100 Days of Happiness Week Review 11


May 12th-18th

photo credit: http://www.photos-public-domain.com/2011/09/03/happiness/

  • Monday May 12th

Making some funny pics of a friend, for his “art exhibition” on his blog.
OMG Ralphie, you’re a sexy…a sexy…um…LOL


  • Tuesday May 13th

NO home improvement today.
The lack of noise was weird, but I could get used to it very quickly.
The Iris like it too.  😉

Happiness for my iris blooming after a hard winter

  • Wednesday May 14th

Tough day. Happiness was in short supply.
I didn’t kill my laptop. That’s the best I got.
Oh and the tomato plants are ready to go in the garden. 

Happiness is tomato plants that are ready to go

  • Thursday May 15th

My getting out among the land of the un-zombified
and seeing Duck shine in his school production. He’s such a ham.

Duck rocked his class production

  • Friday May 16th

A surprise fudge sundae from The Redneck.
Never fails to make me smile.

  • Saturday May 17th

 Much thanks to HalfEatenMind for his kind words and for the chance to see my blog from a different perspective. I’ve needed that for some time.


  • Sunday May 18th

 Nowhere I have to be, no hurry to get things done, and giving myself 4 hours, to start redefining my writing. And that works fine for me.

There are weeks that aren’t exactly stellar.

Weeks that make my brain fog up and overheat.

Weeks that make me wonder if I have a target taped to my back.

Thing is, I think our having to go through the crap is necessary.

That our slogging through the hardships preps us

to appreciate the return of happiness all the more.

Wow…did that make sense?

I did mention I’ve serious brain fog going, right?


How about you?

What made you happy?




58 thoughts on “100 Days of Happiness Week Review 11”

    1. Hey Shey!
      I’m so sorry, you and Crow both are going to spam.
      And I haven’t the faintest as to why, but I fixed it. 🙂
      Yeah, ole Ralphie sure does clean up nice, doesn’t he? 😉

  1. Hi CeeLee 😀 Wow !! I have never been called a sexy um before, or a sexy anything or even sexy. Are you okay ? You’ll have to get your act in gear 😉 lol Ralph xox <
    (maybe you should delete this 😉 )

    1. I did delete it, if peeps want to know why I’m rolling laughing,
      (snort, gasp, belly-laugh)
      they need to see you.
      Let ’em wonder…hehe…
      Oh man, that was great! 🙂
      Am I okay? Well…”okay” is an entirely subjective term.
      Lemme see…
      Breathing? check. Awake? check.
      Brain fuctioning at normal speed? che-ohh noo, we got a problem here.
      Better get the boss. 😉

      All is well Ralphie, just very tired. Enough about me, how boutcha Studly in Spain? LOL
      Okay, now that was a good one…;)

    2. It was so funny I had to share it with you CeeLee.

      I am so pleased to read that you are breathing. It helps you laugh.

      I have caught your disease……. builders !! In for two days working on my chimney. 😀

      Must go. I’ve lost my Speedos somewhere 😉

    3. Check with Forrest, I think he has your Speedos.

      And I know he’d rather you get them back. 😉

      I don’t think they’re his style LOL

      Yes, laughing does help.
      Imagining you doing work on a chimney helped too. Just be careful. 🙂

    4. ~~pulls out 11 foot pole…hooks speedos on end….passes to Ralph~~

      I was wondering who these things belonged to.

    5. Why else would I have my good camera, not the one on the cell, in my hand? I was gonna do the whole 9.

      I even wanted some of you in the fedora and hiding behind a strategically placed laundry shoot.

      Not that I had this planned or anything. 😉

    6. ok you gotta be quick here.

      ~~poses in speedo~~ ~~tears off speedo~~ ~~puts on fedora~~

      ~~poses in front of laundry shoot~~ ~~~dives down laundry shoot~~

      ~~rushes to return speedos to Ralph~~

      hope you set the camera to capture fast motion 🙂

    7. Even better. 🙂
      I had it on multi-shot.
      So I caught…everything hehe

      Are you ready Forrest? To be a star? 😉

    8. A star….ahhh the lime light, the spotlight shining on me, all those people watching me ummmmmm ~~puts on fedora and dives down laundry shoot~~

    9. Hey! Why are you so shy?
      I mean, I’m looking at the view screen right now and you’ve nothing-Okay, that is sooo not what I meant.

      I meant that you’ve got-ugh…

      I love talking to thin air. It just lends credence to the neighbors claims that I’m a nut with an axe.
      Even though it was Dragon-Speak’s fault, I get the blame.

