Monday Sunshine with The Sunshine Blog Award


The Sunshine Blog Award-Thank you funnyphilosopher

Celebrating bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others

The Rules:

  • Use the logo above in the post.
  • Link to whoever nominated you.
  • Write ten pieces of information about yourself.
  • Nominate ten fellow bloggers
  • Leave a comment on the nominees’ blogs to tell them of the award.


Thank you’s go to Funny Philosopher for the nomination.

Sorry I was delayed, Rednecks and DIY stuff got in the way.


10 Factoids About Me

My southern drawl comes from the Appalachia region, flavored with a thick syrup-based twangy-twang, only heard deep within the foothills of Eastern Kentucky.

My smartphone doesn’t speak twangy-twang and has refused to take voice commands from anyone who speaks it.

I would lodge an unfairness complaint, but I’m betting the company doesn’t speak twangy-twang either.

When I was 3, I had my own pony and I rode (fell off backwards, frontwards, either side) as often as my parents let me.

Despite the rolling dismounts, I’m just fine Motorola!  today.

I have more unanswered questions than I have answers.

For instance. If I were to define myself as a writer, what type of writer would that be? That’s the one question I really want answered.  Since it knows that, it evades me. While laughing.

My hopes are of becoming a published writer. My nightmares are that I won’t.

Late at night, while the rest of my household is in a Who Snores Loudest? competition, I lie awake and tell myself stories to keep the closet goblins at bay.

The latest story only has a title. I’m not that good at telling myself stories late at night. I blame the snoring competition.


My nominees:


ADHD Kristi & Co.

Insatiable Thinker

Lost Marbles Up The Wall

Meet Me In The Sound

If Crazy Fits Wear It

Marci, Mental Health, & More

Just A Small Town Girl

The Wine Wankers

(The last 2 blogs are award free, but you should see them)

My Love Affair With…

Living with Post Concussion Syndrome and EVERYTHING in between





52 thoughts on “Monday Sunshine with The Sunshine Blog Award”

    1. Not at the moment, I don’t Ralph.
      Well…you could tell the world of my beauty, my grace, my-aw, who are we kidding? LOL
      Nope. Not at the moment 😉
      I’m glad to hear from you-that counts right?

    2. I’m humoring you of course 😉
      Could be because I’m making your pic look pretty for your blog, who knows? LoL
      Ralph? You sure are pretty in pink hahaha

    3. I wouldn’t put it past her Forrest ……….. oh, no. I’ve just had a thought………possibly a pink tutu 😉 OMG

    4. I’ve more fun watching you and Ralph go back and forth.
      If the 2 of you ever joined forces I’d be in sooo much trouble 😉
      Now gimme the ballet sliipers.
      Nice touch btw. Couldn’t have done better myself LOL

    5. Well…snickerdoodles (I know, I know. It’s awful, it’s all I could think of)
      You don’t have to guess everything I plan-correctly.
      Where’s the fun in that? LOL
      Geesh, Bertha did teach you some tricks, didn’t she? 😉

    6. I’m afraid Bertha did teach me some tricks CeeLee. Fetch, heel, roll over, make love to a leg and pee on a lamp post 😉

    7. Great!
      Go fetch me a glass of sweet tea and food.
      Any kind of human food, that is. 😉
      I just realized I’ve been zoned in hyperfocus mode for about 3 hours LOL
      I’m a tad peckish.

    8. Done it. Been there. Read the book. Seen the movie. Banished from the clubhouse. Your turn or Shey’s !! 😉

    9. Well…yeah…but I sort of thought
      calling you a ‘horny ole goat’ might be taken the wrong way LOL
      And it’s not an insult at all-merely a…okay, so it’s not an insult 😉

    10. I’m not insulted at all CeeLee. In fact your appraisal of my horniness is quite correct. Now where’s that goat ? heehee 😉

    11. Ssshhh!!!!
      What are you doin’ to me? ack!
      My secret is out! LOL
      Fair warning. Ralphie, I’m gonna have to get you now.
      But instead-eh…I’m tired still.
      Go say hi to my bestie-Meg.
      She’s NutMegged, has a great blog and bestest of all-is totally our type. 🙂

    12. What’s wrong Ralphie?
      Lycra just shows the entire world what a…sparkling personality, you have.
      That’s all. lololol

    13. You aren’t going to tell me you’re afraid, now are you? Really?

      Spain’s original Lady’s Man and Eligible Bachelor?
      Oops. Hold on a second.
      I don’t think the people from the online dating site heard me.
      I SAID… 😉

    14. No !! I’m not scared. Although the three of you will be a hand full. I think I can handle you 😉 I’m so glad I live in the mountains of southern Spain 🙄

    15. Yes, meeting the 3 of us would be fun. For us. I still giggle at you typing this sentiment while snuggled within Spain. 😉

  1. You need to get the redneck to build a bigger trophy case.
    And I think you twangy twang is quit understandable lol
    Want me to read a story In swangy swing

    1. I think you’re right. I do need a bigger trophy case. But I most positively will not ask The Redneck to do it, no way. I just got used to NOT hearing my every thought punctuated by a hammer LoL

      It can wait. Also good to know you understand my twang. Wish my cell could, as its sent many a strange text to people who shouldn’t be getting strange texts from. Like…Duck’s school, the pharmacy, etc. Fun, fun. 😉

  2. Come to New England for a while and you will forget what a R is, add that to the twangy twang of the south and it may just get your speech recognition software confused enough to work.

    And I have the answer you are looking for and it is 42. Now what was the question.

    1. Ah! 42. Of course! I should’ve known that. I mean, that’s the perfectly logical answer, right?
      Of course it is. Right… And I forgot the question, myself. 😉

      Considering the chaos and hell, the chaos and hell and spiders,
      I’m giving serious thought to relocating.
      New Englanders would hate me. Y’all have that dignified reserve, and I don’t. Lol
      Fancy having me for a roommate Forrest?
      I’m clean, don’t have bad habits, Motorola!
      and I’m fairly certain I’d blend right in as long as I didn’t say anything 😉

    1. Awesome! Since I don’t fly, expect me to be there in…
      4 days. I want to sight see a bit first. 😉
      Wait a second.
      You don’t have any paranormal occurances or closet goblins, right?

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