Our New Slideshow: This is Us



 “Hey Duck~

Watch me pull this pic slideshow

outta my…hat!”


“Aw… Mom. That never works!”


“Yeah? Let’s try it one more time…”


We hope you like it  😉





32 thoughts on “Our New Slideshow: This is Us”

  1. CeeLee, not only r u so brave and beautiful girl, you make this fab-dab slideshow to the music of Mark and Em. I don’t know about ballet FLIPPERZ but my hat is off to you girl xxx

    1. That means a lot to me.
      Thank you Shehanne 🙂
      Fun idea yeah, a little troublesome to make, but then when you have to put pictures of yourself on there too? That’s when it gets real and more than a bit unnerving. 😉

  2. Nice work CeeLee! That was a lot of fun…
    Thanks for sharing and the knock at my door, I would have hated to miss this. Good of you all to put your best faces forward – yeah, good’n Redneck 😉

    1. That’s us 🙂
      Good at sayin’ hhayy instead of hey and other fun stuff. I’ve had to finally admit to going native (sigh) but I draw the line at yelling Yeah! for no discernable reason because I still have principles. Mostly. Sort of. Usually 😉

    1. Yay! Thanks Kristi 🙂
      I’m getting a mighty big ego from all the likes.
      Truth be told, I’m thrilled it turned out
      with no glaringly obvious tech errors 😉

  3. Hey CeeLee.. Fantastic. What a great video and lovely family. Loved it !! It was great to see Redneck, Duck and yourself in action. Ralph ❤

    1. Heya Ralph 🙂
      See, I told ya I was working on something LOL
      I’m real happy you liked it,
      I’m happy that it turned out as well as it did. 🙂
      There will be more coming-soon!

    2. No need to cross ’em Ralph lol
      There won’t be any doorbell ring in’
      (as Duck and the Redneck call it) happening. No wait…I’ve been known to fib a time or 2 before. May not be such a bad idea after all 😉

    3. You like it? Oh that’s the latest design!
      Early American Redneck. I’d never have guessed you to be a fan! LOL
      And you’re right. I never fib.
      I tell great big whoppers instead 😉

    4. Does a lady give away all her secrets?

      Quick answer? Nope. LOL

      It’s for me to know and you to wonder about 😉

    1. Okay that line,
      “Now I can watch you every day,”
      that one? Makes for a great line in a scary story LOL
      But I know what you mean, Crow and I’m happy knowing you liked it 🙂

    1. Thank you Miss Lou
      I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂
      Duck definitely had fun directing~
      and I had fun following his directions…well sort of…LOL

  4. You had me at CeeLee Pro-Ducktions 😀

    So the redneck seems like a cool dude, gotta love anyone that will ride a carousel even though he looks like he would rather be upside down on a roller coaster ( a place i will not find my self ever )

    The Duck = Too Cool for ___________ (ok so I was thinking school but gotsta do the homeswork.)

    Love the song selection for the slide show very appropriate,.

    And I love your smile.

    1. Thank you Forrest, it was my pleasure to show off my family to you.
      I liked that too, the CeeLee Pro-Ducktions.
      It had a cool ring to it and well…yeah lol 🙂

      The Redneck is kind of awesome.
      Though he’d have to be, to stick around me very long 😉
      He’s nothing like me; aka he’s normal, laid-back, and easy going.
      He and Duck are (usually) best pals, and for all of those reasons and more-
      I know I’m one lucky chick.
      (until he needs my tire jack in the car-to fix a truck that threw up it’s tire tread)
      I’m still lucky, just less thrilled.

      And Duck, he’s everything to me. (nooo…you don’t say…)
      He makes me realize that getting up, even on days like today, isn’t so bad.
      Not when he looks at me as though I’m some kind of hero, Gawd knows why.
      Maybe I should have that checked. But eh…I could do worse 😉

    1. They are 🙂
      They have to be, to hang with me.
      I may be getting older, but I won’t stop living and trying.
      Mostly because I don’t think I know how, but that’s our secret. 🙂

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