    10. ~~chases dragon around the neighbors house~~

      lets see if a platypus wearing a fedora chasing a dragon with a plastic sword helps the neighbors minds 😀

    11. Ah…thank you Forrest. 🙂
      One thing though.
      I hate to interrupt you while you’re chasing that dragon,
      but did you forget something?

      I mean, I don’t care in the least little bit, but a half-nekkid guy…platypus
      wearing some Speedos, might cause a bit of commotion. Jus’ sayin’.

      I wonder what Ralph was thinking when he bought hot pink Speedos?
      They certainly are…bright. 😉

    12. whoopsie…LOL
      Um…one other thing.
      You left your clothes here with me.
      Oh well. He’ll figure it out. 😉

    13. ~~side steps in holding fedora in a strategic location~~

      Ummm I think I left these here …. thank you for keeping an eye on them

      ~~tips hat and makes a hasty exit~~

    14. Anything for a fedora wearing hero lol
      Oh and I kept them out of the shrinkerator ray’s range for you 😉

    15. He can keep them. Souvenir !!

      My chimney is erect and about to be christened tonight. I’ll be careful 😉

    16. I’m sure Forrest is honored to keep your Speedos 😉
      And congrats on a successfully erect chimney lol
      One with no snafu incidents to report.
      Always a good thing 😉

  2. In response?
    Monday: Yeah, that junk was too funny. Thanks for introducing me to Ralph’s world o’fun!
    Tuesday: I’m lovin the pic! What did you take it with? 😉
    Wednesday: Another cool pic, my friend! Not killing your laptop might be a small victory for some, but I’m thinking you might view it like I do…as a bit of a bigger victory. Sorry you had a rough day, though.
    Thursday: Sounds like it was a pretty awesome day…and much better than Wednesday. I’m glad!
    Friday: Surprise fudge sundaes rule!
    Saturday: Congrats! Glad his kind words brought a new perspective, but…duh…you’re awesome! 🙂
    Sunday: Glad you have the day to regroup and all. Brain fog can be a messy thing…I know from personal experience. I’m kinda tryin’ to regroup and re-energize myself. Hope you feel better!

    I’d elaborate on what made me happy this week, but I might end up rambling on and on for days here…cause I’m way overdue for writing my own post. I don’t want to do that to you…ha ha ha

    1. Monday? heh…yeah, me too 🙂
      Tuesday-would you believe it was the same cell?
      Me either, but I guess I got lucky LOL
      Wednesday-same as above. I should’ve played the lottery that day.
      No wait, probably better I didn’t. Not killing the laptop was good enough. 😉
      Thursday-totally rocked. The kid has my sense of humor but luckily for him,
      he has his Dad’s sense of timing to go along with it.
      Friday-never can go wrong with that-I agree
      Saturday and Sunday-yeah…pretty cool. 🙂

      Ramble? Oh honey, please. LOL
      Ask Ralph or Forrest if you don’t believe me.
      I ramble all the time.
      Feel free to do the same 🙂

    2. Well done with the cell phone! Pretty sure you have some talent there, my friend. 🙂

      A sense of humor…with timing? Kid must be awesome…AND hysterical!

      And I’m glad this is a safe rambling zone. Although, I mean, I pretty much gathered that already…still good to get some extra permission, though. 🙂

    3. Talent? eh…maybe.
      I still need to take some pics with the for-real camera.
      Then we can figure out whether I’m destined for stardom or the trash heap 😉

      And yes, thank de Lawd, the kid has both timing and humor.
      It should serve him well and might even keep him out of trouble.
      Having only the one attribute myself, I made people laugh but still got in trouble lol

    4. Any pics yet? 🙂

      Also, at least you had a sense of humor…even if the lack of timing meant you ended up in trouble. Was still worth it (most times), wasn’t it?

      Making people laugh is a very important ability…and I believe there’s actually a good degree of timing necessary to get that right. Maybe your timing’s better than you think. 😉

    5. Usually whatever it might be regarding, it was still worth it when I look back later. With the exclusion of parachute pants. That was…awful.

      Pics? Yes, they’ll be arriving and soon. I’ve taken them but that’s as far as I’ve gotten.

    6. ~~hangs sign on back of unmanned life guard chair~~
      ………………..Welcome to CeeLee’s Rambling Post…………….
      …………………………….All Ramblers Welcome…………………..

