Saying Thank You


Thanks to everyone
This is me.
Saying thank you~don’t mind the hard hat hair



I didn’t know how to respond to your comments.

They made me tear up.

So I decided to say thanks in my own way by sharing them in a post.

You know…CeeLee style.

So here goes….


“Welcome back CeeLee great to see you! Thought provoking piece (as usual)”…

“So good to see your name pop up in my email”…

“Good to see you darling xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”…

“Heeyyyyy Ceeeeee !! OMG !! You are back ! Gosh I missed you around here”… 

“Welcome back to the big ole webbies. Hope all is well with you and yours. You has been missed around the pool”….

“may peaceful breaths
offer ease to discomforts
in body, heart & mind”…

“Am so happy to hear you are gathering your shiny things again. And have stopped chasing your tail our of blogtown. You know I love you! I always will. My minds made up”…

“Every step forward is at least something, right? I get you on the silence being a regular thing and not knowing when that happened”…

“Go CeeLee!!!! Way to prove to yourself that you can do anything you set out to do. Way to challenge yourself out of that comfort zone and go for what you want/need. Hugs to you!”…


I quite honestly don’t know quite what to say…

I’m overwhelmed at your responses.

Thank you to everyone, for allowing me to share my happiness with you and for all of your warm wishes and hearty welcomes back.

Hugs to you and yours, from me and mine.


Author Christine Lee (aka CeeLee)


22 thoughts on “Saying Thank You”

    1. Thanks Zee
      It’s the best feeling, coming back to a welcoming family. Thank you for being a big part of that. 🙂

    1. Naughty roomin’ it today, are we Crow?
      Probably did something worthy of it lol
      Enjoy. 😉
      Oh and me? Yeah. I’m smiling 🙂

  1. Awwww shucks

    Glad that you are back the pool has been lonely without you around.
    and a big thank you to Ralph for refilling the pool.

    ~~dons fedora and dives right in~~

    1. Because you rock.
      Thanks Kristi and congrats on the guest article for New Life Outlook.
      They’re a class act 🙂

  2. Thank you for your much needed voice:) I’m donating a Therapeutic Adult Coloring Book for PTSD, and Adult ADHD Patients, and if I meet the goal, I’ll be donating copies to a local ADHD organization. I’ve been an illustrator, and art therapist for ten years and I’ve seen coloring help trauma survivors, adult ADHD patients, and even elderly needing to work on their coordination skills. I’m offering several coloring templates, and color art prints of my original paintings, as well as full copies of the coloring book as rewards for the donors of this campaign! I’d be honored if you’d post the link below on your wonderful site:) Thank you so much for considering it and I will joyfully be following your blog! The campaign runs through October 15th.
    Indiegogo link:

    1. This is awesome Misha 🙂
      Your link is posted and hopefully, the word will get out.
      Welcome to the Pool and thank you for the blog follow.

I love getting comments. It's as close to being famous as I'll ever get.

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