100 Days of Happiness Week Review 8


 Over 60 days of Happiness

(and still going! )

April 21st-27th


  • Monday April 21st

  The hour I have-right now-to do nothing but hang out with Duck and goof off with him. I love it. And he loves going back through his Easter basket-just to be sure he didn’t miss anything.

Easter had lots of gardening things for Duck

  • Tuesday April 22nd

Playing seek and find with blog themes before finding one that worked after 3 days of struggle is a happy moment for all.

Help Me-I'm not computer techy

  • Wednesday April 23rd

  Dinner- that I didn’t have to cook. Always a win-win.

  • Thursday April 24th

  My being able to breathe easier because the blog is (mostly) done? Great feeling. It’ll stay that way until I get up tomorrow and think about changing it around again. I’m going out to garden so I can take my mind off of it.

My flowers are doing pretty good without me

  • Friday April 25th

Finding another blog doing the happiness challenge and talking about road runners. Score! Check it out. br4ceyourself

  • Saturday April 26th

  Freshly washed curtains and a nice smelling house

  • Sunday April 27th

Leaning back-taking a breath-smiling. My guys are around  and not doing destructive stuff and my blogging is done for today. Time to play!

Time to do something fun

What things made you happy this week?





8 thoughts on “100 Days of Happiness Week Review 8”

  1. Love your happy days! I finished my 100 days about a week ago (I’d posted mine on my Facebook page), and enjoyed it so much I think I am going to do the challenge every year in January as a way to kick off the bew year being mindful of how many fantastic things are in each and every day.

    1. Hi Kristi and thank you 🙂
      I love the idea about starting the happiness challenge in Jan.
      It’d be a great way to start a new year. I may join you.

      I’ve been amazed at how much more mindful (and grateful)
      I’ve become. I’m able to notice the small joys happening each day,
      when I wouldn’t have even paid attention before. It rocks. 🙂

    1. Oh thank you Ralph. 🙂

      That couldn’t have come at a better time, my knowing that. I appreciate it very much. 🙂
      Are you starting to worry if I’m gonna to pull a trap door on you? You look so nervous…relax…trap door comes later.
      Where are my undies by the way? 😉

    2. Mistress…is that like Milady? 😉
      Interesting choice of words there Ralphy lol
      Caught me by surprise, you might say.
      I’ll untie you-if and only if-you go get my undies back.
      They’re my good luck bunchies and I need ’em.
      I get…cranky without them around and you don’t want to read me cranky 😉

  2. Seeing what made you happy this week is always a nice time for me.

    Redneck and Duck not destroying things this is a good thing all around I am sure.

    I like that you are posting some other happy blogs I like seeing what made other people happy and I know that by the end of the hundred days they are going to keep seeing happy things.

    Like the new theme and some of the little tweeks you are putting in~~goes over to skim the pool~~

    Stay happy 🙂

    1. Hey Forrest and thank you 🙂

      The theme, design, everything but the name and tagline
      are still in the process of re-think and re-do, but it’ll get there.
      I think (hope) 😉

      Funny thing, your timing. Maybe you could be my lead-in/foreshadow man.
      You saying how good it is that Duck and The Redneck aren’t destroying things-
      and it is-
      but wait til you see what this coming week in review holds lol
      I love the irony-trust me, you will too. 🙂

      I like spreading happiness through other people’s blogs.
      It just fits. Speaking of which, your blog is doing very well indeed.
      I loved the pics of the animals 🙂

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