Finding Life’s Comedy Gems


Sometimes it’s the small things that make you laugh hardest and loudest and…let’s be honest here, they get you through the day with your sanity intact.

I was going to blog about friends and how lucky I am to have a few who are dragging me screaming and whimpering through learning how to socialize like a relatively well adjusted human being .

It’s really going well.

No, really.

And I will blog on this, just not today.

I’m recovering from Zumba and pouting because it kicked my butt. This does not bode well for my starting BeachBody vids tomorrow or my developing a beach body anytime in the near future.


Zumba kicked my butt
Why can’t I just wake up with a BeachBody? This exercise is killing me



So instead let’s focus on some of the funnier comedy gems that have happened lately because it requires much less thinking and muscle strain on my part.


Watching a coworker lace up his work boots during his morning ritual and-accidentally tie his leg hairs in with them.

He didn’t scream, but that didn’t matter. A screwed up facial grimace is a belly laugh that keeps on giving the whole day through. Especially whenever eye contact is made. But that does make for some funny looks thrown my way. Eh…totally worth it.


Watching a big Ford F-350 ease up behind me at the stop sign and parallel to some ‘I’m so cool with my baggy pants’  teenagers swaggering and slouching their way down the sidewalk.

And then the horn was punched. Except this was a special horn. A train horn, to be specific. Seeing the same kids fall over each other, scrambling to get away, with no signs of coolness whatsoever, made me forget about almost wetting my own pants.

Because all is forgiven in the face of true awesomeness.

And finally…

This morning at 5 am when I stumble into the car and then turn it on. I was puzzled when I heard the voice. I was awake enough to know it wasn’t my alarm or the radio and that it was emanating from the back seat.

Turning around put me eye ball to eyeball with Hoggle, the wart nosed goblin from Labyrinth, on the screen of Duck’s DVD player. He was whining about not wanting to go into the Bog of Eternal Stench.

Too late pal, you’re already there. 5 am is not the time to scare me as you’ve likely surmised. Better luck next time.

Thanks a ton Duck. Now I have hair standing on end to explain to my boss. Good news though. I won’t need the coffee I spilled down my shirt.




6 thoughts on “Finding Life’s Comedy Gems”

    1. Hey Joe,
      it’s great to see you around the Pool, even better to get a comment 🙂
      Well said.
      I’m living and I’m laughing and I never want to go back to what was before.

  1. So now I have to listen to David Bowie.. I hope you have some dance magic going on with you..

    Funny looks thrown your way had to add to the humor of a recalled twisted face as hairs are pulled from ones leg. oh the humanity

    ahhh the sound of a trains horn as it comes to an intersection.

    1. sings in the background…
      “You remind me of the babe (what babe?) the babe with the power…(what power?)”

      Yeah Forrest, you simply must. I can’t get that song out of my head and want to share in the fun.
      So have fun with that 😉

      And a train horn coming from a truck. Yep, damn-sure wasn’t expecting that lol

  2. Happy halloween already Wha ha ha Grunt haha
    it is the fun things in life that truly make it worth wild right?
    But no need to look so angry just because the muscle ache when you smile ::P

    Big huggers and a 5 mile run every day does wonders for a figure. ( I know just not participating) And not always zumba on the same time.. change every four weeks. (yeah make the muscles go crazy on when to work hard 😛 )

    1. It was a Halloween scare to beat them all lol
      Thank goodness I’m done with it.

      It is the fun(ny) that makes it all worth it, absolutely right Crow.
      And it seems I’m suddenly overflowing with it. So glad that I am 😉
      As for exercise…grrr….I do alternate between cardio, running, etc.
      It still sucks lol

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