Prompted: The Hell’s Home Nightmare

Write Now Writing Prompt April 25th


Write Now Writing Prompts




It could’ve been a scene taken from a badly scripted, cheesy horror flick.

She ran barefoot through the darkness. She could feel the thing behind her drawing closer, could hear the awful shuffling sounds it made. She knew without looking, that the gap between them was closing.

The small rocky overhang loomed on her right like it always did and she ducked gratefully inside, praying the darkness would hide her.

It wouldn’t.

She panted, eyes wide for signs of movement, body tensed to flee.

Cue the shuffling sounds to slow and stop right outside her hiding spot.

The shuffling sounds filled the air, slowed, then stopped. She heard her name spoken and turned to see a face she hardly recognized. She already knew what she was about to see, but it was the familiarity of the voice that caught her off guard every damn time.

Despite the darkness, she saw the thing illuminated all too clearly. It’s face looked as though it were melting, the skin rotting and decayed, dark fluid oozing from the gaping wound at the left temple.

Next came her falling in a heap, just like the brainless twits that were always the first victims to go in a slasher movie. Why did she have to be one of those?

The strength left Addie’s legs and she slid to the ground in a boneless heap.

Boom. Right on time.

“Who are you? What are you?” she breathed, as she stared up at it.

But she knew the answer. She saw a healthier version of it when she looked into a mirror…

Addie woke with a start, her heart pounding. She glanced over at the clock and groaned. 12:28 am.  Same time as usual. This was getting old.

Having a nightmare was bad enough but having one that happened every night, at the same time, and with the same outcome; well that  just smacked of no originality. She was a bit put out with her psyche.

She growled and turned over. This was reason numero uno why her boyfriend didn’t stay the night with her anymore.

Because nothing screams sexy better than a chick screaming from a recurring nightmare.

9 hours later…

Addie’s day went to hell the moment her boyfriend and the wife he’d neglected to mention during the 8 months he’d dated Addie, were ushered into her office.

She now hated the entire male species.

She also planned to file a strongly worded petition with her Congressman as soon as she got home. More specifically, that all forms of relationship therapy should come with a hazard label.

Nothing too crazy, a small disclosure statement regarding the chances of the therapist suffering broken fingers resulting from punching someone’s face to a pulp should do nicely.

Addie realized she had neglected to get gas, but not before her car hiccupped and died, stranding her 10 miles outside of town.

 The day was getting better by the moment.

She made a fervent wish that all men be rendered impotent immediately and without exception, as she fumbled the cell out of her purse.

Why did she have to break the middle finger? How was that considered to be even remotely fair?

Who could she call?

The business card that had been stuck to the back of her cell fluttered down into her lap. Addie picked it up and looked at it thoughtfully.

It was a long shot, but it was her only shot.

*Aaron Stimple. Her new neighbor and the reclusive hotshot contractor who’d bought the 80 acre swath of farm land that was rumored to be cursed and affectionately known as Hell’s Home by all the locals.

Rumors and curses aside, Stimple had been tearing into the countryside like it owed him money.

While he couldn’t help that he was born a man, the least he could do to make up for that inadequacy, was to be a good neighbor and give her a ride home.

Besides. He owed her big for all the sleep she’d lost to his army of bull dozers that rumbled down the only access road and past her window every morning at 6 am sharp.

“Mr. Stimple? I’m Addie. Your neighbor?

Yeah, I’m stuck and was wondering if you can help me…”


* Update. Aaron Stimple belongs to Forrest. My apologies to Forrest at Random Thoughts, for neglecting to put this note in during yesterday’s post. Sorry Forrest!

This is the beginning of a collaborative effort between he and I. We thought it might be fun to merge characters from the 2 separate stories we’d each been doing from the writing prompts found at Today’s Author. To read Aaron’s backstory, please visit Random Thoughts.



47 thoughts on “Prompted: The Hell’s Home Nightmare”

  1. Seen in the mirror? Cursed? there is no such thing when dreaming the same nightmare every night at the same time.

    She is not a blond. They still hump at 1 am. okay okay She should just get laid and sleep after. She not the brightest is she LOL
    great read CeeLee

    1. Heya Crow!
      I’d been wondering where you’d flown off to.
      Then I found you in my spam folder, of all places.
      You really need to stop hanging out in such deary locales 😉
      I’m glad you liked the story~as there’s much more to come 🙂

  2. Great post CeeLee. Have you got some Tomato Ketchup to go with the “cheesy horror flick”. Maybe some pickles as well. Oh and a slice of bread. Perhaps a beer to wash it down ? (Wiping chin with undies)
    Ralph xox ❤

    1. I had to check first, but we actually have all the items you listed Ralph. I know, the knowledge of that knocked me sprawling too 😉
      Now gimme my undies back LoL
      Glad you liked the story-the character, Aaron Simple actually belongs to Forrest. I thought it would be fun for us to join forces. And I was right 🙂

    2. No. You can’t have your undies back. I am rather attached to them 😀 Have a lovely day my friend. Are you finding it a bit airy ? ❤

