100 days of Happiness to be continued


We’ll be back next week with a bucketful of happy.

The 100 days of happiness will return


I’m slammed with end of school stuff, job searches,
and disrupting the sanity of many an unsuspecting
telemarketer who calls to confide in me
that furthering my education

for a measly 30,000 dollars-mere pocket change!

is the secret to solving all of my woes.
But only if I act now

it’s a limited time offer don’tcha know

will it not just guarantee my holding the Key of Success

but wait, there’s more!

but it’ll also open the doors to luck in love, relationships,

even to life, itself.

uh huh…yeah.

It’s a tough gig, having to enlighten the ignorant,

but somebody had to do it.Β 

I happen to be damn good at enlightenmentΒ  πŸ˜‰


Have a good Sunday everyone


14 thoughts on “100 days of Happiness to be continued”

    1. Only hard part was thinking of creative ways to say no.

      After the first 3 people hung up after I said,
      “Yeah, cool! I want in! Um….so how about lending me 30 grand that you won’t expect to get back?”

      They must’ve thought that answer was less than what they were looking for πŸ˜‰

  1. I can do that for $29500 and 10% discount for loss of underwear. 25% added for the closet goblins plus 50% tax on fighter pilots. I’m cheap ! πŸ˜‰ ❀

    1. “Here he comes…
      lookit that, lookit that…
      There he goes…
      lookit that, lookit that…
      And he ain’t wearin’ no clothes…
      Oh yes, they call him the Streak…;)

    2. You gotta love a straight man with a terrific sense of timing and humor. LoL
      Not mention one who also knows Ray Steven’s lyrics πŸ˜‰

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