100 Days of Happiness Week Review 6



Happiness for  April 7th-13th 



  • Monday April 7th

Having the spring monsoon considerately wait until Duck and I
got home-before letting loose? Definite win.

  • Tuesday April 8th

I got up-late- but I did get up. That still counts, right?
Seeing the sun after all the rain if only for a second, helped.

  • Wednesday April 9th

Wild flowers blooming all over the front yard on a warm and sunny spring day.


  • Thursday April 10th

We officially have a stoop! DIY house additions take forever but are still worth it.
Because it’s something you can claim and no one else.


  • Friday April 11th

Sharing other people’s happiness blogging to share with all of you.
I loved this one: In My Lifetime


  • Saturday April 12th

The DIY work continues. And so does Duck’s vocabulary.
DIY Work Goes On


  • Sunday April 13th

It’s been a big DIY week out here. Mucho happiness from
getting a new laundry room built by The Redneck and a new washer delivered.
New laundry room

But that’s me.

What made you happy this week?

Author: Christine Lee aka CeeLee


51 thoughts on “100 Days of Happiness Week Review 6”

    1. Yaknow…I had to look it up. No kidding.
      See, I was using the same terminology the Redneck uses.
      Silly me. 😉

      A stoop is: (according to the Urban Slang Dictionary)
      “…A small step where people sit and talk, smoke, and just generally hang out…”
      Though…it can also mean:
      “…one that exemplifies qualities of a dumbass…”

      Either/or. Take your pick 😉

    2. I was going for the “either” but after so much consideration plumped for the “or” due to the lack of undies 😉 ❤

    3. Well now, you’re coming right along. 🙂
      Already going for the best answers.
      I’ll bet you did great on mutiple question tests LOL

    4. Okay. A multi-choice question which I’ve just thought up.

      Which is not a letter of the alphabet ?
      a) S
      b) E
      c) X
      d) NOT

    5. Trick question lol plus a tired brain equals…
      I dunno . 🙂
      The wrong answer would be d-
      I do know that much 😉

    6. As you are telling a fib your answer is correct !! “d” is the right answer. You win a night out at the tired brain centre !! Enough of that !! Would you like a brain massage ?

    7. Would I like a brain massage…hmmm…
      Does a bear cross the road to use the lavatory? LOL
      Um…yes please. Right now would be perfect 😉

    8. Massage coming up. The back of your neck first…….. 3 hours later……..under your chin ……….. 3 hours later ….. behind your ears ……..

      Nice huh !!

    9. A massage by Ralph and made with me in mind-pardon the pun 😉
      3 hours on each area-oh yeah! zzzz…
      oops…did I drift off?
      Sorry about that lol

    10. Welcome to my world 😉
      Sleeping out here is done in whatever position you happen to be in-last.
      Makes for some interesting muscle knots and body contortions upon awakening.

    11. LOL. Night night. Shutting down, as it’s almost 3am and I need my beauty sleep. About 3000 hours should do it ❤

    12. You and me both, Ralph.
      I’ve learned that having an on-going sleep deficit
      is not good for the beauty part.

      I need…oh…let’s see…
      a couple years should fill that gap LOL

    13. Well you’re doing much better than I am currently.
      I’ve cell-induced wrist sprain brought on from trying
      to catch my best profile shot. 😉
      I think somebody is telling me something.
      I get it, I get it! 😉

    14. I may have to love you and leave you tonight as I have joined 2 dating websites, one Spanish and I am being overwhelmed by……….well, one……..Spanish woman 😉

      Any advice CeeLee ?

    15. Strange people online huh?
      You don’t say…;)

      Are you safe? Yeah-just don’t give out anything you
      wouldn’t want people to see broadcast all over YouTube
      or numbers that they can use, to get bankrolled off you. 🙂

    16. Me bad !! I told them I was a nigerian and had $17 million for them. They wrote back telling me that they were a nigerian and had $17 million for me 😉 No one else online 😉

    17. Oh, so you also have a rich uncle
      who suddenly passed away and bequeathed millions to you?
      It really is a small world, so did I! LOL

    18. I reckon with the number of emails I get that says there are millions for me, I could buy Spain and have change. Lend me a dollar to buy America !! 😉

    19. I seem to be temporarily light in the pockets. Hey Forrest, pass a fellow ‘Merican one of those too, would you? 😉

    20. Thank ya, thank ya, but I had my eye on some beach front property
      this guy is selling in Montana.
      I hear its going fast, so I’d better hurry 😉

    21. ~looks around the desk and rummages through jeans pockets~
      Well shoot! I’m coming up empty.
      heh…Go figure 😉

  1. Oooh a real princess with a washer. and a table.
    Uh huh that makes us smile. and happy.
    Another good thing about sun.No more cold and things get done.:D

    keep on smiling.

