100 Days of Happiness Week Review 10


May 5th-11th Happiness


  • Monday May 5th

Getting over 500 followers here, at Swim in the Adult Pool.

Over 500 followers for Swim in the Adult Pool blog


  • Tuesday May 6th

Happiness can be seeing beauty within the midst of the weeds


Beauty can be found in the weeds


  • Wednesday May 7th

Seeing a mess and being happy anyway, because you’re doing something worthwhile.  And with hope, the mess won’t be there forever or drive you crazy enough to sing show tunes. Ones you don’t know all the words to.

“O-O-Oklahoma! Where the…uh… O-O-Oklahoma!”


A mess can be okay sometimes


  • Thursday May 8th

A working ac unit on a 85 degree day –simple as that Smile


AC-working and staying cool


  • Friday May 9th

Having Duck with me for Mother’s Day weekend

Mothers-Day Weekend


  • Saturday May 10th

My weekly spotlight on other blogs doing the 100 days of happiness challenge. This week, I found ccandboo.


  • Sunday May 11th

Sleeping in and having breakfast in bed. It was awesome.



How about you?

What made you happy?





16 thoughts on “100 Days of Happiness Week Review 10”

    1. Oh it was wonderful not getting pounced on by an energetic Duck 🙂
      And for like 3 minutes, I felt totally pampered.
      Then I bit into burnt toast that’d been covered over with butter and jelly .
      eh…could’ve been egg shells. I count myself lucky 😉
      And thank you.
      I’m still amazed I hit that mark. Little worried too.
      See, now I’d better be awesomer than usual-I got fans LOL

    2. LOL… I was once served a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on burnt toast and when I bit into it… Surprise! Crushed up mints and honey were the imaginative secret ingredients. That was pretty hard to swallow with a straight face!
      I’ve no doubt you will handle all your new fans with ease!

    3. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Kristi 🙂

      All I want is to be able to hold my own with being good to and providing for, my fans.

      Okay, I’ve got to admit to not having the honor of sampling that culinary delight. Yet. LOL

    1. Thank you Ivy and I would be happy to tell you how to get to the 500 point.
      But I haven’t the faintest idea.
      Honestly. LOL
      And…it didn’t happen quickly.
      It took me well over a year, so I most definitely am no expert. 😉

    2. I was kidding – well mostly 😀

      I have seen people who blog less than 6 months with more than 1000 followers… ? I have no idea… But nubers are not what guids me, although it is nice to see them. 🙂 I kinda think that conversation and comments are more important part of shaing then having a 100000000000 foll. who do nothing.

    3. My thoughts are exactly the same.
      I’d rather it take me awhile and gain followers who will actually follow
      rather than followers who jump off the raft and swim to the next bigger better thing. 🙂
      And I have no idea why I’m doing pool-themed comparisons 😉

    4. Hahahah, me neither 😉
      Definitely better to have a real I share – you join, you share- i join because it is a BLOG 🙂
      Btw, I posted photos of me in my last post….I still have no idea why I did it…

    5. Oh now you did it. 😉
      I’ll be making a beeline for your blog here shortly LOL
      When in doubt, hook me through curiosity. Does it every time 😉

    6. Hahahaha, yes, success! 😀


      It works for me too xd. I am the most curious person I know so you know how it is then…

  1. Congrats on the 500+ followers and I agree with you and ivyon it is better to have quality followers than to have a large number of followers and i have far more fun in the commenting conversations that go on.

    Having a Duck on mothers day burnt toast and all must have been good.

    ahhh and the pleasure of an AC unit on a hot not quite summer day ahhh.

    We are starting to see a bit of color in our back yard these days as well. and yea it makes me happy too.

    A pile of sheet rock and random pieces of wood make for the happiness of living space improvement.

    1. Thank you Forrest 🙂
      It is kind of nice.

      Update Okay. That was rude. Getting kicked off my own blog while I’m commenting.

      Hmmm…to be continued…LoL

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