Let me clear my throat (have mercy babe)


 It’s time to officially kick the funk and catch you all up.

What better way than to use pics

and massacre the lyrics of a decent song?

I’m going old school and this is how we do it, CeeLee-style.

Dance with me now


Some of y’all might know this,  And some of y’all don’t

Some of y’all might be with this, and some of y’all won’t…


Here we go now…1, 2, 3…

Let me clear my throat,  Oh, have mercy babe,
I hope ya don’t mind


My son, the shark
What? You’ve never seen a Shark Duck before? Watch out, he bites…


Peter Piper picked a pepper but CeeLee rocks the pool


Mother's come in all forms
I know how she feels. Duck hollers to be fed every 2 hours too. Convincing him to feed himself is a WIP


I bet ‘cha never knew but now ya know

I’m the undisputed queen of bad dancing

I hate spiders, especially those on steriods
Small problem with a BIG spider…


Now if y’all wanna party like I do (low-key and slow)

If y’all wanna party (badly) like me,

lemme hear ya say

“CeeLee gots a ja-ja-ja-job!”

(oh hot damn!)


DIY Home Improvement
YES, we have real lights and a real fan. We’re moving up in the world


 Yeah, rock to the rhythm of the funky rhyme

So I can get this in just one more time

To the beat and ya don’t quit-

okay…now you can quit. I’m worn out.

*CeeLee is not responsible for injuries incurred while dancing badly.

That’s all on you. I think I pulled a butt muscle.*

source: Let Me Clear My Throat Metrolyrics


35 thoughts on “Let me clear my throat (have mercy babe)”

    1. Thanks Ned 🙂
      It’s a great feeling to have, being gainfully employed. I just need to figure out a good excuse for my newly acquired butt muscle limp 😉

      So was that your jiggy…um…moves that knocked me off the dance floor? Right…I remember reading something about 2 left feet 😉

    2. I’m cool with it.

      So long as it wasn’t that freakishly large “I’m gonna get you CeeLee” spider that did it. Gawd knows he was big enough.

      Always nice to know that I’m not alone in bad dancing debacles. 😉

    1. Thank you Kristi 🙂

      Yeah, that’s the “only old as you feel” minion sneaking up on you. Be careful with that one, it’s a slippery little devil.

      It put my butt in a sling 2 seconds in and left me huffing indignantly over my lack of endurance.

    2. You and me both.
      I’m waiting for the day I get a call asking if I’d like to be the next “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” commercial actress 😉

    1. I know, right? lol
      Feels like years since I was last here.
      I need to catch up on my reading.

      Ralphie hasn’t been the only little busy bee out there. Looks like you’ve been doing your fair share of turning and burnin’ them posts too 😉

    1. eh…Thursdays…what can ya do?
      Watch out now, you should know me well enough to be fearing a tossed gauntlet and a bad dance off challenge. I’m thinking that’s it a real good thing I’ve got a firm grip on my gauntlet today. 😉

  1. Me i knows better than to try to dance on the dance floor. Although dancing in a pool thats a whole different story. Harder to pull those rump muscles in the water.

  2. Gerrrrate news that you are now employed CeeLee ! I have always been a fan of yours as you constantly make my head spin. That makes 2 of us now. ❤

    1. I may not be able to sing, may not be able to be able to claim athletic prowess or grace, when preforming athletic feats but I am the master at head spinning LoL

    2. This time next week I’ll be in Israel, just landed at Tel Aviv. And how are you doing my friend ? Up to no good as usual ? lol ❤

    3. Well if I were up to any good then we’d all have reason to worry, right? lol Thankfully that’s not the case. Of course I’m misbehaving, is there any other (fun) way to be? 😉
      I’m trying imagine what being in a plane is like.
      And…since I get jittery thinking about it, I’ll leave the globe hopping to you.
      Great to hear from you and know you’re out there having fun 🙂

    4. Great to know that you are back into normal CeeLee mode !
      Jittery ? You ? Nah !!
      5 days to go before I leave for Jerusalem. Jittery ? Me ? Yep !! 😀

    5. I looked but don’t have a magic feather to give you for luck, but am sure I can stealth-pluck one from Crow, to send to you 😉

      5 days. The Jerusalem countdown has commenced. And I know you’re at least a little excited, right? I would be. 😉

    6. I’m so excited !! I haven’t even thought about packing yet. Goodness knows what I’ll take there 😀

      Hope you are in fine shape and good spirits today my friend 😀

    7. I know you’ll make it just fine, magic feather or not. I also know you’ll be happy to be back on solid ground. I’ve only one question for you. Did you pack the infamous Speedos or no? 😉

      I’m okay here, work is a great thing, but the adjustment is tiring.

    8. No ! Not a call for speedos by the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem 🙂
      I’m glad you are alright. Take it easy. Okay ? ❤

    9. Yeah, I’ve got to agree on that.
      Speedos +Wailing Wall=
      not a fun outcome lol
      No matter what you do,
      enjoy doing it. How about that? 😉

    10. Great advice my friend.

      Have a boring fortnight while I’m away. 😉

      I’m leaving in 8 hours. Must get some sleep now. ❤

    11. Good wishes sent your way.
      Sorry it took me so long. Murphy’s Law had to be extracted from said good wishes first. 😉

    1. Hey Cutter,
      Nice mini van choice btw 🙂
      As for the song, I loved it then and even though it dates me, still love it now.

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