Sloganing My Way Through a Bad Day



My Life_and_My ADHD


When I clean up my blog,

I get locked into an I’m gonna do this hyperfocus mode.

When I get locked into an I’m gonna do this hyperfocus mode, a gazillion hours go by.

When a gazillion hours go by, I get behind schedule

When I get behind schedule, my brain goes kerflooey.


When my brain goes kerflooey, I hit the wrong button.

When I hit the wrong button,

my entire blog layout-gets deleted.

When my layout gets deleted,

I want to torment someone-so I feel better.


When I target the torment-e, my kaput brain chooses poorly.

When my kaput brain chooses poorly,

my net ‘accidentally’ turns off.

When my net ‘accidentally’ turns off,

I yell a-LOT of new phrases.

(And make several lists of all the things I have to  re-do).

Don’t let hyperfocus delete your brand new blog layout

and a hyperfocused to crashed brain make your choices.

Yeah, just get an airhorn timer instead.

It’s probably much safer-for all concerned.


Yep, that sum up my blogging adventure/snafu.

Bear with me for the rest of this month.

This blog is going to be changing quite a bit. 😉








16 thoughts on “Sloganing My Way Through a Bad Day”

  1. blowing in garbage bag hyperventilating
    typing fast hyperactive
    You are too much for me CeeLee descending into a hypnotic trance

    1. Oh I see… so you can’t run with the big dogs. LoL
      Would it crush your dreams forever if I told you that today
      is my slowest brain activity day I’ve had in months?
      Maybe you can forget that last part then 😉

    1. Luckily for me, well and for him, but mostly for me-
      school was in session during that time of yelling 😉
      He already has quite an expanded vocabulary,
      no need to add to it LOL

    1. Take it from one who’s deep in the trenches
      of blog designs,blog themes, CSS, html,
      and all the other stuff-
      Take. Your. Time. LOL

      I’ve added so much more to my workload
      simply because I was in a rush and didn’t.

      And as for the frustration level…
      well…we won’t even go there 😉

      Personally, I’ve always liked your blog.
      Especially how nice and clean and well laid out it is.
      You know, completely unlike mine 😉

  2. I like, I like! To borrow a quote from the venerable Duke Leto Atreidws to son, Paul (from Frank Herbert’s ‘Dune’ novel: “Knowing where the trap is – that’s the first step in evading it. ” Good luck with the blog revamp. Looking forward to seeing it.

    1. Hi and thanks Darrell~
      Good to see you around!

      I love playing around with slogans, quotes, mottos,etc. I’ve also been a fan of Frank Herbert’s Dune series for more years than I care to say. That quote is a particular fave of mine.. 🙂

      Oh and you are now looking at the new blog revamp. Okay, part of the revamp.
      My brain needed a break. It’s almost done. 😉

    2. Yes! You too? 🙂

      “Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic.”

      Cool 🙂

    3. “I must not fear for fear is the little death, fear is the mind killer that brings on obliteration. I must not fear”

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