Can You Help Me Find the Best Tagline for This Blog?


“We’re sorry to interrupt
your normally scheduled blog post
to announce an important update”


I’m stuck and I need your help.
Can you help pick the right tagline for this blog?


The poll will be open for 1 week.
The winner will NOT achieve fame and glory
but will have the gratitude of myself and entire family.




57 thoughts on “Can You Help Me Find the Best Tagline for This Blog?”

  1. Yeah!!!! Love when bloggers make their community part of their fun! Took us a while…cuz there are two of us & we we’re split on 3 of your choices!!! But we finally narrowed down the candidate to one badass tagline! #6 is our choice & we both LUV it ❤ ❤ Hope ours is chosen but if not you have some seriously phenomenal backups!!!! 😉

    1. heh…soo you guys are gonna think this is funny…
      um, so what if I told you that I sort of made the poll with it set to randomize the answers?

      I fuc-I mean, I may or may not have, erred a bit LOL
      Okay, go ahead, you’re faces are turning blue. Just let all the laughter out. You’ll breathe better. 😉

      Number 6 was-ADHD Life…water wings not included?
      or was it…

      Oh man… I don’t need enemies.
      I can do diabolical all by myself!
      grrr… Thank you though, for your help. I do appreciate it (and so does my family that I’ve been driving crazy for last day and a half) 😉

    2. CeeLee we wouldn’t have expected anything but such awesomeness on your blog!!! Luv your humor and have since day one entering Swim in the Adult Pool!!! lmao~ However, now that I think on it….. it was kinda ridiculous that we weren’t smart enough to actually put down the one we wanted rather than a number especially considering there we’re NO NUMBERS next to the taglines!!!! (she slaps her forehead for the ‘aha-moment’, then slaps Inions forehead as well for good measure! lol 😉 ) Now…as for the tagline, we absolutely loved #6 which is now #1 and which tomorrow will be #4 lol

      “Adult ADHD. Finding humor in a life without water wings” Yep…it’s utterly brilliant with the blog title
      Swim In The Adult Pool! As if they always were. Hope this helps if not I think we’ll stop by again and pick another number!! Luv this CeeLee!!! Makes us feel like we’re playing the lottery. lol 😛

    3. No worries, the snafu was on my end.
      Unfortunately, it was you who took the fall. Sorry ’bout that.
      HaHa, you guys tripped on the banana peel! And on the first go-round too.
      Damn mind monkies. Pay no attention to them, they’ve been running loose all day. 😉

      We should have a lottery. I’m filing that away for later.
      Definitely something I want to think on. Thank you both for your help (and patience with me)
      It makes me feel special 🙂
      Now wait.
      Not in a “She’s special, so be careful what you say” way.
      And…I’ll shaddup now LOL
      Thanks to you both. 🙂

    4. I’m thinking next Thursday. I’ll do a big un-veiling and make it fun.
      You know…CeeLee style 😉

      Though I’ve got to admit~the way things are going now,
      with all these killer ideas being submitted,
      it’s going to be a hard decision. The competition is getting fierce.
      And that’s the way uh-huh uh-huh I like it. 😉

    1. Nope, not in here. 🙂

      “If someone does, the water turns bluh-hey!
      Who peed in the pool? This is an adult pool, I’ll have you know.
      Okay. (sigh) where’s Duck?”


    1. How did I do the answers or how the hell do I answer?
      Which is one it, Shehanne?
      I had a little trouble with the poll settings-go figure-
      so it’s an honest question, I swear.
      No snarking insinuated LOL

  2. Two friends with ADHD begin talking at dinner and one says “how is the new cookbook I got you?” The others says “It took much busy work. Every page begins with take out a clean plate.”

    1. Okay, so that one? Oh, that one is good! LOL
      I had to pass that little gem on down the line 😉
      Certainly a tagline to make you ponder what might be going on,
      well-besides a lack of cooking, huh? 🙂

  3. Hi CeeLee 😀 I checked “I’ve got a better suggestion. How about…(leave comment)” and wrote in the box ” How I learned to smoke underwater”. Of course if you don’t accept my suggestion I may velcro you in your undies to the ceiling fan and turn it onto full spin. With or without the light on ?. That is the question. ❤

    1. Smoking…done…underwater…that would take talent
      I’m afraid I don’t have at the moment. Darn! 😉
      But the undies and the velcro with a ceiling fan-now that I could do.
      With the lights off, that is.
      No need to terrify innocent bystanders LOL

    2. What, are you kidding me?
      If it was you and your undies velcroed to a fan
      (not that it would happen, but still)
      wouldn’t you sell tickets?
      Maybe that’s just me 😉

    3. Bingo!
      Give the man his prize! 😉
      Oops, sorry. We’re all out of prizes.
      Would a bunchy pair of undies do?

