Hell’s Belles


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Addie stared at her iPhone in horrified fascination a moment longer before something within her snapped. She gave in to the anger that had simmered far too long,  and let open the flood gates with something very much like  relief.

“Okay, I really don’t give a crap who you are, what you are, or why you’re trying to drive me insane, but let me clue you in.

I’m not the chick who see’s dead people, I damn-sure don’t talk to them, and if you think I can help guide you into the light, then you’ve got an even bigger problem than being dead.”

The iPhone abruptly stopped mid-lyric. It gave a small burble of laughter and turned itself off and Addie huffed out a breath in triumph.

So take that you pathetic paranormal miscreant

But try as she might, it was the sound of that laugh that stuck with her.  Her mind kept replaying  it to the accompaniment of the many cherished memories she had, of her and Mandy and their adventures.

The woes of dating to which they’d both suffered and the incredibly hot summers with the picnics they never seemed to time right. Just as they set the food out on the picnic tables, the dark clouds started rolling in. Funny how that never failed to happen.

Long after she had retrieved her car, had gone to her office and told her secretary that she was taking an overdue vacation, that laugh ate at her.

Wide eyed and awake well after 12:28 am had come and gone, the laugh taunted her, refusing to be relegated to things best left forgotten, in the back of her mind.

Because that laugh sounded exactly like Mandy. If she were drowning and found that to be funny.

It sounded just like her and that just couldn’t be. Because Addie knew she was dead and gone. She’d made sure of that. Hadn’t she?




5 thoughts on “Hell’s Belles”

    1. Thank you Shey 🙂
      People tell me premature posting can happen to anyone but…LoL
      It’s still embarrassing 😉

  1. Hmm so I wonder, is that a guilty conscience, a restless spirit looking for retribution or is Addie innocent of any real wrong doing and just a bystander. ~~rubs chin and ponders~~

    1. The plot thickens, doesn’t it Forrest? 😉
      You never know what may happen, not with me at the wheel of this story.
      Could be one, none, or all of the above lol

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