Prompted: Hell Hath No Groupies

Writing prompt for May 2nd 2014


Write Now Writing Prompts

2 blogs, 1 story, plenty of surprises

Forrest from Random Thoughts blog and I, are playing a game of blog ping-pong, while using the writing prompts from Today’s Author. And it’s a blast. For me.

Poor Forrest. Since I never know what might come out in the story before it’s written, I can’t warn him. Which is going to be bad. For him.

See, it’s my turn to add to the saga unfolding and Forrest is going to be reading it for the first time, right along with you.


Back to the game in progress


Waiting wasn’t one of Addie’s better qualities. She drummed the un-broken fingers impatiently on the dashboard.

What the hell was taking Stimple so long? 

She heard a car in the distance, but it was from the wrong direction. And coming faster than it should, given the curves in the road. Odd.

Hardly anyone came this way since Stimple had gone on his little buying spree. They must be lost.

A late-model pickup crested the hill and slammed on the brakes when the driver saw Addie’s car in the middle of the road.

The truck’s heavy duty tires squalled and the back end fishtailed to the right before coming to a stop. The jerk had missed hitting the trunk of her car by inches.

Clouds of dust flew into her opened windows and Addie cursed as she choked.

The cab door opened and a man stepped out. She was right. It wasn’t Stimple. This man had the polish of money and the class that spoke of being born into wealth and a life of leisure.

She wasn’t going to get a break. Now she would have to resort to sweet talking a spoiled brat with a  trust fund into giving her a ride home .

This just had to be the cherry on top of one hellaciously bad, terrible, awful, no-good kind of day.

Addie rolled her eyes heavenward and put on her best game face. She wanted to get home and she wanted this day to end. Even if she had to play nice with another male idiot.

  The man leaned down beside Addie’s window and smiled.

“Hi, are you broke down? I can give you a lift. I’m headed that way  to see a Mr. Aaron Stimple. Do you happen to know where he lives?”

Addie turned to look at him for the first time and her mouth promptly fell open. She knew him.

Oh…crap. How the hell was this possible?

She should recognize him. After all, she saw him every night in her nightmare. He was one of the other victims that got it, before it came after her.

“I…I…do I know you?” she stammered.

The man straightened up and gave a laughing groan.

“Oh man, even out here I get recognized. Wow. Yeah, you probably know me from the book I published a couple of years ago. The one about the ghosts. My name is Roger, but you can call me Rog.”

All he’d wanted was to have recognition from the scientific community that ghosts were real.

But as soon as the word got out about his paranormal exploits, his book sold out in minutes, which was the last thing he wanted.

And the scientific world had barely glanced at him before it sniffed and turned away. Arrogant pencil pushers.

Rog peered down curiously at the woman gaping at him, her mouth still ajar. She didn’t look like a paranormal groupie, it was so hard to tell these days. She did look familiar, but he couldn’t place her.

Addie closed her mouth and smiled sweetly.

“Yes, I know where Mr. Stimple lives. It’s on the way to my house. I sure would be grateful if you would drop me off. ”


Be sure to check back every Thursday for my part in the continuing story of my character Addie, the relationship therapist who’s plagued with recurring nightmares.

And Forrest will post on his blog about his character, Aaron Stimple, the contractor unlucky enough to be the owner of Hell’s Home and all of it’s paranormal occupants.

Mostly because I don’t know Forrest’s posting schedule yet. 😉





21 thoughts on “Prompted: Hell Hath No Groupies”

  1. Oooh I know about that ping pong Idea. but it was something with a bat 😛 and the red back side
    Ha ha grand idea and smiling. so good to see your mind at work.
    Keep on smiling

    1. Ah Crow…LOL
      The only bending I’m doing is to catch the ping-pong ball
      when it skitters off the table. 😉
      Forrest knows better than to sneak up behind me and give my backside a whack,
      because he knows how many ways I can creatively get revenge LOL

    2. Bend it yeah just like that.. Ha ha Whack.

      Ohh damn..

      Ha ha Oh you know I can handle that.revenge ha ha handling the bat we just two balls a like bouncing up and down

    3. Oohh Crow-you task me…LOL
      (Star Trek quote) If you only knew how bad I need to vent some frustration, you’d probably run away LOL

      I’m thinking Nerf Guns and revenge.
      Both of which are best when served fast 😉

    4. Come on not to fast we love it slow. so i be fighting back. with the squirt gun.

      I do task you but i get that head of yours.And you know me I do not run.. i enjoy 😛

    5. You make me think, that’s for sure 🙂
      And that’s something I value highly.
      Even if what I’m thinking (plotting) is revenge by creativity 😉

    6. Hey you cannot catch this old crow with just the bare hands.Love to see you think. and enjoy yourself. I can play with your brain woo hoo

      Ooh be creative come on. I will have it and pong it back at you.

      Ooh do you ever mail?

    7. Do I ever mail? Well…yeah.
      When I have power (storms again)
      and my laptop hasn’t gotten slightly fried from the main breaker (last week) and needing to get tech help, and when I’m not doing DIY stuff LOL
      It’s been a crazy-busy month. I hope that part is over with. 🙂

    8. Ooh a month that needs a good massage at the end. lots of relaxing in a hot tub of water. and well leave the rest to the imagination. ha ha

      Crazy is our middle name.
      I hope it will be to. time for some good quality time having a laugh again.

    1. Hi Damyanti and welcome to The Adult Pool.
      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment 🙂

      With regards to the blog ping-pong match, I can say for sure that it’s a lot of fun.
      But as Forrest and I are very new to this type of blogging,
      I only hope that we’re doing it right.
      It may be the blind leading the blind.LOL

    1. Hi Crow, always good to know I missed. I’ll be back posting real soon, I’m doing a ton of much need blog maintenance and such at the moment. Too bad you can’t help lol

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