    3. I admit to wondering why the draft was so strong today LOL
      Now I know the reason.
      You just wait, Ralph.
      I’ll get you and my undies back too 😉

    4. Okay. I’ll return them as it’s so drafty for you. I would hate to think you caught a cold down there because of me. Here they are. I’d love you to get me back. 🙂

    5. Be careful darlin’, for what you wish for…LOL

      When you say something like that to someone like me…
      Someone who has unleashed creativity and a working (thank de Lawd)
      internet connection, you never know what story you might be starring in 😉

    6. Uh huh…you did read this story, right?
      You sure you’re ready to be one of CeeLee’s Stars? 😉
      Who says you wouldn’t be that character everyone knows
      will be the 1st guy to bite the dust, hmmm? LOL

    7. I’m the sexy hero who ravishes all the maidens. Let me do that and you’ll be welcome to kill me with a smile on my face 😉

    8. Oohh yeah? Well…oh damn.
      I was busily preparing a real zinger of a comeback
      to answer the one I just knew you were going to lob at me and…(sigh)

      Ookayy. 🙂 I can’t be a smartaleck to a cutie like you.
      Keep the hope alive.
      How’s that? 😉

    9. You are so sweet in your funny sort of way CeeLee and I knew what I said would be a curve ball for you. But I’m a game target, you know that don’t you my friend 😀

    10. Aw…thanks Ralph! So glad you think I’m sweet.
      Forrest isn’t around to warn you about me. hehehehe

      A game target are you? I’m anxious to find out.
      Would you mind to hold onto this nozzle-yep, just like that.
      Okay. No. no you’re doing fine!
      I’m going to go over here-you stay put.
      Now don’t let that nozzle go, okay? 😉

    11. Okay. Got it. You going to be long ? I’m getting bored and I’ll go off and look at a Playboy blog 😉

    12. Sit tight Ralphie-won’t take another minute. LOL

      Forrest? Would you mind demonstrating to Ralph
      who he’s messing with, and why he shouldn’t?
      Go ahead and give him the extreme object lesson,
      if you would pretty please. 🙂

    13. Sorry Ralph has left the pool escorted by two lovely men in white coats. Please leave your message after the tone………… THE TONE 😉

    14. “Hey guys, it’s CeeLee.
      I’m not calling for me this time, I need you to bring Ralph back.
      It won’t take long and when I’m done with him, he’ll be very happy for you to take him away.
      Please send my regards to Bertha. I hear she’s much better now.” 😉

    15. ” Hey CeeLee. We miss you since you escaped. Bertha is fine and sends her love. She’s pre-occupied with showing Ralph the ropes around here. She does tie him up well. Love from Ward 2361945 ;)”

    16. man!
      Who’s holding the hoseline Forrest just charged?
      Oh. Never mind.
      The house is.
      Gonna need to find someone to replace that picture window before The Redneck gets home, scuz me while I facepalm. 😉

    17. ~~runs out of the cellar fixes window and washes the rest just because dives behind the bushes ~~

      I wonder what Bertha’s going to teach Ralph now.

    18. Wow Forrest 😉

      You sure do move fast when you’re motivated LoL
      Makes me think you might need a cape or maybe a fedora to be wearing when you save the day 🙂
      And with Bertha? Gawd only knows, I sure don’t. We’ll need to be expecting the unexpected.
      She’s crazy, you know 😉

    19. Too late Ralph
      It ripped and rolled but Forrest saved the day 🙂
      How was Bertha? Learn any new tricks? LOL

    20. Such knowledge has brought me up to speed so that I have a countermeasure for anything you have planned my friend……… except………… 😉

    21. Well put 🙂
      The best I can hope for is to remain alive and more or less intact. The jury’s still out on the sanity part. 😉
      It is what it is and that’s all it is. And right now it’s quiet…ah…such a beautiful sound. 🙂

    22. Extreme object lessons for Ralph.

      Well you know those bunched panties you are so fond of, well think of your mind as a fresh new pair of panties still in their package. Now think of the bunched panties as your mind after you have let your guard down and CeeLee has gotten to it. Hope the visit to the playboy blogs was fun.

      Now if you will excuse me I will be in the storm cellar waiting for the storm to pass.

    23. That’s Forrest for you.
      One smart guy who knows how and when, to use a storm cellar LOL
      Seems as though he’s had some past experiences to learn from. 😉

    1. Good thing for Addie but oh poor Aaron LoL He’s about to tangle with a chick who will make his paranormal issues seem like a walk in the park. So to speak 😉 She’s about to show him what scary is all about. Gee…I feel bad for him. Should we get him flowers or something? LOL

    1. Hey Forrest, you did crack the valve to charge that hose line, right?
      The one Ralph’s still holding?
      You did that before you got in the storm cellar…right?
      Didn’t forget or anything? 😉

    1. Thank you Rob. 🙂
      It’s fun to write, but partnering up and writing?
      (Depending on the partner) That’s even better. Provided you chose wisely. 😉
      Glad you liked it 🙂

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