Prompted: Home Sweet (Hell’s) Home


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Write Now Writing Prompts

Today’s Author writing prompt May 13th 2014

…Forrest serves and CeeLee smashes it back (grinning)…


 Home Sweet (Hell’s) Home

Addie stood at the end of the cliff. She gripped the hand of the man (“Just call me Rog!”) as tightly as she could.

They both peered down into the darkness and they both knew what had to be done.

“Can you do this?” Rog whispered.

“Do we have a choice?” Addie shot back, irritated.

Men would never change. Fat lot of good she’d done. Educating the willfully ignorant was a lost cause.

If it weren’t, she sure as hell wouldn’t be here, holding a guy’s hand, staring down into a giant hole and preparing to jump.

All things considered, maybe it really was for the best to throw in the towel.

The acoustics of the place were as skewed as the passage of time. Trying to anticipate location damn near impossible, but the thing sounded closer.

Rog sighed.

“On the count of three?”

“Yes, damn you, can we just quit debating and do it?”

Oh yeah, definitely for the best.

Something was bothering her. Something she didn’t quite remember. Something about Hell’s Home. Hell’s Home was…what? She almost had it.

Rog started the count under his breath.

“One. Two, Thr-”

Oh holy I go commando-style because it’s sexy beer-bellied men, she knew. She had the answers. And they were bad.

Forgetting where they were, Addie blurted out.

“Wait, wait, wait! We can’t do this. It wants us to.”

Rog stopped counting and turned to look at her. The noise behind them paused. Addie looked behind her before she continued.

“I know what it all means! I have the answer. We’ve got-“


Addie shot up in bed, breathing hard. At least her psyche had changed things up, made it a bit more interesting.

Dreams were powerful things. If you stopped and thought about it, it was the most advanced weapon ever built, yet no one was afraid of it.  The perfect Doom’s Day machine. How to annihilate an army without shedding a single drop.

She glanced at the clock. 12:28 am. Still punctual. She needed to remember this. She grabbed the new notebook from the bedside table and opened it to write.

And froze. Seems as though she’d been busy. The formerly pristine pages were filled with her looping scrawls.

Home Sweet Hell’s Home, Home Sweet Hell’s Home, Home Sweet Hell’s Home.


This is the ongoing short story and blog ping-pong match between my characters and the ones belonging to Forrest, from Random Thoughts.

Our rule is that all story additions have to be done using the writing prompts from Today’s Author. Because it’s fun that way.








26 thoughts on “Prompted: Home Sweet (Hell’s) Home”

    1. Well, it’s sort of in the horror genre. Or it will be very soon. LoL
      Brain picking is a definite possibility, the date to do so is the question.
      Do you take your brain picking with sawsall or the circular table saw instead? 😉

    2. I use a large scoop on the end of a stick and scrape it out through the nostril 😀
      I am old school like that.

      ooh i never write horror. LOL thought m serial writer is bloody like if i wanted to. and last wednesday could have been a thriller like I eat you alive in your sleep.
      Well hope we can one day have that date

    3. Well Crow, we may have that date, but only if you promise
      you won’t bring a stick or a scoop and no contimplating anything
      to do with my nostrils LOL

      And you say you never write horror…ha! Yeah, right!
      What would you call that? 😉

    4. As long as you bring some for me.
      I have a taste for coconut rum but Jack Daniels does me just fine too 😉

    5. And a brain picking we shall go.
      With date to be determined later and of course is also subject to change without notice. 😉

    6. Yeah but it won’t be a sneak attack.
      Despite the disarray, the dogs, stink bugs, spiders and raccoon will give me plenty of warning lol

    7. You’re a Crow, Crow lol
      Don’t you eat bugs?
      It’s your lucky day!
      Fly on over, I’ve got a smorgasbord just waiting for you 😉

    8. um….no Crow, that’s okay.
      Be my guest and help yourself.
      I can’t be a rude hostess, that would never do 😉

    9. Considering the current state of my brain
      (scattered, smothered, and covered)
      my being the platter sort of fits LOL

    1. Good morning Rob and thank you 🙂
      Forrest and I are having a lot of fun.
      Doing a blog collab is fun, but doing it with the added challenge of a writing prompt makes things even more interesting 🙂

    1. You know Addie was about to haul off and knock the face off poor Rog, right? LOL
      That’s one chick who has a severe man-hate problem going on-even in the dreams.
      Anger management classes you think? 😉

    2. I wonder what Addie would have seen if she had knocked ole Rog’s face right off. 😉

      Hey and knowing what poor Addie has been through with her now ex boy friend I can understand her man-hate. Anger management classes are most definitely recommended. hehehee

    3. I’ll let you tell her, she kind of scares me LOL

      She’s a little distracted at the moment, puzzling over her late night notebook writing,so you might be able to slide that suggestion past her without incurring too much damage.

      Nevertheless, I’ll just watch over here, by the door 😉

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