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Write Now Prompt: April 4th 2014

Having a birthday party after the age of 30 was silly, but she’d insisted. And when Tawney insisted on something,  it was in the best interest of his libido that he go along with it. He may’ve failed mathematics in school, but he knew the answer to solving the Get Lucky equation was always:

x=(humor her) and y=(grin and bear it). 

It was time. He’d done his part, now it was her turn.

They were alone at last… except for the robot. He frowned. It was the only weird-o gift he’d gotten and of-course it would’ve been from her. He wondered what it was supposed to do. It would behoove him to figure that out before she was done primping. The question might come up and pre-empt his bed bouncing plans before they started.

She hadn’t thought to include the instruction manual. Typical. Deceptively heavy for a little thing and curiously warm despite being made of metal. His fingers brushed against the bottom and a blue glow filled the room.

The thing pulsed once and a mechanically cheerful voice spoke.

Hello and thank you for buying The Writer’s Best Friend.

We believe everyone has a best-selling story residing within them.

It’s our job is to extract them. Are you ready to begin?”

Intriguing to say the least. Oh what the hell? Why not?

“Yes?” he muttered cautiously, casting a wary glance towards the bedroom. Still in the clear.

“The Writer’s Best Friend is about you-writing the story of a lifetime.

We know that the best stories come from the writer’s personal experiences.

We create the experience for you,

with a topic of our choosing and collect it from your brain waves.

Do you consent to session 1?”

“Yeah, yeah.”  Just hurry up and get this over so he could get on to the main festivities.


“Session 1. You are on shipwrecked on a deserted island.

You need to escape. Begin.”

What the hell?!

The lights went out.

When he woke, it was to the surf lapping at his feet.

Author: Christine Lee aka  CeeLee




10 thoughts on “Prompted: The Writer’s Best Friend”

    1. Only you Crow, would comment on the vibration level LoL
      Glad you liked it. I will be visiting your blog soon, my word on that. Its been one wicked week with regards to sleep or the lack thereof, work, and everything else. 😉

  1. Amazing. Clever !!

    One minute, expecting his toes to curl up in ecstasy, the next, a sci-fi version of a cold shower.

    You are cruel 😉 hehe ❤

    1. I can be, yeah. LoL
      I love the writing prompts. It’s a great way to relax, let the mind monkies loose (not to be confused with Shehanne’s hammies) and just…write. 🙂

      I never know what may come out and that’s the beauty of it. It suits the hell out of my personality. And relieves a lot of pent up stress. 😀
      You should try it with me. Not that you’re stressed, no-lol-just because it’s fun. 😉

    2. Oh. I couldn’t do a writing prompt as I only look at pictures 😉 Anyway I have just had a career change and gone all religious …..hmmm ….. in my recent post. Come over as I want to listen to your juicy confessions. Or confess here. I’m a good listener 😉 ❤

    3. Oh I got a real juicy confession for you…LoL
      I just got a new washer-woohoo! But I made Duck take the blame for putting it on high spin and causing it to rattle the windows and scare the neighbors. I’m a bad, bad, girl 😉

    4. Not THE new washer-woohoo juicy confession. Did your undies fly out of the window and really scare the neighbours ? Yes, you are a bad, bad girl. In fact a very bad, very bad girl 😉

  2. Ok so how do i get me one of these Writers Best Friend robots. I could really use a vacation, I am thinking maybe on a fully functioning space ship with food replicators and a voice activated control system. Ahhhh the stories I could write about drifting through space.

    Huh ummm Damn I fell asleep at my desk again. Where was I Oh yea great story. 🙂

    Love your mathematical skills..

    1. That makes 2 of us, Forrest. 🙂
      I think we both could use a vacation right now.
      Though I’d probably not opt for the shipwrecked island one.
      I’d sizzle like a piece of bacon with my skin being so fair. LoL

      Glad you liked the story-I see you’ve added your own. Cool!
      I’ll be hopping over there shortly, can’t wait to read what you came up with 🙂

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