My Executives aren’t Functional Professionals: They have ADHD too


It's My Life, My ADHD-Every Tuesday on

I know what I did last week…

Remember last Tuesday’s post?
The one no one could figure out what was happening or why it was posted at all?

Yeah. I totally did that on purpose

Before you crank up the hate mail, give me a second. It wasn’t to make you all mad at me, to curse my name and spit on my Twitter profile.

Okay, I won’t blame you if you do spit on my Twitter account, I’m not liking the new covers and it shows. But that’s neither here nor there.

The reason I did that, was to give you as clear an example as I could think of, to demonstrate what it’s like to have an ADHD brain.

One that doesn’t fire on all cylinders because of over-stimulation or depending on the stresser, is firing on too many of them.

It’s confusing, isn’t it?

The not knowing which part of the conversation pertains to the other part, the one that you’re pretty sure you’re supposed to remember, but you don’t know why you’re supposed to.

Then comes the trying to understand the part that you now know for certain-you think-you’re supposed to remember, even though you still haven’t defined the why part, just the you’re supposed to part, and….

Oh dear Gawd Ceelee, can’t you make this madness stop?

…heh…Welcome to My world, ladies and gentleman

Executive functions. Those are the things that separate you and your oh so holier than thou thinking, all rational and linear, and I’m so jealous of you right now and…me.

Your executives are professionals

Your executives function at the executive level. They all know their jobs, they’re professionals after all, and they do it right. Your executive functions are friends, they network, and get together just to hang out. Often.

My executives are delinquents

Then there’s my executives. Who have either left the function entirely or are all out together,and taking in a liquid lunch. They don’t function-functionally.

My thinking patterns are not linear, I don’t filter out the extra info tidbits that are like accessories (not necessary, but fun) as well as you do and I get so busy trying to figure out what I need to know vs what I don’t, that I need a nap before 10 am.

You would too.

I get worn out trying to figure out what me to know and then you get put out

So the post last week on the brain info-bomb I received, complete with fighter pilot terminology thrown in as illustration?

Really happened. Yes, the fighter pilots were in the background. Not in the car with us, within my head, and they were as puzzled about being there as you must’ve been reading about them.

That is my brain coping with info I can’t process at the time. Be it stress, timing, lack of notification or location of notification-these things can crash and burn me faster than the speeding hate mail that my CeeLee senses are telling me is already on the way.

Ding! Yep, that’s me. Gotta go


ADHD and Normal...right...




34 thoughts on “My Executives aren’t Functional Professionals: They have ADHD too”

    1. You are very welcome 🙂
      I’m curious though.
      I realize everyone is different, what works for some doesn’t for others, but-how easy was it,
      for you to follow my thinking via typed tour?

      We don’t stand on ceremony here in the Adult Pool, please feel free to be honest. I like it that way.

      You can tell me you couldn’t follow a damn thing I said, that you banged your head against the wall, and/or are now telling everyone you know,that you found someone who’s brain is much more whacked than your own 😉

      My curiosity is what gets me in trouble quickest. It never ever knows when to say, “Nah…” lol

    2. Excellent question!
      I had some trouble and at one point I asked myself how can she articulate so well yet seem so insistent I not get this on the first run through.

      It made sense to me and I thought you explanation was, while irritating, very accurate and definitely hit the mark. I wont say i will read this story again but I really found myself laughing out loud.

      once wrote a story called “This is Why many ADHD blogs suck” I am proud to tell you that your blog in no way falls into the suck category. I now have three blogs I give a sh#t about reading and yours is beautiful. thanks CeeLee. We are going to have some fun I think.

    3. LOL Ya know…?
      That has to be the best comment I’ve received here.
      Yeah, I do tend to be insistent-it comes from years of my having to explain each and every action,
      or non-reaction, umpteen gazillion times to those who aren’t ADHD,
      though they have the suckage factor going on (Redneck!) ahem. Scuz me. 😉

      It’s irritating as all get out, I agree, and a habit I’d gladly pay to have burned from my brain.
      Since I’ve no takers on brain burning, I’d settle for being accurate, hitting the mark,
      and being semi-irritating but…it’s a WIP.

      The day maker for me was finding that my blog isn’t listed among ADHD blogs that suck.
      Now that’s a helluva achievement for a chick who likes to write but doesn’t know much about tech,
      networking, socializing, jobs hiring that aren’t scams, all that stuff.

      Writing is my dream but since that isn’t happening at the moment,
      having an blog that doesn’t suck, at least not today, ain’t too bad for someone like me. 🙂
      Thank you for that. Maybe I needed to know that more than I thought.

