Do You HAVE To Bomb My Brain and Crash My Functions?


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 It’s Tuesday and it’s time for an ADHD story at Swim in the Adult Pool . This (yeah…it’s true) story happened last week, so it’s fresh out of the oven…and I must be hungry.


“You dropped a bomb on me

you dropped a bomb on me…”


The Redneck’s driving skills are an enviable (by some) work of art.

He can execute a successful merge onto the desired exit ramp and (loudly) verbalize helpful merging tips to other drivers, complete with hand gestures at the same time.

 I absolutely hate riding with him.

I don’t hate his driving talent. I have my own driving skills.

I hate riding with him because he knows the one thing guaranteed to make my ADHD snarl is to poke it with a carefully and casually dropped Holy Sh*&!  type of info bomb.

What better place to do so than in the car, where there are no worries over possible immediate retaliation, right? Right.

Taking advantage my being a captive audience, he’ll drop a bomb disguised as a simple statement and smirk while he watches my executive functions tailspin, crash and burn.

On the way back home from Duck’s class production last week, just such a brain-busting opportunity came a-knockin’ for my tin-tapping (welder) Redneck.

For the record, I never saw it coming.  But then again do I ever?

So this is how my brain dealt.

CAP, this is Alpha-1. We got a bogey. We’re fangs out and padlocked.”
“Copy that Alpha-1. Don’t get sunk in the floorboard”

The Redneck“So… I guess I should tell you something. I met up with an ambulance this morning.”

Me:  “You…what?!”

The Redneck:  “Well…work called them, I didn’t. I got dizzy and broke a cold sweat while I was tackin’ and my heartbeat and blood pressure went up real high. Oh and my chest hurt too.”

Me:  “But why didn’t you call me? Why did nobody call me?”

The Redneck:  ” I would have, if they’d had to take me to the hospital. But they checked me out and said I was okay. So I went back to work. The only reason I’m telling you is because you’re gonna see the chest doodads they used for the heart monitor in the trash. And I didn’t want you to worry.”

Me:  “Chest…doodads…aahh…You just went back to…Aahh….but…aahh…”

ka-POW!     sizzle...

And my brain responded…

“CAP-this is Alpha-1 . Bogey smoked. We’re three down and locked.”
“Copy that Alpha-1. The runway is clear. Three down and locked. Welcome home.”





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25 thoughts on “Do You HAVE To Bomb My Brain and Crash My Functions?”

    1. Oh good to know 😉
      Hence the reason my mental agility has been a little slower of late.
      Surprises like that don’t do a body good LOL

    1. Yeah, they sure do.
      And sad to say, things like this?
      Very common occurrence. grrr…

      That’s just one of the many already on list of things that make my ADHD say…
      “Huh?! Aw hell naw!” LOL

  1. well admittiedly I know very little about ADHD although i do know more today than I did a year ago. But to be honest if I where in the same position as you with that little conversational exchange I would most likely had the very same response. huhhh ahhh say huh.

    Hope you held it together there.

    1. I’ve always disliked change, whether it’s for the good or not so. Just can’t make the transition as easily as others.

      I’m proud to say, that I didn’t start yelling or even whimper. It likely was a shock induced response, but that’s not how I’m looking at it lol

      I did manage a “I’m glad you’re okay,” mumble before I started to drool and my brain fried.

      Coming back from that and similar ‘surprises’ that have happened within the span of 2 weeks isn’t exactly apple 2 easy.
      I’m still subject to the occasional twitch. 😉

  2. Sorry there CL we ran fresh out of batteries to zapp his sorry ass.
    He is tagged just not bagged.

    Ice cream ready for some brain freeze and cool that sucker down. Maintenance is ready and waiting for rewiring.

