If You Chase It, It Will Run

Happiness is a funny thing. Much like having to call customer service with a heated dispute claim, it never seems to be in the office when you need it most.

If you chase it, it will run

Since my situation has changed and I’m starting to remember the things I’d sworn never to forget, but did, I’m finding happiness sneaking into everything I do lately.

And I’m doing things I haven’t done, nor realized that I haven’t, in ages.

Take today for instance.

It’s hot where I am and this type of hot comes packing a smothering blanket of humidity to add to the general all around misery.

Despite it all, I had the windows down and the music up on the way home from work and I didn’t care who heard me or what they thought.

What startled me was that I couldn’t recall the last time I’d done that.


CeeLee. Ms. The Music is My Life. I honestly can’t remember when I haven’t been riding in total silence.

Well…except when Duck rides shotgun and commandeers the radio to torture me instead of my turning it up and turning it loud. To my choice of music.

Oh the humanity of it all

It was a scary moment, having my own face to face meet and greet with reality. So many little enjoyments have gone by the wayside while I was just trying to survive the day to day activities and hiding within my own mind, the place where I never have to second guess my remarks or worry that my funny isn’t necessarily your funny.

It’s as if I’m starting to finally be able to shake myself awake after a long nightmare.

Every day adds another bit of happiness and with it, another piece of me comes back.


4 thoughts on “If You Chase It, It Will Run”

  1. I am so happy to hear you are gathering your shiny things again. And have stopped chasing your tail our of blogtown.

    Well me is just happy to hear you are smiling again. For I sure as %^*($))$%@ (on fire) missed that.

    And next time you go running after your own tail give me a call and I will come haunt your ass and look you in the eye while doing so.

    You know I love you! I always will. My minds made up.i’m getting my fill
    a whole damn bottle no need to tell why. Grin wrong song there.

  2. Well it is nice to hear that happiness is finding its way back into your life. Such things are very important to us. It is also nice to see that the happiness is a return of things forgotten.

    I have been finding some happiness in my life lately as well. I have to say that these things are not entirely things that i had forgotten but rather things new that contain a little bit of that which was forgotten.

    and loud music with the windows open for the win.

  3. Every step forward is at least something, right? I get you on the silence being a regular thing and not knowing when that happened.

  4. Nothing better than riding with the windows down and the music way up! Glad to hear the happiness creeping back in. I think it happens to all of us, especially in our ADHD little brains…we check out from time to time, forget how awesome we are and start to worry too much about what we do, what we say, what we looked like…we forget. And then we remember again.

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