech about putting off homework til later, letting dogs come in from outside after indulging themselves with a day of mud bathing, and whether having PopTarts for dinner is a great idea must not be made at this time.
  • They will be the wrong decisions. Ones that end in drama and chaos. (And mud in places you never wanted to see)

Driving Ability

Do you have to drive today?

  • If it’s an errand that can be done tomorrow, be strong. It can wait.
  • Otherwise, ingest a liquid with a cafeiene content strong enough to power the Space Shuttle prior to your hitting the road.
  • Music up to shake the rearview mirror level, all windows down and stay out of the hammer lane.


2. Inquant

Also known as slap happy.

example: Searching high and low for your car key. The one already in the ignition. With the car running and music playing. With the “Low Fuel” light flashing brightly from the dashboard. Because the car is just that sneaky.

Mental Functions 

Everything is funny, even if it isn’t. There are no brain cells currently firing. Danger! Shut down sequences initiated.

  • Say nada to The Redneck. Though you think your remark or observation is truthful and hilarious (and it probably is) he will not share the same sentiment. And you will get a free lesson in the Was That Necessary? category, whether you need it or not.

Driving Ability

If driving is a requirement, concentration should be in maxed-out red zone range.

  • All windows down and music full volume.
  • Use songs with a-LOT of bass. The vibration rattling your teeth will keep you alert.
  • Slow down and do the double look-both ways-before making any turns.

1.  Deaded

Beyond exhausted. You are now a walking, mumbling zombie.

example: Agreeing to Duck’s request to buy a platypus as a family pet.

Mental Functions

Brain cell destruct sequence completed and engaged, awaiting code for one minute countdown.

Ask yourself:

A.  Are my shoes tied?

B.  Is my hair combed?

C. Will my appearance scare people?

Driving Abilities

Hahaha! What? You’re serious?!

  • Do you let a blind person drive? No?

Then why are you even considering driving with a brain-dead zombie?


And I’m spent.

Speaking of deaded-time to hit the rack 😉





27 thoughts on “Explore Fatigue with the 5 Levels of Tired”

    1. Hi Debbie 🙂
      Just reading your comment made me feel so much better lol
      I’ve been in similar situations and my guy was, shall we say, less than amused.
      I’m dying to know…how did that little snafu go over with the bf?
      Good, bad, or fugly? 😉
      Thank you for dropping a comment and the grin-both are very appreciated 🙂

  1. Draggin my wagon is the way things are these days, insomnia is on keep waking up thinking its time go get up all night mode. I have started using self check outs as much as I can to keep from asking the cash or credit question to cashiers and now just ask my self as I am the cashier.

    Although I can not say I have put a remote in the freezer but will admit to having left a remote in the fridge on more than one occasion. Late night movie watching and the desire for a beverage will do that to me.

    And just curious how is Perry the platypus doing. Still sneaking out to save the world or at least the Duck.

    Hope you have gotten yourself some sleep and moved it back up to the wagon draggin point.

    1. Ah…you know Perry then, Forrest?
      We’re huge fans here 🙂
      I’m afraid he’s a bit put out at the moment.
      With the avoiding dogs who think he’s the new playtoy
      and a cat who’s sure he’s here just for her to rough up,
      he’s ready for a vacation LOL

      I don’t blame him. I’d join him if I could.
      Saving the world has got to be easier than my house 😉
      I got some rest yes-and it was desperately needed.
      Too bad I can’t get 3 or 4 more weeks of it 😉

  2. Well at least we know we’re not the only ones!!! The other day, Inion & I we’re working (editing) & we had to run an errand real quick, so we signed off the computer, got ready to go & we’re about to leave when Inion goes….”Where’s my phone?” We tore the writing room apart, next her bedroom, then the living room, the front porch…..the kitchen??? The bathroom??? My God, the doghouse??? Then….my son’s 16 year old friend (Zach) who was spending the night with him, looked up and said. “Call your phone Ginger Brooke!” Ahhh…light in the tunnel! She grabbed her brothers cell then dialed her number as we all waited with baited breath for the distant sound, of a cell phone buried inside a house object, on top of a dresser, behind a bed when the pocket of her pants began jingling & vibrating!! Yep….we need help! 😉 lmao 😉

    1. Duck and I are sayin’ “Hey” (more like hhayy-cuz we’re Southern)
      to both of you ladies 🙂
      He asked to help, so what can ya do but say okay? 😉
      I’m just happy hearing from you guys, I imagine work has been crazy right now.
      You’re taking time to drop by and leave a comment is so cool. 🙂

      As for cells and their becoming lost…LOL
      Been there. More than a few times.
      Of course the idea of calling it only occurs after I’ve spent an hour looking.
      The good news is that you aren’t alone.
      I’m thinking of starting a Help-My Cell is Lost and I Can’t Find it club.
      Should be popular among writers, Mom’s, well…everyone really. 😉

  3. Hahahahaha “Are my shoes tied?” 😀 I have to ask myself sometimes, do I have my shoes on?! Because it happens (and not just to me) that I go out in slippers… But not because of being tired. Just forgetful 🙂

    1. Hi Ivy 🙂
      and welcome to the Adult Pool.
      Forgetfullness is becoming more and more a common occurance I think LOL
      It doesn’t just apply to those who are a mom, or those who’re stressed, have ADHD.
      Nope. It doesn’t discriminate. LOL Anyone is a target. 😉

    2. Thank you for the warm welcome 🙂

      I think I have left you a comment under how you see things because I am interested, I don’t know much about ADD or ADHD except that you get distracted a lot… 🙂

    3. I did see it-just now.
      Sorry for the delay Ivy, I try to be more prompt replying to comments, its been an off the hook type of week.
      No offense implied, simply up to my ears in things all marked urgent LoL

  4. What if the body is pretty much dead weight and the brain is awake an on a sugar rush.
    ha ha I cream crackered. just a entirely different thing in mind.
    But that is the crow for you. ha ha

    Now where was i. honestly it is that I know i have an ass or else one would think i was dead. at least i can still feel it. from all that sitting

    1. LOL sounds like you might be between the inquant and deaded zone, Crow.
      Better watch that now. You’ll end up like me, posting titles missing words,
      misplacing your undies (Ralph did it) and all the chaos that entails. LOL
      Better rest a little bit.

    1. 🙂 YAY … rest is a necessity – that is for sure – I know I can only do so much and when I get tired – that is that for me.

      Glad you got feeling better Christine.

    2. I do feel some better, thanks Eric 🙂
      Funny isn’t it, how being that tired can affect the thinking processes.
      Even if you feel rational, the decisions made are still going to be skewed.
      Sure does cause alot of backtracking and clean up. LOL
      I’m finally starting to learn this.

    3. I had chronic fatigue thirty+ years ago. It was pretty awful. I had to manage stress way down in my life to be able to have a somewhat normal life. The period where it was most troublesome lasted for about five years.
      I know this – we are all best off to use mindfulness, prayer, stillness, etc as well as get plenty of rest, eat small meals and good foods, and get some regular exercise.
      Keep at it Christine – it takes time
      ~ Eric

    4. Thank you for sharing that with me.
      I’m sorry that happened to you Eric. I’m sure it couldn’t have been easy for all the issues it caused.

      Its a small consulation, I know, but look at all you’ve learned and can pass on to people like me. 🙂

      Patience is something I’m not well acquainted with, nor is time my friend. But I’m learning. Mostly because I either go along with the program or my body will shut down and make sure I do. I like option 1 better. 😉

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