    Wow you managed and that is an accomplishment

    1. 🙂 Yes I did, Crow.
      I did manage it, but it sure wasn’t pretty management 😉
      I think I need to hire new executives for my functions,
      because the ones I have are slackers lol

    2. 🙂 Yes I did, Crow.
      I did manage it, but it sure wasn’t pretty management 😉
      I think I need to hire new executives for my functions,
      because the ones I have are slackers lol

    1. Hi Cutter, it’s good to hear from you.

      Oh no doubts there, I’m very relieved that things turned out the way that they did.

      A little frazzled and frustrated over the timing and location of choice for getting news of that magnitude perhaps, but thankful all the same.

      Funny thing about perspective, all you need to do to get it is to imagine what could have been, but wasn’t. 🙂

    1. Sure thing Ivy.

      This is where executive functions come into play.
      Or don’t, in my case.

      executive functions definition (from LD Online)

      The executive functions are a set of processes that all have to do with managing oneself and one’s resources in order to achieve a goal.
      It is an umbrella term for the neurologically-based skills involving mental control and self-regulation.

      Simply put, I don’t have any real functioning executives running my show.
      I’m not equipped to deal well with changes and surprises (good or bad)
      because my brain can’t process what others would take in stride and forget.

      Because of that, I’m a real party animal yeah…righttt…
      My day to day life ensures I get plenty of surprises that lead to frustration levels of magnificent proportions.
      And doesn’t come with an outlet or nor an exhaust vent to relieve the pressure.

      Add to all of that with a surprise like I had in the car and I start to mentally shut down.
      Too much to take in and process. It’s the proverbial straw.
      Instead, I crash and burn. It’s the only coping mechanism I have. And not one I’m proud of.
      Does that make sense? Sort of? LOL

    2. ok I will have to come back to that, case of dizzy brain for days now… But I will remember…I hope. Remind me 🙂 ❤

    3. ok I have managed to read that and actually understand it. 🙂

      That sound a lot like what I’m dealing with, too much of anything causes my brain to go in w.t.f. mode, like I take it all in at once and then shut the doors for anything else. And that just gives me headache, cramps and other lovely problems which I am now learning how to let go and not let it settle in my body. I feel very vulnerable doing this, trust me.

    4. I know the WTF mode as well as I know the dizzy brain one 😉
      I still love that term, btw. You nailed it. Dizzy brain. It’s perfect. 🙂

      Vulnerability comes with the territory, I believe. At least it does with me.
      Having to explain why I do what I do or why I react like someone lit a fire under me,
      it really sucks. It can be a drain on everything. I’m still learning to let things go.
      I imagine I always will.
      A life student about life. Yeah…I need a better tagline for that. 😉

    5. Hehehehe 🙂 Yeah we get each other, and I am still amazed how much we have in common and I don’t have ADHD (I’ll send you promised mail about my brainy thingy)…

      Oh, having to explain why and what…. Ugh! I kinda get ok with that because I am in the proccess of explaining myself XD So, if everyone is around they can hear it too… But to repeat… Man… I just don’t feel like it. So I am starting to go by, accept it or leave me alone. It works out really well 😀

    6. As I’ve grown weary of having to explain, rinse and repeat,
      I came up with a new motto. It’s sort of like yours, Ivy.
      But slightly meaner. Hey, I’m getting old, I’m allowed.
      Goes like this.

      This is me.
      If you like me, great! Now here’s a list of my quirks.
      If you don’t like me, that’s cool. I’m still going to be me.
      But I’ll spit in your coffee when you aren’t looking. 😉

      I know, I know. It needs better rhyming words. lol

    1. Yes, that’s true Ralph.
      He did tell me.
      It’s his choice of location and timing
      that got me. It’s not the first time either lol

    1. My apologies, I haven’t introduced you to my handlers-I mean, my family 😉

      Duck, formerly Duckling until he told me he was 10 and therefore grown up-is my not grown-up son.
      The Redneck is the only guy crazy enough to love me- for me and all of my less than adorable traits.

      If you want a laugh, check out our slideshow done with EmmyLou Harris and Mark Knofpler’s help
      (because I rock like that) called This Is Us or our A/V page.

      I’m kind of proud of it. But no obligation 🙂

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