Recognition for the Blog Tagline Runners Up


My new Blog Tagline is here

Look up…

This is the new tagline and blog header.

So…what do you think?…

I’m dying to know!


“ADHD and Forgetfulness are like peanut butter and jelly…”




“The ADHD flame never dies”

(or How to Smoke Underwater)…




“Feel the awesome power of ADHD at work…”





“Welcome to ADHD Country

watch out for random humor”


ADHD Humor



The new tagline will be posted this evening, around 8pm est.
Sincere thank you’s to everyone who participated. It made for some great ideas and a lot of fun.





20 thoughts on “Recognition for the Blog Tagline Runners Up”

    1. Still in the running, Crow.
      Like you ever doubted that 😉

      So what are you changing your tagline to?
      Bright Spiny Things?
      No, wait.
      That might be mine LOL

  1. Love the new tag line.
    A little by and by, your new pick on my first glance, it kinda looks like you are swimming and now I know that mermaids do exist. 🙂

    1. I’m glad you like the tagline and (almost-done) revamp. 🙂
      Choosing which tagline to go with-ugh-that was a tough one for me.
      There were so many great suggestions submitted.

      Why Forrest, I’m surprised at you. I thought you knew mermaids were real.
      I mean, you’ve known me for quite some time, my blog name has water in it…
      Oh wait. Did I just see your “Aha!” Light come on? 😉

    2. Well I always did believe that mermaids existed even though I had not seen one. Now that I have seen one I know they exist. 🙂

    3. All this time being around me and not guessing. Oh but now you know why I like Sea Salt so much. lol
      Making more sense? 😉

    1. Hi there! Thanks for coming to take a look.
      I’m happy to have another pair of eyes and opinion. 🙂
      No doubt about it, the header is bright.
      After getting up with a migraine this morning and squinting at it,
      I’m considering slapping a Sunglasses May Be Needed advisory label on it. 😉
      I think it fits, I hope it does-at least for now.
      Until I can gain more tech skills and bring the image I have in my head,
      out onto a header-this one will have to do.

    2. do understand the translation miscommunication
      with what I can see in my head but can’t bring into reality frustrations.
      Thank you for that. 🙂
      I hope your day is good as well.

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