Wanna Know Something Scary?

It’s Halloween. So it’s only appropriate I told you something scary.

courtesy: http://www.publicdomainpictures.net/view-image.php?image=130813&picture=moon-over-mask-pumpkin
Happy Halloween

Thing is, I’ve already spun the tale of how my Dragon Speak turned me into an ax murderer, related the numerous instances of karma tricking rather than treating me (karma aka: hahahahaha gotcha again), and whispered of Addie and her Hell’s Home problems.


What to do, what do…oh I know.


Wanna know something really scary?

I’m going to let YOU tell me a story.

Make it a wicked scary one so I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

courtesy: http://www.publicdomainpictures.net/view-image.php?image=25923&picture=scary
I’ll stay up all night scared to go to bed and get eaten by monsters

From Duck and I, to you and yours:

Happy Halloween!


7 thoughts on “Wanna Know Something Scary?”

    1. Excellent time to share, Mike 🙂
      Great story, scarier to me because of it being a recurring nightmare (shudder) I can’t imagine. Thanks for this!

  1. Hope you had a awesome Halloween.
    I just came home from a murder.
    high on smoking bat wings drinking some concoction that was bloody red and had a metallic taste and was warm.

    To funny seeing the zombies vomit it back out, There was this one virgin who had it.. never mind..
    Ooh the pierced the resistance was an eye on a stick. Pretty sure it was my own looking back at me. I looked like hell.

    Ooh well hope you had a blast and kept yourself together.. I am flying back to my nest.

    1. Okay Crow, you just scare me period lol
      Glad you made it back to your nest in one piece.
      Oohh the things that come from your mind could rival mine.
      We oughtta mind-meld sometime, see what horrors spring forth 😉

  2. Try as I might i can not come up with a scary story and besides why would I want to be the one to give you a sleepless night.
    Happy Halloween
    Happy Samhain

    1. You are too kind to me, Forrest.
      Always thinking of me and how I might not want what I ask for-even when I do ask for it 😉
      No worries, I think Mike and Crow covered that request swimmingly

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