    7. What would I do without you?
      Thank you Forrest, you are the Perry to my Phineas.
      Wait, does that sound right? LOL

    8. I certainly had no doubts about you fitting in LOL
      Forrest is a multi-talented sort of guy.
      Especially with snafus. He’s the go-to with the know-how. 😉

      Ralphie, aka Studly in Spain, is our wild card. Anything goes.
      Shey and Crow are next for you to meet-they simply rock.
      You’re like us-not wrapped so tight that you can’t see the humor in life.
      So yeah. Welcome to the pool, chill out and have a good time.
      Did I forget to mention that it’s our turn to supply the alcohol? 😉

  3. What made me happy, that today after 6 months I hugged my dad. It feels more love and bonding again, and now I have a gift of his belief in me. I feel content. :).. Thanks for your post ..

    1. Okay, now that’s just awesome~
      Everyone needs to have someone believe in them.
      I’m very happy for you and am even more glad that you
      thought enough of me to share it 🙂

    2. Thanks CeeLee,

      This happiness was a long await, I had already accepted that this may never happen that my dad will have faith and trust in me. But today was so great. You have shared things so personal on your blog, it feels good to share something back. 🙂

    3. I know what it feels like, having people close to you lose trust in you, for whatever the reason. I’m not as lucky as you are, I haven’t gotten it back. But neither am I giving up.

      The best part is that you did. 🙂
      It must feel like a huge weight has been lifted-that’s how it’d feel to me anyway.

      And you even made me tear up a little-happy tears, I swear LOL
      See, because it gives me hope for me.Maybe it’s a possiblity for me too. If not, that’s for another day.

      You really made today shine. Thank you so very much. 🙂

    4. No worries. I hope it works out for you too. I shed so many tears in front of my dad. Its good to know now I did not cry alone today, someone else in the world cried too. Hope can be our biggest strength. I am glad you are happier now. Stay blessed my friend.


    1. Thank you Eric 🙂
      It’s really nice to know.
      I hope your week was a good one.
      You know…one with no weird emails and/or confusion…and stuff. 😉

    2. Can’t ask for better than that 😉
      Well…I can, but that’s just because
      I’d would rather my fingers do the walking,
      instead of my brain cells. They’re a wee bit tired. LOL

    3. I did at last enter the conspiracy blog business… it was my first serious protest — lovingly done — I used re-blog for the best of them. It had the surprising effect on me of helping me let it go — surprised me that it was bothering me. 🙂

    4. I’ll have to head your way and check it out then 🙂
      I’ve no doubt that it was done lovingly, that part always shows through so clearly, but I’m curious now. I gotta see.

      As for letting things go…that’s a tough one sometimes. The emotions we wrap around whatever it is, can really hurt when it’s time to cast it to the side.
      I’m going to be blogging about that on Tuesday as a matter of fact.

      I’m glad you were able to let go Eric. I know it must be a relief, if my own experiences are anything to go by. Congrats 🙂

    5. A man cut?
      Oh nooo! The hippie is gone?!hehe
      Okay, you opened the door, but I’m going to bust on through it. I want a pic! 😉
      I haven’t had my hair cut in…a long time.
      a year! ahem.
      I’m going to get it done this week.
      I’ll show you my hair pic, if you show me yours 😉

  4. Ralph sure is a sexxxxxxy ummmm some get me my meds please. 😉

    A day with out construction and a pretty Iris ahhhh some times the simplest of smiles are the best. and a still living laptop wooo hooo.

    Congrats to your Duck for a great school procuction and a sundae on a Friday how sweet .

    HalfEatenMinds post was very nice and a Sunday of relaxing is a great thing.

    1. Yes, to all of the above. 🙂
      How was your week?
      Aside from writing, and getting harrassed by slightly off-kilter women, that is 😉
      I hope it was a good one despite those things. 🙂

    2. I had a good week but the weekend was far more fun for me. I took a little weekend trip something I have not done in waaaaaaaaaay too many years.

    3. WooHoo!
      I’m proud of you!
      And little bit jealous, but 99% happy 😉
      I’ll bet it was great to get away 🙂
      Next time, take me with you LOL

    1. Hi Rosanna 🙂

      Balance is always welcomed.
      Especially out here lol
      Thank you for stopping by and for sharing.

      Just as balance is (desperately sought) welcomed,
      so are you. Stop by anytime 😉

    1. The things you said were so nice.
      You didn’t have to go to all the trouble, but you did.
      It made for a much brighter weekend for me.
      You rock. 🙂

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