      Now that sounds so wrong LOL
      On so many levels! 🙂

    4. LOL
      You kill me, Forrest. 🙂
      In a really good way though.
      All I’m going to say is that it’s gonna be epic 😉

    5. Look for Forrest. See him over there?
      (wave Forrest!)
      He’s already got the stand up and the peanuts roasting.
      He’s uber efficent like that. 😉
      Hey, ask him if he’s got any magaritas, would you? lol

    6. Okay, I had to grin at that.
      You don’t know me too well, do you? LOL
      Well, there’s no time like the present.
      Allow me to introduce myself…

      My name is CeeLee. And I’m not crazy.
      I’ve never parallel parked a train, when I talk, no one really listens,
      and my 2 cents…are less than 2 cents.

      I do however, howl at the moon every once in awhile.
      Everybody has their vices, and that one?
      All mine 😉

      So did that clear things up a bit?
      If not, Forrest can vouch for me hehe…

    7. See, Ralph?
      I told you he was good! 😉

      Oh Forrest, my best buddy, my friend, my pal-
      slide one my way, purt please.
      I sure could use it about now. 🙂

    8. Do you know I’ve spent the last hour looking for them?
      I should’ve known it’d be you! 😉

      I won’t complain too much though-
      not when they’re ironed as nice as they are.
      She trained you well, didn’t she? LOL

    9. Not me LOL
      I’m simply not trainable. That’s what is I’ve been told.
      I run (laughing maniacally) waving scissors about in every direction,
      chew with my mouth open, talk incessantly…
      Need I go on? 😉

    1. LOL I’m loving the responses!
      So much better than the ones my creativity-on-strike, brain had come up with 😉
      Dive in CeeLee style…kicking and yelling. Suit required….
      Nah…too much like redneck reality TV for me. 😉

    1. I like the way that sounds!
      But it makes me think in terms of it being a great lead in to a scary kind of story.
      I’m gonna use that one on a post coming up soon-as long as you don’t mind?
      I think I have just the one deserving of that title LOL
      Come to think of it, you’re in it too, Crow hehe

    2. you know I do not mind CeeLee.
      And you can always change it to more happy..

      Like ADHD life And Desired Happy Days of CeeLee
      Harmonious. Humorous
      Devilish, Daunting

      And hey I am psycho.. or was that the best :P, , ,

    3. I pick all of the above LOL
      Very crafty of you Crow. 😉
      You can keep the psycho-it fits your image better than-well wait a minute.
      It’s alwyas the quiet ones that you never suspect, isn’t it?
      I should keep that in mind 😉

  4. Well crap! We’ve left 4 comments in the past hour but can’t seem to get them to stick! So, we’re going to try this again! Hope you don’t end up with a bakers dozen! lol Of course Inion N. Mathair would be the ones to screw this up! Why didn’t we just leave the tagline…the world & us may never know! Why did we choose a number when the taglines weren’t even numbered??? Yeah…we’ll get back with you on that when we understand our own stupidity!!! lmao. Okay…now onto the tagline. The tagline we absolutely loved and are hoping you go with is..(drum roll please) Originally #6 which is now #1 and which next time when we show up to leave 100 comments will be #4
    “Adult ADHD. Finding humor in a life without water wings”
    Yep…it’s absolutely brilliant! As if it was always meant to be with the Blog Title: Swim in the Adult Pool!!! So here’s crossing our fingers and hoping we picked the right freaking 3 numbers!!! 😉 ❤ 😛

    1. LOL I got all the comments and they are always welcomed here 🙂
      I’m starting to wonder if my tech battles aren’t contagious, better watch out.
      I doubt they make a vaccine for that. Yet. 😉

      Inion N Mathair never screws up-not when compared to me LOL
      You guys have to really work to get to my level.
      I’m hold a Master’s in that and a Minor in Mathematics Mangling 😉

      Okay-got the tagline you guys liked and adding it to the ever growing list.
      WooHoo! I love this! My brain being on strike as it were, I can only sit back and marvel
      at some of the taglines being thrown out there. It’s kinda cool 🙂

  5. I have left my own: THE ART OF SWIMMING THROUGH ADHD
    Well… 🙂 I love the idea of turning something hard into an “art” so there it is. Also, I wanted to invite you to read my post “Only sixteen” and you will get some things 😉 Also, I haven’t forget e-mail. You can send me also, with you tehniques 😀

    1. Heya Ivy!
      Thank you for helping to add to my list. 🙂
      I like that tagline myself, it really does say it all, doesn’t it?

      I’ll be checking out your post, I hope, before this weekend comes to a close.
      If not, then certainly by next week. 🙂

    2. Ok I’ll be waiting for your comment 🙂 I’m glad you liked it.
      It is up to you in the end, go with your feeling 🙂

    3. Love the blog Ivy!

      I’m so glad I visited. And I’ll be back-often. 🙂
      Very good writing there and very relatable.
      I’m passing your link onto a few friends,
      who I know will enjoy it like I do. 🙂

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