    1. Now you did it. Just had to talk it up, huh?
      Going on about no snow and all sun.
      Geesh…guess what? We’re due for snow tonight and tomorrow.
      Remind me to withold all the shiny ideas from you from now on,
      because I’ll forget. 😉

      I’m on a mission at the moment, you see.
      And I’m about 3 loads away from being caught up on the wash
      Bet that makes you smile, doesn’t it? 😉

  2. I have had such a busy week – BUT satisfying yanno!

    I came across a word picture thingy through a post somewhere (think it was Facebook) – it said;

    ‘Progress NOT perfection’

    and it really helped me put things into perspective. I was getting so caught up in all the things I didn;t have time to do as wonderfully as I wanted, and almost got stuck with not trying anything (which making hugely anxious)

    Once I saw that I was able to move from a stuck place 🙂


    Also watching the kids play soccer and footy – always brings a smile to my face as they love it so much!

    Thanks for sharing – looks like you had a rather productive week with your DIY coming through as a welcome addition to your home 🙂

    Miss Lou

    1. Oh my goodness Miss Lou, so you do that as well?
      With the end result being that you get stuck?
      Yes, I know exactly how that goes!
      It goes like…today LOL

      I like the motto of ‘Progress Not Perfection’.
      It’d probably help more if I could remember that
      during my I’m Stucked-ness moments 😉

      As sad as this may sound, what is footy?
      Duck isn’t into soccer, his fave is basketball (at the moment).

      Thank you so much for sharing~Miss Lou
      I love reading what made everyone happy 🙂


    2. Here in Australia we have AFL – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmX7RX53FGs
      This clip goes for 14 minutes – DONT watch it all or even more than 30 seconds or you might fall asleep.. (especially out of context) but just watching the start will give you an idea of the game 🙂

      The children also play soccer.

      Both of the kids are quite tall and I’ve also considered basketball as an option too!

      AND I know what you mean about the ‘moment’ you just never know what is going to be the sport of the moment.. lol

    3. Aha! So that’s what footy is!
      I’m glad it wasn’t a trivia question and the prize a new…tire. LOL
      Because I would’ve guessed wrong LOL

      Thank you for clearing that up for me. This is great!
      See, armed with my newfound knowledge, I’m gonna go pounce on the Redneck
      and ask him this question. With the prize being his chances on getting lucky tonight hehe
      Cuz I’m just that evil. 😉

  3. Last week I was happy because I got a refund check. YAY! But then I got slapped with a plumbing repair bill and automotive repairs that are going to eat the refund entirely. BOO! But then I realized I had a refund check in the exact amount I would need to pay the bill. YAY!

    1. Oh yeowch! Talk about a good thing/bad thing scenario LOL
      Well the good thing is that you had the money, right?
      Bad thing is, you had the money LOL
      I’m glad it turned out the way it did. 🙂
      With us, it’s usually we don’t have the money~and have to do it anyway 😉

  4. New vocabulary for a Duck from a redneck, why is my brain thinking this may not be the best schooling for a happy Duck.

    Gettting home before the torrential down pour is always a welcomed thing, oddly most of the time it starts just as I am pulling into the driveway ah well.

    I am also enjoying reading about others happy moments this is so much fun.

    And a shiny new laundry room with folding table cool.

    1. Beacuse your brain would be right LOL
      Correctamundo! Duck now has a whole new set of phrases.
      And he also knows he’d best not repeat them-not if he likes playing Minecraft. 😉
      Can’t go wrong with a new washer and laundry room+folding table.
      I feel like a queen 🙂 A washing queen, but a queen all the same.

      Reading others happy certainly helps to lift my spirits
      and reminds me to be happy for my own. I agree with you wholeheartedly.
      Bah! Have the rain, no wait! Have the snow!
      We don’t want it, but are due to get it anyway. grrr…;)

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