My ADHD: Medicated vs. Un-Medicated Part 1

Author’s note:

As most of us with ADD/ADHD know, October is ADHD/ADD Awareness Month.

This year, my contribution is going to be radically different. I’m breaking away from my normal humor and gunning for brutally honest.

For reasons of my own, I’ve been un-medicated for over a year.Β Having the opportunity to see both sides of my ADHD, the differences are well…different. And challenging.

While this may not help or reach a single person and I’m not quite sure how well it’ll translate, I’m still doing this.

Because I’m CeeLee and because I can.

This is my face and my ADHD.


medicated and un-medicated, ADHD is challenging
I’m just one face of Adult ADHD
My ADHD: the not so fun, but still kind of funny
Speech patterns.


I. need. to. get. to. blah, blah… Louieville, Ky.
OnStar: “I think you said Louisville, Ky. Is that correct?”

Calm, clear, concise without a hint of twang to hinder the process.



Aahhneedtogettooo blah, blah Lullvulle, Ky.
OnStar: ” I think you said Lewiston, Maine. Is that correct?”

My speech pattern goes to high-speed mode (unlike my WiFi) and even live people have to tell me to slow down so that they can understand. It can be very frustrating for everyone involved.



Okay, Duck. Homework first, I’ll get you a snack to have while doing it, and then you have to, yes, have to-get a shower before bed. What did you just say? I’m your Mom, young man. There is no such word as ‘no’ when talking to me, and you best remember that.

Prioritized if not completely organized.



Oh schizznit, Duck, you have to get a shower, do homework, I really should feed you and have cuddle time and get you to bed..oh crap, is that my cell? Hold those thoughts because I’ll forget. How am I going to get all this done? Where is my cell? Why are you watching TV? Where is my cell? Are you hiding my cell?? C’mere, you brat and quit laughing at me, it isn’t funny.

Because everything is the same priority. Urgent, ASAP, and PDQ. And exhausting.



Oh look, today is my weirdo sister’s birthday. So glad I remembered to set the reminder for myself. Even if she does like running in the rain, I can tell her happy birthday on Facebook and she won’t know I’m still giggling over taunting her about it last Tuesday.

I can remember to set the reminder alert to help me if I get busy at work or caught in traffic and still maintain good family relations. Always recommended.


Seriously?! I had my keys just a second ago, I’m going to be late for work! I’ve checked the dryer and the fridge, the counter and microwave, just where the hell are they-oh. heh, they were in my hand the whole time. That’s just perfect. Wait. Is today the 3rd? Ohhh nooo, I missed wishing my sister a happy birthday and she’s gonna be so mad and now I’m late for work. And-and-and-ugh! Why can’t I keep things straight???

I’ve forgotten to remind myself to set the reminder alerts and worse, I’m so distracted that I can’t see the keys for the forest of panic and confusion in front of me. And I feel awful because of all of the above, for the rest of the day.

But not everything about my being un-medicated is this bad. There are plenty of advantages too. We’ll look at those next Saturday.

Please remember these are my personal experiences and are to be taken as such. For further info on Adult ADD/ADHD, go to any of the ADHD links found on my Resources Page.


7 thoughts on “My ADHD: Medicated vs. Un-Medicated Part 1”

  1. Well if you happen to find your self on your way to Lewiston Maine see to it to remind your self to swing by and say hi on your way through massachusettes.

    I can not confess to completely understanding what it is like to live with ADHD past what most comedians have to say about it (oh look shiny) I think that it is great that you can look back and laugh at the things that happen as a result.

    1. I’ll definitely look you up when I streak through Mass on my way to Maine, Forrest. I might even take you with me lol

      As for looking back and laughing at my fails, well I sort of have to. Beats the hell out of crying over them any day of the week πŸ˜‰

  2. Sorry like when you search your keys and you can hear some metal clanging, like keys but you are so annoyed with the sound you won’t stop moving your hand with the keys in them.

    Yeah.. That started a year ago lol. πŸ˜›

    It gives you at least a good insight in your own live and how you want to live it. Do so smiling and you come out on top a lot of shiny things and moments.

    1. It does give good insight, Crow, you’re dead on. πŸ™‚

      I’ll keep smiling if you keep providing me with bright shines to distract me from the day to day chaos that I have to call my life πŸ˜‰

  3. ooohhh honey…can I relate to the unmedicated side of ADHD. For my own reasons, I too don’t take medicine at this time. Sure, there are things I like about my ADHD, there are even things I like about not taking any meds for it, but the constant state of panic-y cluelessness..inability to organize anything from socks to tasks…forgetting things I just reminded myself of not five minutes ago…yeah, those things I could do without.

    1. That makes two us lol
      Plenty of bennies while un-medicated but they run neck and neck with the not so stellar disadvantages πŸ˜‰

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