Prompted: She sings as she runs; The Hell’s Home Saga


 The Hell’s Home Saga continues


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I bring you the next addition in Addie’s story.


The Hell's Home Flash Fiction Saga~


Hey, when she sings, when she sings,

as she runs (in Hell’s Home)


Addie brushed her teeth vigorously. She was taking great care to avoid looking at her reflection in the mirror. She had a whopper case of the heebie-jeebies this morning and they all centered around the mirror.

Must be the happening place to be, if you were a heebie jeebie.

Wait. Are you kidding me right now?
You actually thought that sentence out in your head?

”It was the heebie jeebie happening place to be?”

How lame are you?

Forget that. How crazy are you now, Addie?
Tell us, because the folks back at home want to know.

If the nightmares kept up the campaign of terror, Addie felt confident there’d be a couples relationship therapist added to the nut house roster soon.

Like before the month concluded.

Quit being such a coward and get it over.
Only scary thing you’re going to see is that your roots are showing.
A tragedy, yes, but an easy fix.

With much effort, Addie finally raised her eyes to look at her reflection. Nothing there but her. Well…duh.

She sighed in relief as she stared into her own bloodshot eyes. Not for the first time, she wished her friend was still around to call her a dumbass and laugh at her fears.

Because it helped.

Mandy had been the best friend that Addie’d been lucky enough to have, but Mandy had disappeared over a year ago and no one could find her.

She turned to walk away, yipping in surprise when a loud burst of static came from her bedroom.

Her iphone was haunted too? Well of course it was.

She hurried into the room and froze. Her hands flew to her face and pulled her mouth back in a grotesque smile, as she moaned. It was playing Mandy’s favorite song.

Go on, go on scream and cry

You’re miles from where anyone will find you

This is nothing new, no television crew

They don’t even put on the sirens **

The song she and Mandy heard together and the last time Addie had seen her alive. That party Mandy had dragged her to, telling Addie that she’d meet a guy who’d treat her nicer than the one she had.  But the party had been more like a bad joke than a party.

The DJ tried one last time to make the party enjoyable  though he obviously needed a remedial course in party management. He. Sucked.

They’d left, but not until Mandy had insisted on staying long enough to hear the song. It was her all-time favorite, she’d said.

Addie backed out of her room slowly, hands held in front of her, eyes wide and staring. She couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t think, she knew she damn sure was on her way to a glorious straight jacket future.
**Source: Neko Case AZLyrics





7 thoughts on “Prompted: She sings as she runs; The Hell’s Home Saga”

    1. Good to know lol
      Its not too bad anyway.
      Trickier than it looks, trying to return the ping-pong you bounced off my head 😉

      But my work is done. The ball’s in your court darlin’. Have fun 🙂

    1. You know my love for music all too well 😉 I’m kind of compelled to use it in my stories. Glad you liked it Crow 😉

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