100 Days of Happiness Week Review 7


Happiness from: April 14th through 20th


  • Monday April 14th

This was not exactly the word’s best Monday…not for The Redneck, and most definitely not for Duck and I, who had to come to his rescue. In a less than wonderful part of town. During rush hour.

Tire treads blew my day to shreds



When we finally made it home, everyone was crabby and out of sorts. But then Duck and I saw a single red tulip blooming as we pulled into the drive. It made things a bit better.




  • Tuesday April 15th

Something kind of awesome happened. We got a surprise visit from a someone who had heard of our tire mishap the previous day. He came by to bring us not 1 new tire but 4! Yeah…I shed a few tears but they were very happy ones.


  • Wednesday April 16th

Sharing has never failed to make me happier whenever my spirits are in need of a lift.
(exception: sharing a room with my sister always sucked)
This blog is doing the happiness challenge too. I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I am.
Skinny Love.


  • Thursday April 17th

The overwhelming response I’ve been receiving from all of you out there, helping to pick the best tagline for my blog. Thank you very much for being so generous with both your time and helpful suggestions. I can’t say thank you enough-but…thank you again.


  • Friday April 18th

WordPress 201
Look Here, There, EverywhereBlogging Layouts are ToughSee The Pool's New Improvements?
The blog is starting to look slightly better. I have WordPress Blogging 201 challenge to thank for my progress. Slow but steady beats fast and frustrated-all day long. What do you all think? Looking good with the new header and background and custom image widgets or what? 🙂



  • Saturday April 19th

Given a lesson on how to get even. My son was irritated at me, so he made a seed in Minecraft, named it Mom, and then burned it down to the ground. I’m laughing so hard, I can’t be ticked. Duck has my type of humor. That’s my boy!

  • Sunday April 20th

Happy Easter  Source: Pixabay

From our family to yours-have a Happy Easter!!!



Okay, you know the drill…

What things made you happy this week?

Author Christine Lee (aka CeeLee)



24 thoughts on “100 Days of Happiness Week Review 7”

    1. It really was. 🙂
      Surprises like that don’t come too often out here.
      More’s the pity, because I could use a new laptop,
      jeans for Duck, a dog collar for The Redne-I mean, 1 of our dogs…;)

    2. Tried that last year.
      It’s kind of embarrassing to admit I got whupped
      by a fat old guy with a beard but that’s exactly what happened.

      That jolly old elf knows how to throw a punch 😉
      Yeah, that’s my story and I’m stickin to it lol

    3. Just imagine all the practice he gets going into houses with dobies, rotties and guard shepards. You need a better plan.

      ~~cuts hole in floor in front of fire place. sets WELCOME SANTA rug right on top~~

    4. It was an honest mistake. No, really.
      They both have these deep booming voices and…and…yeah. Honest mistake. 😉

    5. I’m thinking the nunnery would kick me out.
      What with my penchant for using bad language,
      not washing behind my ears, driving fast,
      and not eating my veggies 😉

  1. Okay…I would’ve cried too, but then we had to pick up 2 tires three months ago and I liked to have choked! so happy about your blog which we can’t wait to see when done! As for happiness for us, we’re just happy we’re not pulling each others hair out yet stuffed in that crampy writing room trying to finish our books! Great post of happiness CeeLee sharing now! 😉 ❤

    1. I’m happy ya’ll aren’t having any hair pulling smackdowns,
      I can imagine sharing space with someone else trying to write would be tough.
      Guess I lucked out there, as the only writing The Redneck does
      is marking what NasCar race he wants to see LOL

      Be happy for me when I don’t pull a boner (even for me)
      and delete the entire design layout I’d just spent hours making.
      Yes, yes I did. And I’m still mad about it.
      I’m not to the hair pulling stage yet. Give it another day and I will be. 😉

      Truck tires are wicked-expensive, but come to find out
      that the damage done when the tire treads separate at highway speeds
      and wreak havoc by smacking around the undercarriage?
      Yup. Way more costly.

      Lesson learned and it’ll stick with me.
      The hardest ones only take once.
      Except that doesn’t seem to apply to this blog. 😉

  2. Flowers blossoming after a hard afternoon followed by a gift of happy proportions the next day.~~hands you a hanky~~

    Happy blogs are fun to read.

    Looking forward to what your new tag line is going to be and I expect you to introduce it CeeLee style (which I know you will)

    Hope you, Duck and the redneck all had a nice Easter.

    1. Thanks Forrest 🙂
      You always know the right thing to say and do.
      You may not want your hankie back, but here you go. 😉

      Easter was good. Great weather, well behaved Duck (and Redneck)
      and I enjoyed it immensely. I hope you had a good one too. 🙂

      Oh yes, a tagline is coming and it’s royally pis- wait no it isn’t.
      Just sounded good. I’m going all out CeeLee style this time.
      IF I can get my blog to behave, that is lol

      Look for me to rumble in the jung-I really need some new phrases.
      I’m irritating myself with all the worn out cliche slinging.
      Look for me to be here-Thursday.
      How’s that? 😉

    2. ~~takes hanky hands it to Ralph~~ I hear he is good with the delicates. hehee

      Easter was really nice here as well. Just a small gathering and really relaxing . My desserts offering for the day was a big hit.

      Working on the blog lay out is a work in progress. I have looked at mine to see how to do it and I is a bit over whelmed by it a bit. Got to get a book or two on CSS editing. I am liking the way yours is looking though.

    3. There’s no doubt about it, Ralph is very good with dainties.
      He was well trained by the best. 😉

      I’m really glad that you had a good Easter,
      I’m slightly jealous of your desserts.
      I didn’t quite get to that, as I was too busy chasing Duck. 🙂

      As for my blog layout, ugh…definitely a trial-and-error process.
      With much trial and even more error. But I’ll get it done.
      I have to. It’s become a personal mission and I need to show it who’s boss. 😉

  3. I’m still marveling at seeing my son when he shines.
    Its a wonderful life when he’s happy and free of worry.

    Its good seeing you are enjoying living too btw

    ~ Eric

    1. Hi Eric 🙂
      Isn’t it amazing to see the world through child’s eyes?
      It helps me to remember how to enjoy the little things
      and not worry about what I can’t change and should let go.

      I’m definitely enjoying the little things more
      since I started this happiness challenge.
      Funny how small changes can add up to big ones. 🙂

    2. I agree. 🙂
      I’m happier, generally speaking, most of the time now.
      Less likely to take the small joys for granted.
      And that’s a nice feeling to have 🙂

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