My ADHD: Medicated vs Non-Medicated Part 2


Author’s Note:

Like I said last Saturday, not everything sucks when I’m not medicating my ADHD. This is the second part, but you can find the first part here.

There are several pros that, on the right day and viewed under optimal conditions, actually beat out some of the cons.


Adult ADHD
Duck and I like being creative-and I have no idea what happened to my hair. I’m not really balding, I promise
Hyper focus


What? What? What? What?! I’m trying to do something here.Ā  Whadda ya mean we’re under a tornado warning and the ratty little ankle biter next door is doing cartwheels across the yard? The sky is blue-oh… right. My mistake. Go get in our safe place, I’ll get the flashlights in like 2 seconds…what? What? What? Ooops. Did it again, didn’t I?

On meds, my hyper focus is solid and almost impossible to break. I can hyper focus through events that most people wouldn’t recover without a lifetime of tics and twitches and all I did was snarl at the intruder who broke my train of thought.

Hey Duck. Oh, geez. You’re right. Looking nasty out there. Let’s get moving. No worries, babe. Next time we’ll have a camera on the little piece of-heh-never mind. Not important. It’s going to be okay.

It’s very easy to break away and without the internal guilt and drama over losing track of time and being snarky over getting interrupted.

Patience– full count.
Social outings– work in progress.



Oohh I’m stuck again. The images I see in my head and the ideas I have are being held hostage in my head. Dammit, its 3 am and I can’t sleep until this is out of my head. aarghh! Where’s the plunger?

It’s as if my brain and hands are under contract negotiations and it isn’t going well. Maybe there was a grievance, who knows?

Hmmm….yes, so if my villain were also sort of likeable and had surprising human characteristics that would explain his fall from grace and his cynical views without overdoing it. Perfect!

Duck hates my creativity right now because it’s been wreaking havoc on his social life when he tests his limits. But it sure has helped tone down the ‘I’m a man now (I have acme-look-see the red spots?) and I do as I please’ issues.



It’s very simple. I have none.
Some of you have had the pleasure of dealing with OnStar’s virtual advisor and know that female robotic voice. (If not, be sure to experience it soon, you shouldn’t miss out on this) Yeah, that would be me. Without asking you if the city and state you verbalized was correct.

I am a walking, talking individual with little to no real interaction outside of discussing the task at hand. No sense of humor or ability to have a modicum of patience or flexibility until my 8 hours of med enforced brain lockdown is up.

Yep, the flood gates have opened and I’m overflowing with my own special brand of personality and eager to inflict it upon unsuspecting individuals. Not a day goes by at my job that I’m not laughing out loud, throwing myself (sometimes bodily) into my work and enjoying every minute of it.

When I’m not on meds, I can remember to stop long enough to look around me as my blinders aren’t on. I can see and appreciate the rainbow I saw last week. The one without any rain preceding it. I can take time to play the floor is lava with Duck and crack up over my lack of coordination without much embarrassment.

Life with Adult ADHD
We have fun

It comes down to the fact that I can stop long enough and focus on what things make me happy and not just on getting from A to B with grim determination. Whether those things are supposed to be fun things or not. I have a deadline and I’m on a mission to meet it.

It’s a tough decision I’m going to have to make very soon. I received my benefits package yesterday and am even now weighing the pros against the cons.

Do try to remember these are my personal experiences and are to be taken as such. For further info on Adult ADD/ADHD, go to any of the ADHD links found on my Resources Page.

Anyway, my name is CeeLee and this is my ADHD.




6 thoughts on “My ADHD: Medicated vs Non-Medicated Part 2”

    1. For the most part, it is.

      But having to work around every day life in general seems to weigh more heavily towards my needing medication. I’m still thinking it over though šŸ™‚

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