  1. Hi CeeLee 😀 Nice to read about your thinking, I think !! I have always wondered what goes on in a woman’s head. From what I have experienced I think that you are quite a normal woman. 😀 Ralph xox ❤

    1. Heya Ralph! 🙂

      Aw, thank you for reading. I know I can confuse people without even trying.
      It’s a talent, I just haven’t found the right talent agency for that 😉

      Normal? I wish. I know my family does too lol
      I do my best with what I’ve got and try not to cause too much chaos.
      The fighter pilots help with that. (They wear Speedos too) 😉

    2. Jealous, Ralph? Or scared? 😉
      Yeah. I love my imagination. It keeps me from drooling and laughing
      and saying weird stuff like, “But I am a normal girl. No, I am!”
      If only it would help me in other areas. Like housework.
      “No I didn’t mess up the house, the closet goblins did.” LOL

    3. Closet Goblins ? Have they just come out and told the world of their orientation 😉 lol

      You AM a normal girl !!

    4. I asked them, but sadly they declined to state their orientation. Oh well 😉

      As for me, anyone who says I’m normal
      deserves a hug. Thanks Ralph 🙂

    5. Wow…I am good…
      I’ve got you completely fooled, eh Ralph?
      Maybe I should consider acting instead of writing… 😉

      And give me back my undies~I saw you swipe them a second ago.
      You aren’t as slick as you think, Studly 😉

    6. OMG All this time I thought you are a famous actress. A ⭐ ! You fooled me !! 😉

      It wasn’t me. Talk to Forrest. He’s around there somewhere chasing leprechauns with your net stockings 😉

    7. Oh I’ve fooled more than a few in my time lol
      So it’s Forrest causing all the commotion? And here I thought it was you. 😉

    8. Whoops…sorry…it was me.
      At least they’re easier to catch than the flying monkies. Those are some evil little critters. 😉

  2. Thank you for the little peek into your mind. As I said before, I am beginning to understand ADHD a little better than i did before and I have you to thank for that.

    Its funny. My mother has a way of confusing people with out trying at times. Being around that all the time has made me able to think through some of that confusion and get to the heart of the matter most of the time.

    I would like to pose a question to Ralph as well. What is normal, to me normal is just a setting on the washing machine.

    1. I’ll leave that one for Ralph to answer. 😉
      But you’ve a good point. I am continually impressed by you, in a really cool, so glad I can you a friend, way.

      You take the walk softly, but ask thoughtful questions to a whole new level. 😉

      You’ve made me stop and ponder more than once recently. Anyone who can cut through the ongoing babble and fighter pilot conversations within my mind, has serious talent. LoL

      I may add my ideas on what I personally, consider to be “normal” next Tuesday. Thank you for that, I think it rocks. 🙂

      Oh yeah…I forgot to ask you…did you bring back any chocolate for me? 😉

    2. Hi Forrest 😀 CeeLee’s on fast spin at the moment followed by tumble dry. 😉 I’ll put her out to air later.

  3. Good thing my wiring is screwed up to. I was on that plane. hehe
    I got tone 😛 fire Fox 3
    So be the ‘All Day Have Delinquents’ CeeLee I would not have it any other way.
    And no worry I can switch positions 😛

    1. You always get the best of me.
      okay maybe not the best but most.
      wait that i snot right either..
      well you get me 😀
      that is cool right.

      I can relate lol and i do not have ADHD i am just crazy

    2. We’re all a little bit crazy. We have to be, just to get through the day.
      Yup, I get you just fine and it’s not because you’re crazy.
      Okay, maybe a little. 😉

      What I like knowing is that you also get me.
      You can relate. Whether or not you have ADHD
      (Aw c’mon…you’re a Crow for Pete’s sake. Of course you do)
      you understand the point I’ve burned down to the ground LOL
      That means I’ve accomplished what I attempted to do. Get people to understand. 🙂

    3. I always get, and get the best of you. The CeeLee thinking and stopping for a second. Gosh I miss our talks. I am picking brains for supper. And would love have a picking with you again.

    4. Soon Crow, as soon as I can, I’ll be hollering you down for a nice brain picking session. I’ve a few things needing to get squared away but after that-we’ll be good to go 🙂

    1. Straighten up and fly right, Cutter? LOL
      If that’s all it took, I’d have been normal way before now.
      Hmmm…might not hurt to try anyway.

      “Straighten up now, and fly righ-”
      sigh. Nope. 😉

      I’d be a very happy woman if that came about.
      Since it hasn’t, I’ll have to be content to work with I have.
      Whoops, sorry about that. Mind the sparks.

    2. Do you know I’ve actually gone so far as to think about recording that hellaciously loud, snap your spine in two, make you wish to be struck temporarily deaf- sawsall, and looping it, so I can insert subliminal messages into it? Scary, yeah. But true. 😉

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