Perception in ADHD

See the Flowers instead of the Weeds


The trouble with having ADHD


A small bloom and a big smile

is that you don’t always see



the flowers, for the weeds

Beauty can be found



Because your thoughts

Beauty in Chaos

are as jumbled 



The roof's...the limit

as the mess in front of you






23 thoughts on “See the Flowers instead of the Weeds”

    1. Not that type of weed lol
      Gives me a migraine faster than anything else can even hope to do.
      I’m going with termite hallucinations, brought on by airborne drywall fiber.
      I was fine until that happened. 😉

    2. Not THE airborne drywall fiber ?? The drywall fiber that is airborne ?? Oh no !! That’s it, then your cook is goosed, especially after your sparkling electric personality incident 😉

    3. Naw…you forget the one essential rule.
      I’m a redneck whether I like it or not.
      That means I’m tough as nails, inside and out. lol

      And you dahling, look simply stunning in purple lace!
      My word, aren’t you a stunner? 😉

    4. Purple !!??!! What happened to the pink ? Have I just wasted two comments in here when I should have been talking about you, Flower 😀

    5. Who says you have to be limited to wearing just 1 color Ralph? As it happens, your new outfit is a pink tutu with purple Lycra and pretty pink ballet slippers. 😉

    1. Hey, thank you Joe.
      That means alot to me.
      Especially since I’m so draggy with all the DIY junk going on. 🙂

  1. …and often, the mess inside you. I feel ya on this one. The other thing about having ADHD, though…is that we tend not to give up. Even when the flowers are hard to see, I feel like we keep looking.

    1. Hiya Meg, welcome to the chaos-heh-I mean, The Adult Pool. 😉
      What you said is so true.
      We (okay, I, personally) never stop looking,
      and we never really give up-even when we say we do 😉
      As for the mess residing within my head, yeah…it’s yuck city in there.

      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.
      You’re always welcome here.
      Great blog btw. 🙂

    2. Thank you for such a warm welcome and for stopping by my blog, too. I’m glad you like it! 🙂

      Like you, I never stop looking and never give up either…even when I say that I am. It’s just not in me.

      Messy heads can be awesome sometimes…just means there’s a lot of good stuff in there. Yeah, can be “yuck city” sometimes, too, but them’s the breaks, I suppose.

      Not being able to give up is a good thing, though, and it somehow sees us through the bad days…even when we don’t expect that it will.

      Can’t wait to read more of your stuff! 🙂

    3. Oh, I like you already. 🙂
      We share the same views on messy heads, as well as the pros as well as the cons to having such. The never giving up gene and insomnia. Yeah. You rock 🙂
      Nice to have like-minded individuals around. (wait til you meet the resident loon, Ralph and the best comedic straight man around-Forrest)
      I look forward to reading more at your blog too. 🙂
      (I feel like I need to do a girlie squeal and ask you to be my bestie)
      LoL wwayy too much coffee this morning 😉

    4. Ha ha…I like you and you rock, too! It’s definitely nice to have like-minded people in your corner. Can’t wait to meet Ralph and Forrest! Ha ha…also, can you ever really have too much coffee? Well, yeah, probably. Sorry it took a while to write back…things have been, well, hectic, to say the least. Hope we’re still besties! 😉

    5. Too much coffee? (jitters typing) Well…um…no! 😉
      Nevah! LOL
      Forrest and Ralph will be happy to make your acquaintence
      and probably will be doing so-as soon as they read this comment.
      “Hey guys! She’s cool!”
      Yep. That should do it. 😉
      As for delays in responding, nver apologize for life getting in the way.
      It means you’re living, not hiding.
      I’m the Queen of Delayed Response, though it’s not a title I prefer.
      It doesn’t quite have the same ring as CeeLee the Magnificent, but I’m working on that 😉
      No worries~we’re still besties 🙂

    6. …and so I did it again. And Ralph even came to find me! Thanks for helping me make friends. 🙂

      I like what you said about delays in responding, “It means you’re living, not hiding.” There was definitely a time when I used the online world as a way of hiding from the real one. I’m not really at that point right now, but I definitely appreciate that you would rather have me living than hiding… That sounds cheesy and lame, but not everyone would take the same stance on that…and it really means a lot.

      That said, you can be the QoDR with me and I’ll never hold it against you either. But CeeLee the Magnificent probably fits a little more accurately (from what I know so far, anyway). 🙂

      And thanks for being patient and still being my bestie! 🙂 You rock!

    7. Believe it or not and certainly take this for what it’s worth but…
      I understand what you’re talking about, very well as a matter of fact. 🙂
      Been there. Probably will again one day. It makes for great hiding-and forgetting.
      At least for a little while.

      I’d like to imagine myself as magnificent but…eh…
      I’m fitting the QoDR role pretty well these days LOL
      I’m working on it, but I promise-I’ll never hold a delayed response against someone,
      won’t get miffed for my comment getting missed once in awhile, and damn sure won’t
      whine or snipe about the aforementioned either.

      I’m a realist. Life happens to me every damn day LOL
      Never worry about avoiding me if something like that happens.
      Okay, but if I do something to pester you,
      then avoiding me is more than justified. 😉

    8. Yeah, I definitely like the way you think. And I think you’re pretty quick to respond to comments. If you think you’re a slacker in that regard…I better seriously step up my game! 🙂

    9. No, I’m still very much a slacker.
      I’ve just been around more than usual is all lol
      Give it time, you’ll see 😉

    10. Preachin’ to the choir out here lol
      I just came back myself.
      The cool thing is that we pick up where we left off. As if time stood still. Hmmm…maybe I should get out of the sun 😉

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