A Gift to a Duck

To my son, Duck…

A duck with an inner tube-yeah, okay
A Duck needing a flotation device? Huh?!

This post is just for you.

See, you’re growing so fast now, forming your own opinions and getting to experience what I probably never will. And that’s cool, as this has always been a wish of mine-for you. Even cooler that it’s coming true in big ways.

I see so much of me in you and I have to smile.


There are some things I want you to remember. Consider it a gift from me, a few pieces of wisdom that I had to learn the hard way.


Speak with kindness. Always treat others as you would want to be treated.

It isn’t cool to put people down because they’re different or to make yourself feel better.Β All it does is to help you show your ass and reflects poorly on your own character. Nobody likes that guy. Trust me.

Be who you are, good and bad and own it.

Assimilating to the group mind may be fun but it’s the easy way out. It doesn’t do a damn thing but make you a follower and none of your unique talents will be able to shine.

Life ain’t always great.

Some days are going to feel like a gift, some you think you can do no wrong, and others are going to make you look for the bulls eye you’re absolutely positive is located somewhere on your bod.

Little hint? Check your butt. Yeah, been there.

You’re gonna get knocked down.

This is life. But you must get back up no matter the cost. Quitting isn’t an option. You will get through the nastiness and you might realize that it the best thing that could’ve happened.

Gas is funny-yes-but not all the time.

And cracking one on a date? Probably not the best idea unless you need an escape hatch. If that is the case, then by all means let fly. You can clear a room in 2 seconds flat.

Always open the door for ladies. Car doors, restaurant doors, all the doors.

It may be outdated but it shows respect and you never know how a small action like that can make someone feel really special or how much it’s appreciated.

People can be cruel.

Yep. It sucks but they don’t have to run your life. You come from a family of fighters. We don’t take bad situations and accept them, we fight hard to change the circumstances and we win. Always. You will too. This is your legacy.

Your sense of humor will take you further than anger.

More flies are caught with honey or-laughter as it were. Β Reacting out of anger or with bitterness won’t exactly help you win your argument. It only serves to drive the other person further away from seeing your point of view. Laughter can diffuse more than you might think. Try it.

Live your life babe. Out loud and not from the gamer chair.

For instance, as you can see I’m flirting with very real danger in real life– when your aunt catches sight of my Halloween costume that makes fun of her today at the party. She is a runner and faster than I am.

Halloween Costume
Oohh…she’s agonna keel me for this but it’s so much fun taunting her


It’s the spice of adventure that fuels me (and I didn’t get any cardio in this week) and it should be what you crave too. Life lived from inside XBox is a fantasy and pales in comparison.

Now be a good son and help me get away from your “I’m a runner and I like it the rain’ aunt before she catches me and beats me up, permanent-like. Which brings me to the very last thing.

Laugh. Often.

Yes, I know I’ve already sort of mentioned it before but this is important. Life is going to be full of crap. It takes talent to find the grins in the small stuff. I know you have this on board, you lucky boy, because you are my son.

It’s a great thing. If you don’t laugh, the bitterness will eat you alive like one of my dragons. Be sure to use your laughter often and you will emerge with your sanity mostly intact. Maybe a little warped but that part came from me, sorry about that.


If nothing else, my son, you must remember this. I love you more than anything else in this entire world and you make me proud every day.

There is plenty you can do to disappoint me, make me mad, make me crazy but there is nothing you can do to make me stop loving you.

Have fun with life. And live it hard.

And help me get away!!!!

Run CeeLee Run
Fun taunting is fun living~until she catches me

4 thoughts on “A Gift to a Duck”

  1. Very cool statement to Duck. May he appreciate where it has come from, for I know it came completely from love.
    May he live long and prosper and also may he be the distraction to your sister that you need. hehee

    1. LOL Forrest.
      You caught the fingers in the pic. Why did I think you wouldn’t? πŸ˜‰
      That’s our fave hand gesture around here. I have a totally different one while driving, but…
      I hope he does remember. Even if he doesn’t, I’ll remind him πŸ™‚

      PS. Don’t let me write with a migraine.
      It doesn’t seem to come out completely coherent the first 3 times around.
      Pardon the many errors you see, but the sentiment was there. I think. πŸ˜‰

  2. Perfect post to your son, CeeLee. My son is 18 now & I still have to remind him of these things as you will yours. Sharing this now. BTW~hope you were able to get away from sis!! lol πŸ˜‰

    1. Thank you ladies πŸ™‚
      I do apologize yet again about my tardiness in replying.
      All I can say is that life has been a big roller coaster of late and I had forgotten I dislike the stomach drops πŸ˜‰
      Thank you for being so kind as to share this, it does mean a great deal to me.
      Ps. I did get away from my sister but she will get me back.
      I just don’t know when and ever so slightly jumpy about it πŸ˜‰

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