Comments about ADHD or: What I wish I’d said

October is ADHD Awareness month

Dealing with an adult ADHD diagnosis doesn’t come without it’s fair share of skeptics, dissenters, and true-blue dill weeds.

Normally, pun intended, I respond to comments by giving a weak grin and a shrug, perhaps a haha or noncomittal murmur to the remarks tossed my way if I’m feeling energetic.

Because I like having a calm day, that’s just how I shake it. Oh and I like being injury free.

Make no mistake, although I might be grinning outwardly, I’m hoping the karma fairy visits you soon. And that she’s wearing combat boots.

October is ADHD Awareness month. And here’s to all the times I’ve not said anything but should have. I’m balancing the scales between haha and “oh yeah?!” today.

  • ADHD? Wait, do adults even get that?

Oh yeah, adults can have ADHD. Did you know adults can have chronic rudeness too? I know, what a crazy world this is. Who makes up these rules?

  •  Adult ADHD…is that when you yell “squirrel!” all the time?

Hmmm…Let’s find out. Pretend you’re a squirrel and run away.

  • I’m so buzzed on coffee that I can’t stop talking…heh…kind of like you. You know, like before your meds are on board.

Oh no, you blew past funny and ended up in I-Just-Showed-My-Assville. Better turn around.

The above are the only three examples that come to mind, thanks to learning a new job and acclimating to second shift without crashing my system on massive amounts of caffiene.

I’m sure you have many other examples and great one liners to follow them. So let me know about them.


18 thoughts on “Comments about ADHD or: What I wish I’d said”

    1. Hey Kristi
      I love getting a compliment like that.
      Funny, I said the same thing late last night before my eyes slammed shut. I was on page 72. 😉

    1. Nothing wrong with yelling squirrel on occasion, except that it gets predictable. Personally, I like to change things up a little bit and yell “spider!” Because it has a much more satisfying reaction. For me. 🙂

    2. Spiders are…commonplace. (shudder)
      Yech. I’ll take a squirrel or even a stinkbug over a spider. Any day.

      My family feels the same, hence the extra bit of twisted joy I get from hearing a Duck scream like a girl whenever I yell it 😉

  1. Good one! I recently posted a blog about ADHD & medication and got a comment on it that said something like “no one’s even proven that ADHD exists so this post is bullshit.” There are good mess out there for ADHD but there’s no effective treatment for stupid!

    1. Hi Bruce, great to hear from you!
      Yeah, sadly I’ve run into the same type of comments myself. Such a shame really.

      With all our recent advancements in medical science you would think that they would have perfected a tongue-ectomy by now. You know, to help aide those afflicted with sharp tongue, dull wit syndrome. 😉

  2. Hi CeeLee 😀 I have had your post sitting on my Firefox tab for an hour while I am thinking of something to say ……. an hour later …… Hi CeeLee 😀 ……. oh ! I’ve said that ! I hope you enjoyed sitting on my tab for a couple of hours …… bye CeeLee ! Hugs. xox ❤

    1. Hugs right back at you Ralpha 🙂
      Hugs right back at you Ralpha 🙂
      Wow. Must be an echo in my head today 😉

    2. Amazing ! Your reply is in stereo ! I must plug in my woofer and tweeter when I can find them as your squirrel frightened them off 😉

  3. You are alive. Jeepers I should be the fairy with combat boots and kicking your ass for staying so quiet. Or run around like screwy squirrel happy to see you here again.

    Hope you are doing okay babes. And still smiling, no not just on the outside. 😀 Be good or else be good at it.

    1. Hi Crow
      It’s been fohevah I know.
      No need to wear combat boots, I’ve got steel toed ones you can borrow. Provided you ask nicely 😉

    2. Hehe Just get me some leather hahaha it does wonders. yes it has babes just happy to see you

      Just be well. I hope you are. I have thought of you.

    3. I am well and even smiling. 🙂
      See? And I’ve missed you too. 2nd shift is an aquired taste but I hear there’s a new-er laptop in my future if I keep at it 😉

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